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Clínica Alemana de Santiago - Chile Santiago, January 2010

Dec 23, 2015




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  • Clnica Alemana de Santiago - Chile Santiago, January 2010
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  • Santiago, CHILE
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  • Clnica Alemana Santiago, CHILE
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  • Clnica Alemana Clnica Alemana de Santiago was founded in 1905. It is a subsidiary of Corporacin Chileno Alemana de Beneficencia, a non-profit organization that reinvests its surplus in social projects dedicated to education and charitable causes. With over a century of tradition Clinica Alemana de Santiago stands out as one of the largest and most modern private clinics in Chile. Facilities are distributed over 100,000 square meters of floor-space and there is a parking lot for patients and relatives with capacity for 1,800 vehicles.
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  • Clnica Alemana works in collaboration with Universidad del Desarrollo, a private University whose Medicine Faculty has seven health-related courses on offer. Universidad del Desarrollo Clnica Alemana
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  • Over 2,300 people are employed at Clnica Alemana including physicians, nurses, other health care professionals as well as administrative staff, who are in continuous training. Annually more than 27,000 hospitalized patients receive attention. Clnica Alemana has 350 hospital beds, 18 surgical pavillion, 2 post-anesthetic recovery units, a modern sterilization center, Intensive Care Units for adults, children, new born-babies and for coronary disease treatment. Pediatric hospitalization bed Hospitalization bed Clnica Alemana
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  • Clinica Alemana has all the back up services for diagnosis and ambulatory procedures, A Clinical Laboratory, -which delivers results by Internet- Blood Bank, computerized tomography, magnetic resonance, radiotherapy, pathological anatomy and a complete Diagnosis Center where all the medical specialisms are fully dedicated to treating patients. Advanced invasive and non-invasive therapeutic and diagnosis procedures are routinely performed. Angiography, hemodynamics, lithotripsy and digestive endoscopy rooms boast the most modern equipment. Clinical laboratory Clnica Alemana
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  • In March 2007 Clinica Alemana opened a modern building on 16 floors and 27,000 square meters for appointments with our 700 specialists. It also has 4 surgical procedure theaters, an ambulatory recovery unit, medical specialisms laboratories, hemodialysis, and a complete Medical Information Center (virtual scientific library). Clnica Alemana
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  • Clinica Alemana counts on a General Emergency Service for adults and children and an Emergency Service for schoolchildren which is the first and only one of its kind in the country, and which is dedicated exclusively to treating trauma injuries. On average, both services see over 600 patients a day. Clnica Alemana
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  • Advanced invasive and non-invasive therapeutic and diagnosis procedures are performed by the Imaging Department. Angiography, hemodynamics, lithotripsy and digestive endoscopy rooms have the most modern equipment.Clnica Alemana has also developed an electronic medcard system which allows access to images, lab results and clinical history of its hospitalized and ambulatory patients. Clnica Alemana
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  • A pioneer in prevention, the Clinic counts on a complete Preventive Medicine Service geared to maintaining and protecting patients health by anticipating and preventing risks to improve diagnosis, treatment and quality of life. Within this service, the International Patient Service facilitates the coordination of care and attention for foreign patients. Preventive Medicine Service Clnica Alemana
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  • The Scientific Educational Department plays a very important role in Clnica Alemanas medical area training and specialization. This area organizes a complete schedule of scientific courses and activities as part of its continuing medical education program. It also coordinates videoconferences with national and international institutions, fellowship programs, statistics consultancy and also operates the Medical Information Center. Aula Magna Clnica Alemana
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  • For scientific and academic exchange, professional training and the update of medical knowledge, Clinica Alemana has cooperation agreements with prestigious hospitals and medical centers in the United States and Germany: Hospital for Special Surgery Mayo Clinic - The Cleveland Clinic, - MD Anderson Cancer Center - Hanover University, - Heidelberg University Medical School, - The German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), - Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich -Reproductive Medicine Center of the Dutch Speaking Brussels Free University. - The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Clnica Alemana
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  • Our work at Clnica Alemana stands for high medical standards, team-work, education and prevention in the service of our patients. Clnica Alemana
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  • 4. ISOC Meeting Clnica Alemana de Santiago, CHILE October 2011 Clnica Alemana
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  • 4. ISOC Meeting Clnica Alemana de Santiago, CHILE, October 2011 Date: 13 15 October 2011? (week before or after?) Scientific Program:Topics to be determined after this meeting Clnica Alemana
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  • 4. ISOC Meeting Clnica Alemana de Santiago, CHILE, October 2011 Social Program in Santiago: History of Chile Life in Chile in 2011 Nature Products : Fruits, Wine, Fish, Seafood, Clnica Alemana
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  • Traveling in Chile: Nature in Chile Clnica Alemana
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  • Activities in Chile Clnica Alemana
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  • 4. ISOC Meeting Clnica Alemana de Santiago, CHILE October 2011 Nos vemos en Chile. Clnica Alemana
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