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Charless babbage

Nov 21, 2014




  • 1. born: 12/26/1791 son of a London banker Trinity College,Cambridge Lucasian Professorship Mathematician andScientist

2. 1822plan for calculatingand printing mathematicaltables like they were used inthe navy using the method ofdifference, based onpolynomial functions 3. 1822 design 6 decimal places with second-orderdifference 1830 engine with 20 decimal places and a sixth-order difference 1830 end of work on the difference enginebecause of a dispute with his chief engineer 4. 1834 plans for an improved device, capableof calculating any mathematical function increase of calculatingspeed never completed 5. separation of storage and calculation: store mill control of operations by microprogram: control barrels user program control using punched cards operations cards variable cards number cards 6. more than 200 columns of gear trains and number wheels 16 column register (store 2 numbers) 50 register columns, with 40 decimal digits of precision counting apparatus to keep track of repetitions cycle time: 2.5 seconds to transfer a number from the store to a register inthe mill addition: 3 seconds conditional statements 7. Ada Lady Lovelace, daughter of Lord Byron, was working withBabbage on the Analytical Engine first ideas of algorithm representation programming languages already realized: program loops conditional statements 8. John von Neumann (1903 - 1957): universal computing machineconsisting of: memory input / output arithmetic/logic unit (ALU) control unit based on Babbages ideas 95 % of modern computers are based on the von Neumannarchitecture 9. Howard Aiken (1900 1973) developed the ASCC computer(Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator) could carry out five operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication,division and reference to previous results Aiken was much influenced by Babbages writings he saw the ASCC computer as completing the task which Babbagehad set out on but failed to complete 10. FROM CSE-A12Q61A0552

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