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City Channel 26 Your Window to City Government Channel 26 originated from the Atlanta Cable Franchise Agreement between the City of Atlanta and Cable

Jan 11, 2016



  • City Channel 26Your Window to City Government

  • HistoryChannel 26 originated from the AtlantaCable Franchise Agreement betweenthe City of Atlanta and Cable Atlanta,Inc. of 1980.

  • MissionIt is the mission of the Office ofCommunications to effectively deliverinformation and messages to itsstakeholders regarding the programs andservices of Atlanta City government in acomprehensive and understandablemanner.

  • MissionThe dissemination of information to thestakeholders will occur through theutilization of print and broadcast media, avariety of publications, a network of publicinformation officers, City Channel 26, theFire Channel and the City of Atlanta InternetAnd Intranet sites.

  • GovernanceCity Channel 26 operates within thecontext of a Council Resolutionapproved in 1983. The resolutionprovided guidance that helped toestablish current programming activities.

  • Five prioritiesLive coverage of Official meetings that take place on a regular basisLive coverage of Official public hearings and meetingsCoverage of events with broad community impactBroadcast quality original programsMiscellaneous meetings

  • Live Coverage of Officially Regularly Scheduled MeetingsFull Council MeetingsCouncil Committee MeetingsZoning Review Board MeetingsBoard of Zoning AdjustmentLicense Review Board MeetingsAtlanta Planning and Advisory Board MeetingsBoard of Ethics Meetings

  • Live Meetings Covered Channel 26 covered 240 live meetings in 2004, representing 41.3% of total programming.

  • Live coverage of specially called official hearings and meetingsSpecial Call Council MeetingsCDP/CIP Public HearingsBudget Public HearingsWatershed/Waste Water Public Hearings

  • Number of Specially Called Official Hearings and MeetingsChannel 26 staff covered 15 such meetings in 2004This represents 2.6 % of total covered for the year

  • Events with Broad Community ImpactSolid Waste Task Force MeetingsAtlanta Police Department Graduation Ceremonies

  • Number of Events with Broad Community Impact and 1.7% of TotalChannel 26 staff covered 10 events in 2004.This represents 1.7 % of total.

  • Broadcast Quality Original ProgramsPress ConferencesCeremoniesMayoral EventsCommunity EventsOtherInternal Productions

  • Number of Broad Quality Original Programs and 47.3% of totalChannel 26 staff filmed and produced 275 programs in 2004.This represent 47.3% of total.

  • Miscellaneous MeetingsCouncil Work SessionsHuman Relations CommissionsLiving Wage CommissionsElected Officials Compensation CommissionTelePAC

  • Number of Miscellaneous Meetings and % of TotalIn 2004, Channel 26 staff handled 47 such eventsThis represents 8% of the total meetings and events for the year

  • Total Meetings & Events

  • Organizational Chart

  • Channel 26 Personnel

  • Channel UtilizationMayoral events and forumsCity Council and other Live meetingsCity Talk news show Cultural and Community eventsChannel 26 covers a wide array of events.

  • Mayoral EventsChannel 26 is responsible for providing coverage of all press conferences, community events, Mayoral events and some in house production in which the Mayor is involved

  • Council MeetingsChannel 26 staff also has the responsibility of covering over 300 Council and Council authorized meetings per year.

  • City TalkCity Talk is a news show produced by Council staff for distribution on Channel 26. Channel 26 staff is responsible for the studio and post-production of this show.

  • Cultural EventsChannel 26 staff also produces coverage of cultural events throughout the City. Some of these events include the Jazz Festival and Music Midtown

  • ChallengesPolicy changesLack of control over fluctuating and growing scope of workSatellite intrusion

  • Policy ChangesWith a government regime favorable to corporations, the policy makers may be apt to change the policies that govern PEG and franchisee agreements.This could have a significant impact on as to whether PEG continues to exist and what financial assistance may be allocated to any such entity.

  • Lack of StaffThe City is currently operating near its lowest staffing threshold, yet scope work continues to expand. 4 full-time and 5 part-time staff are responsible for recording, editing and producing almost 600 events per year

  • Satellite IntrusionCable subscribers are no longer loyal to cable.Subtracts potential viewers from Channel 26 and other PEG affiliate.

  • Future ExpansionCannot expand with limited staffingCannot expand with limited resourcesInability to meet need requirement to ascertain additional channels

  • OpportunitiesFire Channel ConversionRenewed Partnership with Other PEG channelsAdministration Commitments

  • Fire Channel ConversionThe Office of communications will assume responsibility for Fire Channel 20.Repeat programming of meetings , etc. will move to Channel 20.Original programming will be aired on Channel 26 in lieu of repeat programming. Programming geared to attract viewers.

  • Renewed Partnerships with other PEG StationsReach a broader audienceScope of programming is widenedCollaboration on projects that affect various sub-communities.

  • Administrative CommitmentsAdministration willing to invest more in order to fully utilize PEG capabilityImprove public understanding and support for Citys policies and practices.Improve access for internal and external training and educational opportunities