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Oct 28, 2014



All about CMAT workbook

All about

CMATWorkbookInside this workbook All about CMAT Colleges accepting CMAT Tips for online exams CMAT temperature check Expect paper pattern How to study for CMAT Relationship with MAT ATMA GK expected questions

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All about CMAT workbook1. All about CMATCommon Management Admissions Test (CMAT) 2012 will be conducted by All India council for Technical Education (AICTE) as a one stop for all MBA aspirants. Future objective is to merge all the entrance exams across India into one single exam to release pressure off students. Most of the colleges who take MAT and ATMA scores (admission to 4,000 colleges that offer MBA and 500 colleges which run PG programs) will be accepting CMAT scores.

4000+ B-Schools offering MBA and 500 B-Schools which will be approximately 1.6 lac seats will be available across the country through the CMAT. About 70,000 candidates all over India and abroad will be taking CMAT exam. The CMAT 2012 will be conducted in 23 Indian (States and Union Territories) covering the following 61 cities.

Important Dates for CMAT 2012Registration window opens on 9.12.2011 Last Date for Online Registration 9.01.2012 Print out of Hall ticket From 30.01.2012 Computer based test dates 20.02.2012 to 28.02.2012 Test Timings 9.30 am - 12.30 pm & 2.30 pm - 5.30 pm Declaration of result 11.03.2012 Print out of Score Cards From 11.03.2012 to 11.04.2012

2. Which colleges will be accepting CMAT scoresFor this year most of the colleges whose applications are yet to be over will be accepting CMAT scores. Within Maharashtra for example Welingkar and KJ Somaiya will be accepting CMAT scores for most of their PG programs. Colleges which normally accept all exam scores esp the one which says apply through CAT, MAT, XAT, ATMA, GMAT scores will now be saying CAT, CMAT, MAT, XAT, ATMA, GMAT. Official list of colleges is here | |

All about CMAT workbook3. CMAT paper patternNegative marking: yes - 0.25 Total questions 100 Format: online Sectional timing: maybe expected to be 45 minutes per section Duration: 3 hours Pattern: multiple choice test

Section 1 2 3 4 Total Verbal Ability

Section Name QA & DI Logical reasoning Verbal Ability General Awareness

Questions 25 25 25 25 100

Marks 100 100 100 100 400

The Language Comprehension area contains questions on Reading Comprehension, Antonyms, Synonyms, Analogies, Sentence Correction, Sentence Completion, Para Jumbles, Fill in the blanks etc. with easy to moderate difficulty level. It is essentially a Vocabulary heavy section, and to do well, a student is advised to develop a good command over words. Most of the Vocabulary based questions can be answered with a sufficient knowledge of roots, prefixes and suffixes. In fact, starting with these questions makes a lot of sense as a sizeable chunk of marks can be scored here in double-quick time.

Find Your Weak Spots: No student will be a master of each section of the test. It is important to identify your weak spots and to focus on them while studying. Temperature check can be used to check your weaknesses, including specific subsections of each section. Mathematical SkillsThe Mathematical Skills area mostly contains problems from Arithmetic, Business Maths and Geometry. Those of who have developed a "fear-psychosis" after the CAT / IIFT mathematics would find solving these questions a much easier task. The questions involve direct applications of concepts and formulae, and none of the complicated and convoluted reasoning of the CAT! Students are well advised to revise the basic formulae and | |

All about CMAT workbookconcepts of Maths and solve as many questions as is possible from the aforementioned topics in the run-up to the CMAT. The Data Analysis and Sufficiency area contains sets of questions on Tables, Bar / Line graphs, Pie chart and Data Sufficiency. Questions here, would again be calculation intensive but easy enough to find the answers to. Knowledge of multiplication tables, square and cube roots, fractions to percentage conversions and other calculation short-cuts and approximation techniques would be of immense help to the students in reducing the time taken to solve the questions.

Logical ReasoningIn the Logical Reasoning area the questions are normally seen from the various Logical Reasoning topics like Direction Sense, Blood Relations, Coding and Decoding, Data Arrangement, Input/Output analysis, Series and Sequences and Critical Reasoning. These are topics that require plenty of practice and the students are well advised to solve as many questions as are possible from these areas.

Focus Your Studies: Don't try to study everything on the syllabus. Not only willthis be too difficult to comprehend, it can cause you to worsen in other areas. The skills needed for quantitative understanding are much different than those for verbal. General Knowledge sectionGeneral Knowledge section contains questions from General and Current Awareness. Topics and events about a year old would be most expected to be faced in this area. Business, politics, sports, awards and distinctions, books - anything could be a part of this section. Students who have had a decent reading habit in the past one year or so of their MBA entrance examination preparations, would not find too much of difficulty in attempting questions from this section. Common GK areas History General Science Famous Personalities Indian Politics Economy | |

All about CMAT workbook4. How to study for CMAT Temperature Check Complete the basics Sectional tests and exercises Start taking mocks every week Improve your weaker section Find shortcuts and strategies

Temperature check Most common question in the mind of most of the students is where to start! This temperature check tool will help you analyze where you stand and how much improvement you need. Spend around 1 hour to 30 mins on this and at the end of it you will get a clear picture of your scores. It will take one month to improve your weaker section. If you like a stranger and directly propose her she will slap! So first know her by talking to her, take her out for coffee then give your luck a try. Similarly start with the solved examples to know the topic well. Then try some more exercises to gain knowledge about the subject. Finally try to take some sectional tests to see your performance. Temperature check is given on next page. Complete the basics | Revise the basics By basics we mean what should be able to solve every question given in the books without any problem. If you have already completed the material available to you then move on to other books we would recommend RS Agrawal for all topics. Once you have completed the basics start the cycle of revising them all. You will definitely score more than 100 120 marks if you have done the basics. Sectional Tests and exercises Start taking sectional tests and time based exercises. We would recommend taking 2 3 tests a week will see where you stand and how much improvement you need. If you are unable to find any books with enough tests then start using your current book and start taking tests of 20 40 questions in 30 minutes. Start taking mocks | |

All about CMAT workbookWe consider mocks to be kicks. Start taking mocks once every week, this will help you gauge your performance and know where you stand. Mock scores will also help you identify your aim and strategy for the last few days before CMAT. Please start your mocks even if you have not completed the chapters. Completing everything is a never ending process so start taking mocks from this week onwards. We have good mock taking strategies program called mock engineering program but we wont open our cards till you have solved a few mocks and have made some strategies. Then call us and we will help you frame a fool proof strategy for mocks. It takes 3 hours to take a mock but will take another 2 hours to analyse the mocks. We have created a flowchart which will help you know where you stand and how much improvement you need in every section. Analysis should include your attempted, non-attempted questions. Silly mistakes and guess work attempts. Improve your weaker area: Video link: Shortcuts and strategies If you are good in one area say quant or DI then dont be content with that. Strive for something better than that. Try to find strategies and shortcuts for those sections. Once you are revising the basics you will find easier ways to solve the questions. This will help you increase your speed, improve your accuracy and reduce time per question. Do collective studies with your friends and exchange ideas and shortcuts with each other. If you have 5 shortcuts and your friend has 5 shortcuts.. Suddenly you will see that together you have 10 shortcuts. Try Shortcut and strategies in these videos: If you are unable to find shortcuts or struggling with any area then join our CMATking workshops. In this workshop we will help you solve: DI without pen! Quant without formulas RC in half them time. Shortcuts and Strategies for Logical reasoning Strategies for Visual reasoning Strategies for Verbal reasoning | |

All about CMAT workbook5. Temperature CheckThe temperature check worksheet is a wonderful tool to identify your area of improvement. Enter your score against each topic in the temperature check to see wh