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Mar 29, 2015



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CHICAGO AUTOMATION GENERAL PRESENTATION Slide 2 Dream Team of Automation 10,000 sq.ft. manufacturing facility Complete in house machine shop (including 4-axis CNC machines, EDM machine, CNC grinders, CNC lathe etc. Strong Engineering Department Extensive Automation experience of all the members Proficient in High Quality Automation Systems Design Talent Management Approach Member of Society of Manufacturing Engineers and American Society of Mechanical Engineers Slide 3 Our Facility Slide 4 Making American Business Competitive in The Global Game Associated with Re-Shore Now Initiative SAY NO TO CHINA 20% U.S.A. Labor + 80% Automation = Competitive Manufacturing Cost Increase Quality of Products Bring Jobs Back Home and Protect Your Intellectual Property Slide 5 Our Core Values Our commitment to our customers, employees and vendors is the core of our business beliefs Turn key solutions No project too small for us Know How Variety of Technologies Available Quality of the Automation Machinery Slide 6 Q U A L I T Y CHICAGO AUTOMATION = UNCOMPROMISED QUALITY Troubleshoot FREE approach o It is in Yours and Chicago Automation the best interest that you dont have any issues with the supplied machine. That is how every single project is managed and designed. One of the best Engineering Teams in the Midwest Very heavy on Engineering. All the issues are solved in Engineering phase. We do not finish machines on the floor. Short debug time and quick delivery Slide 7 ENGINEERING APPROACH WE DO NOT GUESS THINGS, WE ENGINEER SOLUTIONS using: TIMING CHARTS MOTION ANALYSIS STRESS ANALYSIS SIZING SOFTWARES PROPRIATERY ENGINEERING CALCULATORS Slide 8 CHICAGO AUTOMATION FIELDS OF EXPERTISE High Speed Assembling Vision guided assembly Lean Cells Laser Marking Laser Welding Vision Inspection Laser cutting High speed rigid tapping Thermal heat sealing Rotary die cutting Steel rule die cutting Thin Material Cutting Converting Fluid dispensing Leak and Flow Testing Electrical testing PE bag making Small parts assembly Ultrasonic welding Fume extraction Curing stations Powder filling Grease dispensing Screw driving Thread cleaning and gaging Drilling, machining and deburring Wire bending High precision measurement Lathe, Grinder serving Robot cells Thin glass handling Pad Printing Ink jet printing ROBOTICS Complex Robotic Systems, including conveyor systems and traffic management Robotic Assembling Quality Control Vision Cells Tending Vision Guided and Conveyor Tracking Robotics 3, 5 and 6-axis Robotic Soldering Molding Machine Robotic Tending Robotic Manufacturing Machine Tending (CNC, Grinding, Honing etc.) Robotic welding, Arc, MIG, TIG, Laser Robotic Sheet Metal Bending and Handling Robotic Palletizing, including conveyor systems and traffic management Robotic Painting Various Food Automation Robotics Slide 9 P R O J E C T S A M P L E S AVAILABLE PER REQUEST Slide 10 ROBOTIC INTEGRATION Robotics is only is about 40% of Automation. You might have application or problem that needs special care and Hard Automation approach. We are experts in Hard Automation solutions as well. CHICAGO AUTOMATION is capable of integrating any kind of industrial robotics including but not limited to FANUC, MOTOMAN, DENSO etc. For 6-axis robots CHICAGO AUTOMATION recommends KUKA Robotics. Slide 11 KUKA ADVANTAGES Largest European Robotics Manufacturer Unbeatable German Quality 3kg - 1000kg. Range Up to 60% higher payload for the same $$$ Standard 2-year warranty for selected models vs. 1-year warranty of Fanuc, Motoman, Denso and others. Zero vibration at A6 axis vs. some vibration and required delay on Fanuc, Motoman, Denso Official Green power rating - 20% power savings, up to 80% in long cycle times using suspend mode Unbeatable repeatability +/-0.0012", ideal for machining (vs. the most precise Fanuc LR Mate 200 +/-0.004") New stackable KC4 controller has a lot of built in features that other manufacturers charge for. For example: Device NET card, Ethernet IP card, complete motion log for the last couple days (helps reconstruct and investigate operator caused crashes) etc. Deep reach into molding machine for molding automation. Line card robot numbers 16, 32, 33, 34 Shelf Robots (unique for KUKA), also very often used in molding factories, deep reach out + deep reach down. Line card robot numbers 39, 40, 41, 42 Slide 12 KUKA PRODUCT RANGE Industrial robots Palletizing robots Cleanroom robots Jet robots High-accuracy robots Contact Foundry robots Press-to-press robots SCARA robots Robot systems Controllers ARC welding robots Shelf-mounted robots Gantry robots ATEX-compliant robots Solutions Alphabetical sitemap KUKA Robotics offers widest Robot range on the market, from 3kg to 1300kg in variety of models and versions Slide 13 KUKA PRODUCT RANGE Slide 14 PROJECT SAMPLES ARE AVAILABLE PER REQUEST. PLEASE CONTACT US TO SCHEDULE MEETING WHERE WE WOULD PRESENT CHICAGO AUTOMATION WORK, DISCUSS YOUR AUTOMATION NEEDS AND (OR) DISCUSS ISSUES YOU HAVE IN MANUFACTURING LET OUR LOVE AND PASSION FOR AUTOMATION WORK FOR YOU