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City of Atlanta Demolition Permit and Procedures

Nov 16, 2014




City of Atlanta Demolition Permit and Procedures. This document is for informational purposes only. Contact Southern Demolition and Environmental at 404-931-1173 our our website: for updated City of Atlanta Demolition Permit information.






TO INSURE THAT YOUR APPLICATION WILL BE PROCESSED -----ALL APPLICABLE INFORMATION MUST BE PROViDED. (Please Print) *The City of Atlanta is not responsible for any incorrect information provided on this application."





Owner occupied?


Check all D New Building D Addition D Ext. Alteration DInt. Alteration D Demolition that apply: D Re-Permit- Provide Old# D Tenant Finish D Repair What is the project street address? -~-~-------------------Building Name/ Tenant Name/ Space Name? -:--:---: ---'-_ Total construction cost? What is the Square Footage for the Permit? ---Applicant Name: E-mail Address: Address: City State ~_Zip _ Company Name: Phone Number: -------As the applicant what is your role? Architect D EngineerD Contractor DOwner D Permit ServiceD OtherD Proper~Owner'sName: --:~ _ Address: City State ~_Zip Phone Number: E-mail Address: --Contractor/ Builder: Address: ---------C-=--i:-ty---------S-t-at-e_-_-_-Z-ip---Georgia Business License# State of Georgia License # Phone Number: E-mail Address: -------------------Architect/Architectural Company: Address: City State ~_Zip _ Georgia Business License# State of Georgia License # -------Phone Number: E-mail Address: -----------_Engineel-/ };~ngi!l~ering Co~:uy~=======::::::::==:::: :::=-=__ -==:::;;;:,.-=-- - _-__ -_.~_--_-_-_._Address: City State _-~ Zip __ Georgia Business License# State of Georgia License # ~ Phone Number: E-mail Address: Impact Fee Payor Name: Phone Number: ---------Fe . Employment Number: SSN# _ Address: City: State __ Zip __ The Fee Payor I is the: DOwner D Other Person or Entity Paying I mpact Fees Payment of the Impact is authorized by the owner. The Fee Payor information stated above is true and accurate to the best 0 Signature of Permit Applicant: _~,..----------------------_ COMMERCIAL/ DENTIAL GENERAL REPAIR1. Is this an open, operating business? YESD NoD _ Is this a one or two family residence? YESD NoD 2. Will the floor plan of the business/residence (Including wa remain the same? YEsD NoD 3. Will the cost of construction be under $25,000? YEsD NoD PLEASE CHECK THE FOLLOWING ITEMS THAT YO RE GOING TO REPAIR OR REPLACE: DEXTOl- REPAIR EXISTING ROOF DINTOI PAIR EXISTING FLOOR DEXT02- RE-ROOF DINT02PLACE EXISTING FLOORS DEXT03- REPAIR EXISTING PORCH DINT03- RE IR EXISTING WALLS DEXT04- REPAIR EXISTING DECK DINT04- REPL CE WALLS DEXT05- REPAIR EXISTING WINDOWS DINT05- REPAI XISTING CEILING DEXT07- REPAfR EXISTING DOORS DINT06- REPLAC CEILINGS DEXT08- REPLACE DOORS DINT07 - REPAIR E STING BATHROOM DEXT09- REPAIR EXISTING SIDING DINT08- REPLACE B TH DEXTlO- RESIDE DINT09- REPAIR EXISNNG KITCHEN DEXTll- REPAIR EXISTING FOUNDATION DINTlO- REPLACE KITCMEN CABINETS DEXTl2- REPAIR EXISTING STEPS DINTll- REPAIR EXISTINCi,ELECTRICAL DEXTl4- REPAIR FENCE DINTl2- REPLACE ELECTRfGAL DEXTl7- PAINTING DINTl3- REPAIR EXISTING PL\JMBING DEXTl8- OTHER EXTERIOR REPAIRS DINTl4- REPLACE PLUMBING -, DINTl5- REPAIR EXISTING HVAC DINTl6- REPLACE HVAC DINTl7- OTHER INTERIOR REPAIRS I UNDERSTAND THAT ONLY THE ITEMS CHECKED ON THE FRONT PAGE ARE APPROVED TO BE WORKED ON FOR THIS PERMIT.

Signature of Permit Applicant:

_ 1

Demolition Permit Procedures For The City of AtlantaBureau of Buildings A Rodent Letter and Plumbing Permit for a sewer plug are required for Demolition permits. Residential and Commercial-less than one (1) acre- Three (3) site plans reflecting trees, buildings, roads and driveways - Detail sheets provided by the Bureau of Buildings to the applicant will illustrate installation of silt fencing at the perimeter of the land disturbance activity along with construction entrance/exit details and tree protection - A current Rodent Letter establishing that the property has been treated for rodents. (This letter must be on exterminating companies letter head.) - A plumbing permit for the sewer plug. - Notation to be placed on the plans by BOB staffwill state: "Silt fencing and construction entrance/exit shall prohibit soil from exiting the site. This permit is not valid if an existing stream is located on the property. A separate plan review and approval is required from Site Development and Arborist."

Residential and Commercial Demolitions-greater than one (1) acre- Applicant must submit eight (8) site plans with erosion control. Plans will be forwarded to -------.Z""'o'-=ru-.-n-g-, Site' Development and Arborist for review and approval. - - A current Rodent Letter establishing that the property has been treated for rodents. (This letter must be on exterminating companies letter head.) - A plumbing permit for the sewer plug. 3 Copies - Site Development 3 Copies - Arborist 2 Copies - Zoning

All Residential and Commercial Asbestos Removal:Will this project involve the removal or encapsulation of asbestos? [ ] Yes [ ] No If yes, this permit may not be issued until you have presented this office with your Notification of Asbestos Renovation, Encapsulation, or Demolition from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Asbestos Licensing and Certification Unit, Environmental Protection Division. By signing this demolition form, you hereby certify that you have read and examined this demolition form and know the same to be true and correct. All provisions of laws and ordinances governing this type of work will be complied with whether specified herein or not. The granting of a permit does not presume to give authority to violate or cancel the provisions of any other state or local law regulating construction and demolition on any property. _____________________ Atlanta:(404) 363-7026

Owner/Agent(912) 353-3225


Any ofthe following E.P.D. Offices can provide information: Brunswick: (912) 264-7284 Savannah:

Notification forms can be provided by fax or mail. They are also available from the E.P.D. website at: OR Mail: EPD Asbestos Program 4244 International Parkway, Suite 104 Atlanta, Georgia 30354 OR EPD Coastal District Office One Conservation Way Brunswick, Georgia 31520

Note: If you are demolishing a structure and DO NOT plan on building a structure to replace the existing you will have additional steps before your demolition permit is considered.