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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. CFS is characterized by a persistent exhaustion that lasts for a period longer than 6 months. It is believed that about 1 person

Mar 28, 2015



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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Slide 2 CFS is characterized by a persistent exhaustion that lasts for a period longer than 6 months. It is believed that about 1 person in every 250 has CFS. It can affect children as young as 5 years old and it is a difficult condition to overcome. It has been reported that the full recovery rate is as low as 10%. Many believe that long term sufferers of CFS are less likely to overcome their illness. But people can and do recover. The body just needs the right kind of help. The illness is complex and this is the biggest barrier to healing. Although the symptoms of the illness are similar; each patient is a unique individual and healing requires an individual approach. Many people can spend years and a lot of money searching for the help they need. Kinergetics can offer valuable support in effecting an improved outcome for the CFS sufferer. Slide 3 14 years Chronic Fatigue 35 Therapists 15 Modalities Marys story (Not her real name) Slide 4 Mary came down with CFS in 1994. She was a single mother in her early forties studying at University. Since that time she has been able to look after herself at home without any help but unable to work in any capacity. Not the kind of position any single parent would want to be in. A longstanding chronic illness reduces the body's ability to heal. It will take time for Mary to fully recover. She hasn't looked back and believes that Kinergetics made the most important contribution improving the quality of her life. Kinergetics uses the skills of muscle feedback to prioritize the body's healing needs. This is why it has helped Mary so much. She needed very specific support with her kidneys and allergies - something Kinergetics was able to offer. Slide 5 Mary had already tried: 8 Naturopaths 6 Medical Doctors 5 vibrational Healers 3 Spiritual Healers 3 Theta Healers 3 Reiki Practitioners Slide 6 Acupuncture (12 sessions) Qigong (8 sessions) Homeopathy Shiatsu Pranic Healers Past Life Regression Chiron Slide 7 Marys Symptoms What helped Mary the most for each symptom in priority order - Slide 8 Exhaustion 1.Kinergetics 2.RESET 3.Liver Herbs (Naturopath) 4.Theta Healing Slide 9 Pain 1.Kinergetics 2.Magnesium (Kinergetics test showed deficiency caused by dehydration / TMJ) 3.Exercise (After Kinergetics helping Fibromyalgia) Slide 10 Stress 1.Kinergetics 2.Theta Healing 3.Diet (After Kinergetics allergy balancing) 4.Exercise (After Kinergetics helping Fibromyalgia) 5.Holosync (Brain Wave Entrainment) Slide 11 Allergies - foods, supplements, drugs, antibiotics, chemicals, environmental 1.Kinergetics An inability to clear toxins often creates allergies. The Kinergetics Hydration correction helps the body eliminate toxins. Slide 12 Poor Quality Sleep 1.Kinergetics The brain produces Neurotransmitters which help our body to sleep. The brain is about 85% water. Dehydration affects Neurotransmitters. Slide 13 Poor Concentration / Memory 1.Kinergetics 2.RESET 3.Holosync (Brain Wave Entrainment) Slide 14 Headaches 1.Kinergetics Kinergetics helps with many of the causes of headaches: Dehydration TMJ (Temporo-mandibular Joint) Magnesium deficiency Muscle Tension Sphenoid imbalance Stress Slide 15 Eyesight 1.Kinergetics There are a great many reasons for vision problems. Most of the eye muscles have sphenoid attachments. The Kinergetics Vision Balance helps some people but not others. Slide 16 Why Energy Healing didnt hold Because Mary was dehydrated and therefore deficient in minerals and vitamins, especially magnesium. She also had many mercury amalgam dental fillings possibly causing mercury toxicity. Mercury fillings cause a loss of electrons, so the body is unable to hold the energy corrections - its like trying to charge a flat battery. Mary reported that some of the energy corrections, especially the Theta corrections helped temporarily, but didnt last. Slide 17 Why Nutrition didnt help much Probably because her body was unable to use a lot of it! If trauma is held in the kidneys then the assimilation of water and minerals (especially magnesium) is compromised. Dehydration affects all nutrition, even fat-soluble vitamins Without magnesium, the assimilation of calcium may be affected, causing tension, and possibly causing calcium to be deposited in the joints creating PAIN! Slide 18 Kinergetics - Theory Kinergetics Hydration corrects priority stresses (mainly in the kidneys) blocking the assimilation of water, improving the assimilation of minerals, especially magnesium. Magnesium relaxes all the muscles and the mind. Releasing stress from the kidneys helps the body to release toxins and more effectively utilise all nutrition. Kinergetics TMJ corrections release suppressed stress from the muscles around the Temporo- mandibular Joint, improving hydration, affecting over 90% of the muscles in the body. Slide 19 RESET RESET releases stress from the muscles around the Temporo-mandibular Joint (TMJ), improving hydration, affecting over 90% of the muscles in the body. RESET is taught in a 3 hour workshop. RESET corrections can be used on yourself or others. Slide 20 Try Kinergetics and RESET first so everything else works better! Many of the therapies Mary tried would probably have worked IF she had been hydrated. Kinergetics works best when there is adequate nutrition in the body, especially magnesium. Often, with chronic pain, magnesium shows as a deficiency AND an excess, because if the kidneys are holding major stress, the bodys ability to utilise magnesium is compromised. If the stress is not corrected, taking magnesium may actually make it worse! Kinergetics Unit 1 is a 15 hour workshop which includes the basic Hydration and TMJ corrections. Slide 21 Important Note CFS is not easy to overcome and requires a combination of healing modalities. Kinergetics offers invaluable, non-invasive, fast, safe and effective support to the CFS sufferer. Philip Rafferty, the founder of Kinergetics and RESET recommends his Chronic Fatigue clients see a nutritionist or naturopath just before or just after the initial Kinergetics Hydration and TMJ corrections. Slide 22 Testimonials Following are excerpts from some of the 300+ testimonials on the website Slide 23 .. following seven years of fluctuating Chronic Fatigue symptoms and 14 months of debilitating symptoms. I felt I had lost the ability to protect myself from anything and my body was fragile and weak. My first (Kinergetics) session revealed a life-long variety of fears and growing vulnerability. Our second session was a Light Body correction which I felt very positive about receiving. Following this treatment my body felt protected and my mind more functional. My creativity and enthusiasm has returned and my energy has allowed a return to yoga after an absence of two years. I am continuing my personal development again and have plans in place to return to work in a different role than I ever thought possible. Her treatment gave me the strength and clarity I needed to move forward with my life again. C W. Brisbane 23.02.03. Slide 24 In 1989 I was medically diagnosed as suffering from M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for some 12 years or more, due to chemical poisoning from pesticides (245-T, Network, Roundup, etc), and heavy metals. After an extensive medical I was told that I would never regain normal health due to the extent of the damage and the length of time I had been ill, and that I would be dependent on medical treatment for the rest of my life! At the time I wasn't able to work, couldn't sleep at night, found it very difficult to get out of bed in the morning, had no energy whatsoever, had a head full of cottonwool and had severe reactions to almost everything I ate due to a long term Candida problem! I met Philip Rafferty doing allergy testing in a Health Food store. As I knew what all my allergies were (including all the heavy metals) I thought I would put him to the test. You can imagine my surprise when in the space of a couple of minutes of using muscle monitoring, he was able to list all my allergy problems. I went and had a couple of sessions of Kinergetics with Philip. You can imagine my surprise when I started feeling better than I had in a long time, was thinking more positively, sleeping better at night and had much more energy! After several sessions, Philip corrected my chronic Candida problem along with my food allergies, the hypoglycaemia subsided, the acne on my face clearing up and I started to gain weight! KW 1998. Slide 25 Client has chronic fatigue and TMJ problems. Has had RESET done and felt relief in her jaws and felt more relaxed, but not feeling 'drained and tired.' DD Dec 99. Slide 26 I had never felt sicker in my whole life and I was experiencing a lot of pain. A return visit to the doctor a few days later revealed a swollen liver, a swollen spleen and results of a blood test diagnosing Glandular Fever. My next diagnosis, after weeks and weeks of little improvement, was Chronic Fatigue, with rest being the only line of cure offered. I did a Kinergetics workshop and I then knew I needed to see a Kinergetics Practitioner. After having a 16 muscle assessment and a vial scanned over my body for a couple of seconds, I was told that my major imbalance was an energy sensitivity to mercury, and that mercury sensitivity was quite capable of giving me all my past symptoms. I was disbelieving of this fast and definite appraisal. I thought maybe mercury was his specialty, as a sensitivity to mercury seemed completely unrelated. It had never even been mentioned on my path to health by any practitioner, or in anything I had read. However the feeling of lightness throughout my being as I left the clinic that day will remain imbedded in my memory. My life magically began to change. Physically I dramatically lost my symptoms straight away, and all that took time to clear was a fear of tiring myself