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By Grade 5/6 Students of King George JPS December 2014
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Page 1: Celebrating the Winter Holidays in Canada

By Grade 5/6 Students

of King George JPS

December 2014

Page 2: Celebrating the Winter Holidays in Canada

• Outdoor Decorations

• The holidays are a great time to decorate. Decorating outside is a lot of fun and looks cool when your done.

• There are a lot of things people put up like lights, snowmen and some people even put up giant Santa Claus. Colourful outdoor lights are turned on each evening when it gets dark.

• There are stores that put up decorations in early November.

• Yes putting up decorations is a lot of fun.

• By B.M.

Page 3: Celebrating the Winter Holidays in Canada

Each one of your family members has a stocking. Sometimes people have their names on theirs or a Christmas character like Santa, or both. When Santa comes down the chimney, at night, he will put some small gifts inside your stocking. Some people put their stockings up at different times of the year. Between November and the end of December. Most stockings are hung up over the fireplace. By R.H.

Page 4: Celebrating the Winter Holidays in Canada

On the Christmas tree you will usually find home made or store bought ornaments, tree lights, tinsel, popcorn strings (all you have to do to make a popcorn string is put a needle and string through popcorn). You also can put candy canes on the tree. At the top there is usually a tree topper which could be an angel, a star or a Santa Claus. By K.P.

Page 5: Celebrating the Winter Holidays in Canada

Around the house between November and December 25th you will fid a Christmas tree

with ornaments and a Star on top. You will also find Some Christmas toys such as

Rudolph and Santa Claus. Santa Claus will come down our chimney and put your gifts

under the Christmas tree and put the small gifts in your Stocking. Each one of your

family member will have a stocking. There are lots more indoor decorations but those

are just to name a few. In Toronto there are more outdoor decorations than inside. By


Page 6: Celebrating the Winter Holidays in Canada

Fireworks! Fireworks are great! They’re pretty, they’re VERY loud and they’re just plain fun. But I'm talking about where we use fireworks. (fun :D) On Victoria Day a lot of people use fireworks at the King George field. On Canada Day Most people will go a big hill or…lets say, High Park. On New Year’s Eve, again people use them at King George field or High Park. Some people use fireworks on Thanksgiving at…any of the places I’ve said so far! Well that’s all I have to say about where we use fireworks! Hope you learned something! M.S.N

Page 7: Celebrating the Winter Holidays in Canada

Canada has many different types of fireworks. But not many fireworks

are made in Canada. For example screamers, bright, loud, quiet,

booming, pretty and those big ones that look like the earth. Canadian

fireworks can even look like the Canadian flag! By T.H

Page 8: Celebrating the Winter Holidays in Canada

Fireworks have worked there way into our tradition, with their bright colours and loud noises. Fireworks are most famously used at New Year’s Eve and Canada Day (July 1) set up by professionals, but fireworks can also be set up for smaller traditions like birthdays and Valentine’s Day set up by people like yourself!

Page 9: Celebrating the Winter Holidays in Canada

Fireworks, yes fireworks here in Canada we adore fireworks. With every

celebration we celebrate, we let it all out when we use fireworks. There are

also many different types of fireworks but all in all it’s clear here in Canada

we love them. There’s always time for fireworks.

Page 10: Celebrating the Winter Holidays in Canada

Santa rides in a sleigh pulled by reindeer and puts presents under everyone's Christmas tree and fills their stockings. He eats the cookies and milk that kids like to leave out for him to eat. His elves work at his workshop to make the toys that Santa delivers to the good boys and girls on his good list. Santa has a good list and a bad list, if you are on the good list you get what you asked for, and if you are on his bad list you get a piece of coal in your stocking. By R.M.

Page 11: Celebrating the Winter Holidays in Canada

Santa’s workshop is run by him and his elves. There are 6 different rooms in the

workshop, the tool room, the material room, the construction room, the wrapping room,

the loading dock and the lounge. The elves work 7 months a year. Each elf works about

6hrs a day, but they’re really nice which means they sometime work longer. The workshop

is a big red and green building that is partially made out of candy-canes. Anyway that’s

how I think it works, what about you? By W.J.

Page 12: Celebrating the Winter Holidays in Canada

Santa lives in the North Pole. He lives with Mrs. Claus his wife. Mr. Claus also lives with his elves that help him make and wrap presents. He also has reindeer that he harnesses on his sleigh. Since Santa lives at the North Pole (which is at the top of the world) where it is really cold. By K.dV.

Page 13: Celebrating the Winter Holidays in Canada

Santa is known for his costume. He has a massive beard. He wears red and white jackets and pants. He carries gigantic red sacks that has the presents. He wears massive black boots and a massive black belt. He also wears a red and white hat. By O.M.

Page 14: Celebrating the Winter Holidays in Canada

He travels in a MAGIC sleigh being pulled by MAGIC reindeer with Rudolph at the front. Santa’s sleigh can also shape shift into anything with his sack of toys at the back. To get in your house he comes down the chimney. Oh and his sleigh can turn invisible. By S.J.B

Page 15: Celebrating the Winter Holidays in Canada

In December you write a letter to Santa send it to him and on Christmas Day he goes into your house by the

chimney and then puts your gifts under the Christmas tree. Some examples of gifts are electronics, toys, model

cars and trucks, dolls, Pokémon cards, Lego, movies, video games, glowing sticks, books…. In the morning

when you wake up you go to the Christmas tree and wait for your parents and then open the presents. Then your

parents give you presents such as candy, books, Lego, food…by AS

Page 16: Celebrating the Winter Holidays in Canada

Family members gather to have dinner and do special things. We get all

cozy and watch the fireworks. Our family goes to a skating rink and skates.

All together we go tobogganing. We all sit and count down to the new year.

Our families sip hot chocolate and play board games. By: J.L Z.B

Page 17: Celebrating the Winter Holidays in Canada

On TV there are usually three movies that they play. The first, “Frosty the Snowman”. It’s about a snowman who teaches kids lessons and has fun by being witty. Then there is “Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer”. It’s about a misfit reindeer who is treated badly because of his nose. In the end he is like a superhero. The third, the “Home Alone” series. It’s about a smart kid who outwits two dumb kidnappers. Has your class seen any of those movies?


Page 18: Celebrating the Winter Holidays in Canada

Here are some events that we do in Canada to celebrate the holidays. One

of them is go to church. Christmas is also a religious holiday for many

people so they go to church. On Christmas morning we open presents that

Santa gives overnight. On Christmas there are also lots of concerts and

holiday TV specials. By D.D

Page 19: Celebrating the Winter Holidays in Canada

• Turkey or ham is usually the main part of the feast along with potatoes (all kinds such as mashed, smashed, boiled and baked). Turkey stuffing is made with butter, onions, celery, mushrooms, a loaf of toasted day old bread, an egg, turkey broth, chopped walnuts, sage and thyme. Cranberry sauce is made with sugar, water and of course cranberries. Gravy is the last thing brought out to the table it usually goes on meat or potatoes!


Page 20: Celebrating the Winter Holidays in Canada

Have you ever been thirsty on the holiday? Here are some drinks that people in our class

drink over the holiday.

Egg Nog is a recipe with milk, egg yolks, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla extract and light

cream. Its texture is like creamy milk.

Cherry lemonade is made by crushing and juicing cherries and putting them in the drink

and shaking it up. H.S

Page 21: Celebrating the Winter Holidays in Canada

On New Years Eve we eat many things, but not everyone eats the same things and not everybody celebrates it. Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle! Mm… Imagine eating a nice juicy chicken leg on the night of New Year’s Eve. For New Year’s Eve we eat chicken, turkey, cake, potatoes, and salad. The desserts we have are cake, chocolate, and pudding. We like chicken the best. But all the food is still delicious, especially the cake. When we eat all our family members got to one of the homes. So now you know what happens when we eat on New Years Eve. By P.S. and K.L.

Page 22: Celebrating the Winter Holidays in Canada

Candy and desserts are both things that I love. There are different kinds of

Christmas desserts such as: ginger bread houses, candy canes and, my

favorite, chocolate pudding, fruit cake (not so good) and finally Christmas

cookies. Wow that was a lot of desserts, if only I could have all of those right

now. By L.H.

Page 23: Celebrating the Winter Holidays in Canada

Christmas Breakfast is the meal of meals on Christmas. Usually before opening presents,

some people have it after though. Christmas Breakfast usually includes, bacon, scrambled

eggs, pancakes or waffles, sausages and more Christmas Breakfast is great feast for the


Page 24: Celebrating the Winter Holidays in Canada

I eat turkey, chicken, bacon, stuffingand noodles. I talk about school, what I do on the weekend well Just any thing I think of.I open my presents.And last but not least, I watch Christmas TV shows. By T.B.

What I Do On Christmas Day

Page 25: Celebrating the Winter Holidays in Canada