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    How many parks are there in the City of Atlanta? There are 338 parks. The Bureau of Parks currently maintains 248 of these parks. The remainder are either available for adoption or have already been adopted by volunteer organizations.

    How many recreation facilities are there in the City? There are 30 centers located throughout the City of Atlanta. Call 404.817.6766 for more information.

    How many swimming pools does the City of Atlanta operate? There are a total of 22 swimming pools. This includes 5 natatoriums: Adamsville Park Recreation Center Natatorium, John F. Kennedy Natatorium, Martin Luther King, Jr. Natatorium, Washington Park Natatorium and Southeast Atlanta Park Recreation Center Natatorium.

    How many tennis courts do you have? There are a total 182 tennis courts located in 55 of our area parks.

    How many golf courses? There are a total 6 golf courses. Specifically, there are four 18-hole courses, one 9-hole course and one youth golf course.

    How many playgrounds are there? There are 108 playgrounds located in 104 of our area parks.

    How many pavilions are there? There are 20 pavilions which may be reserved. Please note: There are smaller picnic shelters that can be used on a first come, first serve basis.

    Who can I contact to reserve a pavilion? Call the Parks Reservationist at 404.817.6757.

    Can I grill in the park? Some parks have city-provided grills and grill areas. The use of portable grills is permitted in all parks. Charcoals must be disposed of in special containers provided by the Bureau of Parks. Please note: grilling is permitted only in designated areas of the park during a festival. For a complete listing of Park rules, go to the Bureau of Parks webpage or call 404.817.6744 for more information.


    1. Ballfield reservations for 2004 will not be accepted prior to January 2, 2004. For detailed information, please refer to our letter to ballfield applicants. Also, please read our rules and regulations for ballfield reservations. To see a ballfield reservation application, including times available for league play, ballfields that can be reserved, and current fee schedule, click here.

    2. All pavilion reservations must be made in person. Reservations are taken on a first-come, first served basis. Reservations cannot be made earlier than 3 months prior to the event, or later than 14 working days before the event. To see a pavilion application, including rules and regulations for pavilion reservations, click here.

    3. Any person planning a large gathering in a park, where the gathering is reasonably expected to have between 75 and 250 people, and is reasonably expected to last one hour or longer, must submit a park activity application. If you are reserving only a pavilion, gazebo or ball field, an additional park activity application is not necessary. To see a park activity application, including rules and regulations for large gatherings in parks, click here.

    4. To see a wedding in the park application, including rules and regulations for weddings, click here.

    5. Payment for all reservations must be by cashier’s check, company check or money order. All checks must be payable to the City of Atlanta Bureau of Parks. No credit cards or cash will be accepted.

    6. Reservations are accepted only between 8:30 a.m. and 12:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please clock in and sign in for service.

    7. To provide equal opportunity, we cannot render service to persons who sign in or clock in before 8:30 a.m. or after 12:00 p.m.

    8. The Office of Special Events is responsible for processing applications for certain other activities that may be held in a park. To obtain permission for a festival or special event (for example: road races, walks, runs, rallies), or to arrange a photo shoot or filmmaking, call 404.330.6741.

    9. For additional information, telephone the Bureau of Parks Reservationist at 404.817.6757. You may also request information via e-mail to the parks reservationist. NOTICE: We cannot accept or respond to reservation requests or applications we receive via e-mail.

    Location of Reservations Office

    The Bureau of Parks reservation office is located on the 8th floor of City Hall East, 675 Ponce de Leon Avenue (across from the new Home Depot shopping center). Take the Ponce de Leon Avenue elevators to the 8th floor. The Bureau of Parks reservation office is located across the hall in front of the elevators.


    Listed alphabetically

    * Denotes a recreation center in the park

    Park Address Acres

    17th Street Park Enter: alley between 136-142 17th St. NE 0.2

    25th Street Beauty Spot 25th St., Alden Ave. to Standish Ave. NW 0.1

    A.D. Williams Park* 1154 James Jackson Parkway, NW 11

    Abner Place Park 2573 Abner Pl. (Arno St/Hollywood Rd., NW) 0.9

    Adair I Park 724 Catherine Ave. SW 6.39

    Adair II Park Murphy Av./Gillett St./Lillian Ave. SW 10

    Adams Park* 2300 Wilson Dr. SW 36.68

    Adams Park Triangle Blvd Lorraine/Essex Ave. SW 0.1

    Adamsville Gym Park* 3404 Delmar Lane SW 0.8

    Adamsville Rec. Center and Natatorium* 3201 ML King, Jr. Dr. at Harwell Rd. 9.42

    Adamsville Triangle Fairburn/MLK, Jr. Dr./Bakers Ferry Rd. 0.1

    Alexander Park E. Wesley Rd. at Alexander Dr. NW 11.6

    Allatoona Day Camp 7110 Recreation Ln., Acworth 21.34

    Anderson Park* 98 Anderson Ave. NW 56.7

    Ansley Park Maddox Dr./E. Park Lane, NE 8

    Arbor Park East Lake Dr. at Arbor St. SE 0.5

    Ardmore Park Ardmore Rd. off Collier Rd. NW 1.74

    Arlington Circle Playlot Arlington Cir. (off Baker Rd. NW at North Ave. NW) 0.89

    Arthur Langford, Jr. Park* 211 Thornton St. SW 9.9

    Ashby Circle Playlot Ashby Cir. off Mayson Turner Rd. NW 0.9

    Ashview Triangle Westview Dr./Agnes Jones Pl. SW 0.25

    Atlanta Memorial Park 384 Woodward Way NW 69

    Atwood Street Park Atwood St./White St. SW 0.36

    Avery-East Park Lane Triangle Avery Dr/E. Park Lane NE 0.15

    Avery Park (Gilbert House) 2238 Perkerson Rd. SE 11.03

    Barbara A. McCoy Park 1640 Kenmore St. (entrance); 1641 Avon Ave. SW 8.5

    Barclay Median Barclay Place/E. Rock Springs NE 0.5

    Bass Recreation Center Park* 326 Moreland Ave. NE 1

    Beaverbrook Park Brookview Dr. NW 6.8

    Beech Valley Triangle Beech Valley Rd. NE at Beech Val. Way 0.5

    Beecher Park Edgewater Dr./Beecher Rd. SW 5.8

    Beecher Triangle Beecher Cir./Beecher Rd. SW 0.25

    Ben Hill Park* 2405 Fairburn Rd. SW 10.9

    Benteen Park Benteen Ave. at Casanova St. SE 9.81

    Benton Place Benton Place at Rilman Dr. NW 0.1

    Bessie Branham Park* 2051 Delano Dr. at Norwood Ave. SE 6.58

    Beverly-Avery Circle Beverly Rd./Avery Cir. NE 0.35

    Beverly-Avery Triangle Beverly Rd./Avery Dr. NE 0.25

    Beverly-Montgomery Ferry Triangle Beverly Rd./Montgomery Ferry Dr. NE 0.25

    Beverly-Polo Triangle Beverly Rd./Polo Dr. NE 0.35

  • Billings Circle End of Billings Ave. SE 0.5

    Birchwood-Arlene Triangle Birchwood Dr./Arlene Way, NE 0.1

    Bitsy Grant Tennis Center 2125 Northside Dr. NW 2

    Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta Civic Center 395 Piedmont Ave. NE 4.6

    Bobby Jones Golf Course 384 Woodward Way NW (at Northside Drive) 130

    Bonnie Brae Park Tift Ave at Bonnie Brae Ave. SE 0.5

    Boulevard-Angier Park Blvd/Angier Ave. NE 0.18

    Bridges Walkway Bridges Ave/Wyland Dr. SW 3

    Broad Street Planters Broad Street, NW, P'tree St.-Marietta St. 0

    Broadland and West Conway Park Broadland Rd. NW at W. Conway Dr. 0.1

    Brookline Park Brookline St./Murphy Ave. SW 0.17

    Browns Mill Golf Course 2420 Browns Mill Rd. SE

    Browns Mill/McWilliams Park Browns Mill Rd. @ McWilliams Rd. SE 0.1

    Brownwood Park 607 Brownwood Ave. SE 12.33

    Buckhead Park Peachtree Rd. at Roswell Rd. NW 0.7

    Cabbagetown Park 701 Kirkwood Ave. SE 3.1

    Candler Park 1500 McLendon Ave. NE 55.3

    Candler Park Golf Course 585 Candler Park Dr. NE

    Carver Circle off Tiger Flowers Dr. NW 0.2

    Cascade Road Planters Cascade Rd. at Boulevard Granada, SW

    Cascade Springs Nature Preserve 2852 Cascade Rd. SW 120

    Castlewood Triangle Castlewood Dr. NW at Edinboro Rd. 0.9

    Cativo and Dogwood Beauty Spot Cativo Dr./Dogwood Ct. 0.5

    Cativo Circle 700 block (dead end) Cativo Dr. SW 0.1

    Center Hill Park 2305 Bankhead Hwy. NW 23.4226

    Central Park* 400 Merritts Ave. NE 9.5

    Channing Valley Park Channing Dr. at Sunbury Pl. NW 1.5

    Charles Allen Median Charles Allen Dr. NE 1

    Charles L. Harper Memorial Park Ashby St. @ Mayson Turner Rd. NW 1

    Chastain Memorial Park* 135 W. Wieuca Rd. NW 158.36

    Chatham and Avon Park Avon Ave./Chatham Rd. 0.25

    Chattahoochee Park Bolton Rd. at Peyton Rd. NW 4.45

    Chosewood Park 401 Nolan St. SE 6.07

    City Hall Complex Grounds 68 Mitchell St. at Washington St. SW 1.5

    Cleopas R. Johnson Park Fair St. at Northside Dr. NW 4.3

    Cleveland Avenue Park* 41 Cleveland Ave. SE 5.86

    Club Drive Park Club Dr./Davidson Ave. NE