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Christmas Celebrations in Australia

Jul 12, 2015




Christmas Celebrations in Australia

Hurray! Santa Claus is on his way!December is a holiday season of exuberance and merriness since the most beautiful festival-Christmas is celebrated in this month. Christmas is an annual commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a festival of extreme joy and liveliness which could be seen prominently on all the faces.

Christmas in Australia
Christmas in Australia comes in the middle of summers. Australians hang wreaths on their front doors, do the Carol singing, decorate Christmas tree with glitters and gifts, play games, and organize feasts and so on. Christmas holiday in Australia is the best thing one can plan out in his/her lifetime.

Best Holiday Destinations in Australia
Australia has this amazing and spectacular variety of flora and fauna which makes it an exclusive tourist destination. All of us deserve a great holiday. Dont we? So what better it can get than to spend an exclusive holiday in Australia?

So, here I present some of the best holiday destinations in Australia based on my experience:-
1. New South Wales and Sydney
2. Melbourne
3. Cairns
4. Perth
5. Brisbane
6. Surfers paradise
7. Adelaide

New South Wales and Sydney: -
You must have already heard that Sydney is regarded as one of the finest cities of the world in terms of its culture, scenery and landmarks. The chief attraction of Sydney lies in its Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge. The flawless weather adds to its magnetism even before you have touched down. For families, Sydney offers a plethora of activities.

It has something for everybody like family fares, local and international art, haute boutiques, multicultural dining, spectator sports, swanky nightlife and the list seems endless.

Its a perfect city for the passionate divers, merry revelers and adrenaline junkies. The Great Barrier Reef is a world-heritage site, where you can enjoy swimming, snorkeling. Port Douglas is half an hour drive away from Cairns.

Situated on the banks of the river Swan, Perth is considered as one of the most isolated cities in the world but yet it offers scenic beaches and a smoking night life. Do not miss the Kings Park and the Botanic Garden.

Welcome to the third largest city of Australia and the capital of Queensland. In spite of being the capital city, it provides you a youthful, vibrant, laid back and a friendly atmosphere.

Surfers paradise Its a heaven for the surfers. The beach is with a beautiful golden stretch of sand, which makes it even more heavenly.

The capital city of South Australia. Its simply a treasure trove of shopping, fine arts, gastronomy and outdoor activity. Its the real hub of the worlds opal industry. Whenever you visit, do not miss to hike the Mount Lofty ranges.

As I have already mentioned, the list of places to be visited is just endless. Now having suggested all these lovely destinations to you all, I feel this is my prime duty to inform you regarding the ways of conveyance to you.
Its a known fact that we cannot take our owned vehicles to the places we visit. So do ensure that whichever car you hire is in top form. Enquire about the last car repair service undertaken for the particular car, especially the car batteries. With these things in place, you are ready to go places.
Enjoy your Holidays!

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