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Classical music cover

Aug 04, 2015




1. Evaluationof amusicmagazinefrontcover.By Patrick Wilson 2. Click to edit Master text stylesSecond levelThird levelFourth levelFifth levelOverview /firstimpressionsThis is a good front cover because the masthead is verybasic. This would sometimes be a bad thing as this wouldmake the masthead boring but, there is a lot happening thefront cover so this is good. It is big enough so that you seeit very clearly but it doesnt dominate the whole scene.The first thing I noticed when I looked at the front coverwas the violin in the womens hands. This is because it is avery clear image and the light gives it a unique shine. Apartfrom the violin the image is only constructed of a naturalbackground and of a young woman. 3. Second levelThird levelFourth levelFifth level Col Click to edit Master text stylesourandtextColour on the front cover is definitely imminent. This canbe seen by the image and also the cover stories headings.The range of colour is very wide but on the text it stayswithin a certain house style which seems to be acombination of Black and Red. This can also be backed upby the red dress worn by the young woman. The colour inthe masthead isnt as imminent as it is in the cover stories.The whole masthead is black but, it appears as though themasthead stays black to keep a brand identity alive. If itwas another colour then it might not fit in with the colourtheme referenced within the front cover. 4. Second levelThird levelFourth levelFifth level Cover Click to edit Master text stylesstories +comparisonOn this front cover, there are 4 cover stories. These arespread to be one in big font size with an important topicwith 3 others which might still be important but not asimportant as one which would have the first few pages inthe magazine. These are also done vertically down the lefthand side of the page with the text centred below theheading of the cover stories. This is different to how I didit as my cover stories were along the bottom of the page.I can the use this as evidence and research to suggestthat putting the cover stories may not be the best idea. 5. Click to edit Master text stylesSecond levelThird levelFourth levelFifth levelTargetaudienceThis cover at first appeals to only female readers due tothe female model on the front but, this can also appeal tothe male audience due to males having the male gaze. Thiswhen taken into account makes the cover appel to bothsexes through the image and the cover stories will alsoappeal to both sexes through the content. The targetaudience of this magazine will be roughly aged 25+ asthere isnt a lot on the front cover which will appeal to theyounger audience. 6. Click to edit Master text stylesSecond levelThird levelFourth levelFifth levelImageThis image is not a studio shot. This can be proven by thehigh amount of natural light on the image. Apart fromthat, the background includes a pair of huge pillars whichappear to belong to a big building of some sort. The imagehas been altered by using colour enhancer and possibly abit of extra lighting effects as the image appears to beextremely light on the left hand side. The image is also along shot as you can see the whole of the models body.Props used include the violin. The violin has beenincorporated to increase the relevance to the theme ofthe magazine, which is classical music. 7. Second levelThird levelFourth levelFifth level Summ Click to edit Master text stylesary ofpersonalimprovementFrom this magazine I can use the ideas of a naturalbackground for my music magazine rather than a studioshot as environmental shots seem to add a bit ofpersonality to the cover I feel.Apart from that, I would also incorporate the idea of thecolour theme as this keeps the magazine very professionalrather than having a bit of every single colour in themagazine.

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