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Christmas traditions

Feb 23, 2016




Christmas traditions. Negrea Mihaela Madalina Sima Madalina Maria clasa a VIII – a A. Christmas in romania. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Christmas traditions

Christmas traditions Negrea Mihaela Madalina Sima Madalina Maria clasa a VIII a A

Christmas in romaniaChristmas in Romania is the main annual holiday , as in most Christian states . Christmas was introduced with the advent of Christianity in Romania , but had a break during communism when religion , Jesus Christ and the Cross have been banned by the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu .Feast of the Nativity is taken on 25 and 26 December.Song of songs the star is a very important part of Romanian Christmas festivities . On the first day of Christmas , many carolers walk on snowy streets of towns and villages, holding a star made of cardboard and paper with biblical scenes painted on it.Tradition in Romania requires that children go from house to house , singing songs and reciting poems or star legends throughout the Christmas period . The leader carries with him a star made of wood, covered with foil and decorated with bells and colored ribbons . A picture of the Holy Family is pasted in the center of the star and all creation is attached to a broomstick or a strong stick .

Christian carolsFor the most awaited celebration in December , Christmas , Romanians turned equally to tradition and customs knowing accept later. We gladly Nativity brings an amount of very old practice which celebrate the winter solstice, when nature gives hope that it will be reborn .

Custom carols embedded in it not only the song and ritual gesture , but many messages and symbols of an ancient Romanian spirituality . He sometimes kept associating with the Christian celebration of the big event is the birth of Jesus Christ. There are also songs to stand (or Christian carols ) , on the subject of the Nativity . On Christmas Eve, the evening , in all villages in the country, start caroling . Children with the star announcing the birth of the Lord and are welcomed by hosts that reward them with apples, nuts and coils.

There is a period of fasting , and spiritual culinary take before Christmas , for six weeks ending with Christmas night . On Christmas Eve it is customary to mpodobii the house or yard a tree with different balls with tinsel or chocolate candy called saloane.Cele three days of Christmas are the days 25,26 and 27 decembrie.n Spirit comply old traditions of hundreds of years. Groups of children and adult groups meet together and go to neighbors' houses carols or homes other oameni.Atunci sing " O what wonderful news ," a very old and very popular song in the nation , and "O Christmas Tree ." also carolers are served food ( homemade coils ) or cash.

Decorating the treeChristmas tree as we know it today, decorated with ornaments which reflect shimmering light candles or electrical system , it has always been thus adorned .

Although pre-Christian European origin is not disputed by anyone, opinions are still divided : some see in it a representation , '' the world tree , others consider it a direct reference , '' Paradise tree adorned with apples a bright red , reminiscent of the sins committed by the people first before their expulsion from paradise .

According to the documents , in 1605 in Strasbourg was erected the first Christmas tree in a public market . There was still adorned with candles and red apples . In 1611, in Breslau , Duchess Dorothea Sybille von Schlesien adorns the first tree as we know it today .

After 1878 , decorations ( balls ) Silver glass Christmas Thuringia were increasingly successful , so that the pure German tradition will conquer the whole world, being adopted everywhere , whether it's about countries in Asia , Africa, North America and South Australia.

At the end of sec . the 19th century, German saloons feast was unthinkable without the Christmas tree , decorated and sparkling . In 1776 , by German soldiers who participated with the British in the War of Independence , the tradition of Christmas tree arrives in the United States and in 1880 wins the White House .

Traditional food Sponge cake - 500 gr flour - 1 cube of yeast (25 gr) - 130 g sugar - 250 ml milk (+ another 2-3 tablespoons if dough is too vigorous) - 100 gr oil - 3 yolks 1 for oiled - Half a teaspoon of salt - Essences (lemon, orange, vanilla) - 300 gr shit (or walnut or poppy or cocoa)

Traditional food Forcemeat rolls in cabbage leaves (for 42 rolls of suitable size) -from 1 to 1.5 kg. pork (ready ground or you can ground it will) - from 1 to 1.5 kg. sauerkraut (or even a little more, depending on the quality of the sheets) -2-3 onions -50 ml. oil -150 ml. rice (one cup), preferably in the round grain, rich in starch - 1 bunch fresh dill -4-5 sprigs of thyme - 3 bay leaves

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