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Clarke Speaks

Mar 22, 2016



Magazine for nonprofit organization.

  • Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech Clarke Hearing CenterMainstream Services Graduate Program in Teacher Education

    Early Intervention Comprehensive Educational Evaluations

    SPRING 2011

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  • MissionClarke Schools for Hearing and Speech provides children who are deaf andhard of hearing with the listening, learning and spoken language skills theyneed to succeed.


    It is my pleasure to present you with the firstedition of Clarke Speaks in its new expandedformat. With this publication we hope to bringyou the breadth of Clarkes services andprogramming and introduce you to some ofthe students, families, staff, supporters andvolunteers that make Clarke such a unique andtransformative organization.

    Clarkes school programs continue to be the core of our work, even as theyevolve to meet the needs of todays students and families. Many of you may notknow the extent to which Clarke is also engaged in a wide array of importantinitiatives outside of our school programs that contribute to our mission as well.

    For example, we are currently collaborating with an organization in Kuwait tohelp create the first oral program for children with cochlear implants in thatcountry. We are continuing the expansion of our Mainstream Services and haveformed a groundbreaking partnership with the city of Brockton, MA, that hasallowed us to support 50 new students in the mainstream and that will serve as amodel for potential future collaborations. In addition, the Smith College/ClarkeSchool Graduate Program in Teacher Education continues to be one of theleading programs of its kind.

    Our school programs are growing as well. Clarke Pennsylvania recently added apreschool program within the City of Philadelphia, and our New York Citycampus launched a new integrated preschool program, which allows children withtypical hearing and children with hearing loss to learn together in one classroom.

    Clarke is serving more children in more places in more ways than everbefore. We have always offered a comprehensive continuum of services, andnow we are expanding the reach of those services each and every day. We aretaking our experience and expertise out into the communityand the worldto help more children and families. A Clarke education, coupled with therapid growth of technology, is helping to ensure that the future hasnever been brighter for children who are deaf and hard of hearing.

    I hope you enjoy this new version of Clarke Speaks and that you will also visitour website, where you can view videos of our students and professionals inaction. Thank you for your interest in our work.

    Bill CorwinPresident

    3 Presidents Message4 Infants and

    Hearing Loss

    6 Preschool: A Bridge to the Mainstream

    8 Clarkes LittleLearners

    10 Clarkes MainstreamServices

    12 Meet Clarke Student,Jessica Cavanaugh

    13 The MED Program14 Clarkes Summer


    16 Meet Clarke Alum:Erin Dominov

    18 Meet Surgeon:Dr. Ted Mason

    20 Hearing for Everyone21 Clarkes CEE Program22 Supporting Clarke24 Northampton:

    Then and Now

    26 Clarke By theNumbers

    EDITORJennifer Einhorn

    Director of Communications

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    Communications Project Manager


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    PHOTOGRAPHYAngela Jimenez, Shana Sureck,Laurie Beck Peterson, Jennifer

    Einhorn, Grady Congleton, Hannah Bartini


  • 5Clarke has always focused on therelationship with the family; thathas never changed, says Gatty. Wetalk to parents about their concerns,their fears, their triumphs. We wantfamilies to understand that they arenot alone in this journey. Getting toknow the family and being a part ofthat relationship is so rewarding. Ithink that sense of partnership andcommunity is what sets Clarke apart.

    After 37 years at ClarkesNorthampton campus, Gatty, cur-rently the Director of Child andFamily Services, has worked withhundreds of families. And shell bethe first to tell you that no two havebeen exactly the same.

    Each family has its own naturaldynamics and interaction style, saysGatty. It is important to honorthose dynamics and build on thatfoundation. When one of our pro-fessionals is working with an infant,they quickly become part of an inti-mate family relationship. This is adelicate time of adjustment for theparents. You have to build trust asyou help the parents to know thatthey can do this, that they can helptheir baby grow and learn, and itcan be a fun and natural process.

    Approximately three children outof every thousand are born withsome degree of hearing loss and onechild out of every thousand is bornwith a severe to profound loss.

    Babies who are born deaf or hard ofhearing today have many moreopportunities to achieve higher levelsof spoken language, reading skills,and academic competencies thanever before.

    Jan has been one of the mostinfluential people in my life, saysJudy Tambasco of Amherst, MA.Judys son Mareo has a severe to pro-found hearing loss and received earlyintervention services at Clarke.Mareo, who uses two hearing aids, isnow a talkative, energetic twelve-

    year-old, who loves to play basket-ball, baseball and soccer. Mareosteachers say he is a curious andenthusiastic student who loves tolearn and asks great questions.

    Jan always looked at Mareo asa person not a deaf child,Tambasco says. She was frank,but positive, assuring us that we

    could deal with this reality and lifewould be wonderful. She took aholistic approach to Mareo andour family, and brought us back toour solid foundation.

    Clarkes Birth to 3 programsprovide a variety of services, includ-ing individual family sessions atClarke or at home, group meetingsat Clarke where parents can meetother families, and information-based, short-term courses on topicsrelated to hearing loss. In addition,some families receive audiologicalservices at Clarkes Hearing Center.

    Our work is to figure out howthe deafness is contributing to theoverall development of the child,says Gatty. In our sessions withfamilies, we help parents learn tonarrate what they and their child aredoing throughout their day. Weguide the childrens play in ways that

    help them understand how theworld works. They begin to build amodel of the world that becomes afoundation for learning language.

    Jan provided guidance, knowl-edge and encouragement that havemade a huge difference, says Tam-basco. She will forever be a memberof our extended family.

    Ask Dr. Jan Gatty just about anyquestion regarding her work withinfants who are deaf and hard ofhearing and she will inevitablyanswer, Its all about the family.

    You haveto build

    trust as youhelp the

    parents toknow that

    they cando this.


  • 7Its more like a pep rally than thebeginning of a school day. Thats Meredith Berger,Director of Clarkes New York Campus,