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Citizen Science: An applied research designed for amateurs & volunteers �- A win win situation

Aug 26, 2014


It is a type of research in which the citizens (amateurs and no professional researchers) take action and support a targeted research. The selection of the participants for this research varies from a very simple (open to anybody) to more complex processes (eg. to a selected audience or a selected number of participants).

The results of the research are analyzed by expert researchers who also ensure their publication to a broader or targeted audience.

  • Dr. Peri Kourakli Thessaloniki European Youth Capital 2014 [email protected]
  • What is Citizen Science? Citizen Science (citizen science, crowd science, civic science, networked science, etc) is the scientific research that conducts, in whole or in part, from amateurs and non professional researchers; often by crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. Citizen science is sometimes called "public participation in scientific research
  • Is this sth new? How do we research?