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ENHANCED OIL RECOVERY ENHANCED OIL RECOVERY By : By : NOVIA RITA, NOVIA RITA, ST. ST. MT MT Kontrak penilaian Kontrak penilaian matakuliah matakuliah Absensi Absensi : 10 % : 10 % Tugas Tugas : 20 % : 20 % Quis Quis : 15 % : 15 % UTS UTS : 25 % : 25 % UAS UAS : 30 % : 30 % Range Penilaian: A >= 78 B >= 68 C >= 58 D <= 57
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    Kontrak penilaian matakuliahAbsensi: 10 %Tugas: 20 %Quis: 15 %UTS: 25 %UAS: 30 %Range Penilaian:A >= 78B >= 68C >= 58D


    GeneralImmiscible DisplacementMiscible DisplacementChemical RecoveryThermal RecoveryMicrobial RecoveryFactors Affecting EOR


  • ENHANCED OIL RECOVERYEnhanced Oil Recovery is a means of producing oil with the introduction of external fluids,substances and energy into the oil reservoirFluids,substances:water, steam, chemical, microbesEnergy: mechanic, thermal or combination of the two


  • ENHANCED OIL RECOVERYEOR: Immiscible DisplacementMiscible DisplacementThermal RecoveryChemical RecoveryMicrobial EORVibro SeismicIntroduction


  • Perolehan minyak total akibat EOR merupakan gabungan antara faktor2 makroskopik, mikroskopik dan juga heterogenitas reservoir. Secara kuantitatif, efisiensi perolehan minyak total akibat EOR (ETOTAL) dapat dinyatakan sbb:ETOTAL = EA x EV x ED

    di mana: EA = efisiensi penyapuan areal (makroskopik) EV = efisiensi penyapuan vertikal (dipengaruhi heterogenitas lapisan) ED = efisiensi pendesakan (mikroskopik, skala pori)

  • ENHANCED OIL RECOVERYObjective of EOR: to improve oil recovery by considering the economics

    The most known EOR: Waterflood (gives oil recovery as much as 30% of initial reserve)Introduction

  • ENHANCED OIL RECOVERYImmiscible displacement: injection of fluid that is immiscible with oil

    Immiscible displacement:Water, Gas (Hydrocarbon, CO2, Nitrogen, Air)

    Immiscible Displacement

  • ENHANCED OIL RECOVERYInjection of fluid which is miscible with oil

    Displacement fluids:hydrocarbon solvent, CO2, Flue Gas, N2

    Miscible Displacement

  • ENHANCED OIL RECOVERYSurfactant: mixture of polymer, alcohol, sulfonatereduce interfacial tensionreduce capillary pressureincrease microscopic displacement efficiencyChemical

  • ENHANCED OIL RECOVERYPolymer:Improving water-oil mobility ratio Increasing Sweep Efficiency (ES) - MacroscopicOften used in combination with surfactant

    Most widely used polymer in EOR:Polyacyrlamide:artificial, flexiblePolysaccharide:fermentation, rigid, effective for reservoir with high viscosity oilChemical

  • ENHANCED OIL RECOVERYAlkaline:Increase pH until 11 12Could reduce interfacial tension to 0.01 dyne/cmNaOH in water: 0.05 0.2% (500 2000 ppm)Chemical

  • ENHANCED OIL RECOVERYThermal recovery is a process to improve oil recovery by introducing heat to the oil reservoir so the oil viscosity will be reduced or oil phase changes into vapor phaseThermal recovery:Hot water floodSteam processesIn situ combustionThermal

  • ENHANCED OIL RECOVERYSteam processes:Cyclic Steam Stimulation (Huff n Puff)Steam Drive (Steam Flood)

    In Situ Combustion:Injecting air and burn some oilReducing oil viscosity, changing oil into vapor phase, and displacing with combination of steam, hot water and gasThermal


  • ENHANCED OIL RECOVERYMEOR is a process to improve oil recovery by using microbes

    Microbe characteristics:Able to live in high pressure and high temperatureAnaerobeAble to live in low pH and high salinityAble to live in less nutrition environmentAble to use Hydrocarbon as nutrition sourceMicrobial EOR

  • ENHANCED OIL RECOVERYMEOR mechanism:Producing acid dissolve rock matrix so that will increase porosity and permeabilityProducing gas (basically similar with CO2 flood)Producing solvent (ethanol, butanol, acetone, isopropanol)miscible with oil, and reducing oil viscosity and giving better mobility ratio.

    Microbial EOR

  • ENHANCED OIL RECOVERYMEOR mechanism:Producing surfactantbasically similar with surfactant floodSelective pluggingProducing polymerreducing water mobility and able to control water mobility by increasing water viscosity

    Microbial EOR

  • ENHANCED OIL RECOVERYWettabilityPetrophysical propertiesRock typeOil typeP & T of the reservoirReservoir driving mechanismFormation water salinityHeterogenityPresent Oil SaturationRemaining Oil ReservesReservoir DipEconomicsFactors Affecting EOR

  • Summary of Screening Criteria for Enhanced Recovery Methods

  • Preferred Oil Viscosity ranges for Enhanced Recovery Methods

  • Permeability Guides for Enhanced Recovery Methods

  • Depth Limitation for Enhanced Recovery Methods