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Christmas Eve Exquisite Desserts

Jul 25, 2015



1. REDUCED FATCHOCOLATE CAKE One of the most traditional desserts AChristmas eve is incomplete without acake!!! This low fat chocolate cake with flashy fruittopping excites right from little ones tillthe olds 2. EXOTIC TRIFLES The gorgeous looking trifle authenticallyhails from Britain is a much loved oneduring Christmas eve It combines the sponge soaked in sherry ,fruit juice and layered with exclusivecombos of fruits and whipped fresh cream 3. FASCINATINGPUDDINGS Puddings now takes an all new form withand extraordinary texture and taste The root beer pudding infuses caramelizedrice pudding with vanilla, lemon andcinnamon topped with crushed root beercandies, smoked cashews & strawberries 4. CHOCOLATE ICE-CREAMBOMBE One the quick and easiest Christmasdessert, freeze and serve your folksimmediately The delicious ice cream along with aperfect blend of chocolate brownie andwarming ginger, serves to be ideal delicacyfor kids!!! 5. THE BEST ECLAIRS- PASTRY The drooling pastries takes a all new formwith dynamic texture and plating A perfect one for Christmas, these pastriestake creative fillings with glossy neonbright glazes, to form a wholesome dessert 6. DELIGHTFUL CUPCAKES A perfect for the eyes as well the guests atChristmas eve, the cup cakes These attractive red velvet cup cakes mixedwith the flavours of yogurt, whipped creamwith mascarpone is sure to grab everyonesattention!! 7. BLACK FORESTPAVLONA The rich combined black forest cake andpavlona drives your guests crazy atChristmas eve The great fusion of vanilla swirl frozenyogurt, toasted flaked coconut topped withchocolate sauce and cherries, stays in yourtaste buds for long!!

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