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Cobra FPV X400 Quad Copter - RobotShop | Robot Store · PDF file 2013. 12. 13. · Viking Unmanned Aerial Systems Inc. CobraFPV X400 Quad Copter kit: Comes With: 1) Cobra FPV X400

Mar 01, 2021




  • Cobra FPV X400 Quad CopterCobra FPV X400 Quad Copter

    Prepared by

    Christopher M. Taylor


    Viking Unmanned Aerial Systems Inc

  • CobraFPV X400 Quad Copter kit: Comes With:

    1) Cobra FPV X400 Hybrid (HDPE) Airframe with (COTS) booms installed, with integrated center mount Go-Pro dampening kit

    1) MultiWii Pro 2.0 Controller w/uBlox 6m GPS w/mount plate, comes installed with straight pins and a set of RTF Quad receiver wire set (long) and a 6ft USB 2.0 male to micro male cable.

    4) Tiger 2212 980kv Motors

    4) 30 Amp ESC’s flashed with Simon K Firmware

    4) 10” x 4.5 Props Black

    1) Power Distribution Board

    1) Battery Strap

    1) 1/16” Hex Driver for all CobraFPV Frames

    *These are Custom “Made to Order” aircraft

    *Orders under 10x (10-14 day lead-time)

    *Orders Over 10x (3 weeks lead-time).

    *Doesn't include skid, cameras and or video transmitter/receiver or additional camera mount

    *Shipping is FOB, Limington Maine

    * No Warrantee Given or Applied

    Cost BreakdownCost Breakdown

    Airframe is shipped as seen in photo, booms and camera mount installed all other components to

    Flight controller, motors, escs need to be installed by user.

  • Why the Cobra FPV X400 QuadWhy the Cobra FPV X400 Quad

    The CobraFPV X400 multirotor platform is the ultimate for the weekend FPVier looking for a light weight strong airframe that is designed with a fully dampened clean integrated Go Pro mount. You can now take high definition video without the vibration from the frame. The new HDPE airframe is revolutionary in design and it is the first fully machined integrated airframe on the market in this class of airframes. Have you ever wanted to fly over the water but said to yourself what if I crash into the water? Well we sure have, with over a thousand flights under our belt we fly over the water all the time and we decided it was time to protect our investment. The airframe floats. It is made of HDPE and it is buoyant, so no more worries. With its light weight and center mounted clean camera platform this is ideal for taking HD video over land and or sea. Taken from our proven performance CobraFPV takes advantage of 3 years of development to come out with this low cost high performance platform.

  • CobraFPVCobraFPV X400 Quad FeaturesX400 Quad Features

    Features: • HDPE Main Body (Body Floats) • Highly modifiable, for custom additions • Composite Construction • Modular frame for fast repair • Designed to be flown outside in wind conditions • Plenty of room for payload • Built in fully dampened Camera Mount for FPV Camera and Go-Pro Series of Cameras.

    *Designed to be flown FPV but designed to be easily configured for aerial photography application center mounted camera platform.

  • CobraFPVCobraFPV X400 Design BackgroundX400 Design Background

    The CobraFPV X400 FPV Multirotor was developed solely to be flown fast and “Nap of the Earth” (NOE). After developing high performance UAVs for both Commercial application the team from VikingUAS started developing high performance components for the hobby industry. After years of park flying and request from our large customer base we started Cobra FPV, a forum of DIY projects and a design center for the hobby market to utilize the tech that VikingUAS has developed over the last 10 years in the commercial industry. The CobraFPV X400 has been used in the field for those hard to get shots over water and or land where you just don’t want to put your $5k aerial platform in. This airframe is very durable. The HDPE is used in the marine industry and even in your kitchen as cutting boards. This material is strong, lightweight and the best of all it floats. Our airframe bodies are made of ¼” HDPE that we machine to size specifics for our airframes.

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