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CCNA 2 Practice Final Exam

Oct 22, 2014



CCNA 2 Practice Final Exam Answer V3.11. Which statements are true regarding VTY passwords? (Choose two.) VTY passwords must be encrypted. All VTY lines do not need to use the same password. A VTY password is required to establish telnet sessions. The VTY password is set with the command line console 0. The VTY password must be identical with the enable secret password.


Refer to the network and routing table entries shown in the graphic. What will happen when a packet destined for network is received by Router A? It will be forwarded through interface S1. It will be forwarded to the default route. It will be directed toward the Internet. It will be discarded.


Which command will produce the output shown in the graphic? show cdp show cdp neighbors show cdp neighbors detail show cdp detail


Router B received an interface configuration change. Suddenly, it transmits a new update. Which of the following could have triggered this update? (Choose two.) Router B received a configuration change. Router A sent a message requesting an update. Router C came online after Router B sent the RIP update. Router B received an error message indicating the last update was not received.

5. How many Telnet sessions can take place simultaneously on a router running a standard edition of the IOS?

4 5 8 10

6. Which of the following WAN connection services typically use synchronous communications? (Choose two.) circuit-switched leased line packet-switched Ethernet analog modem services

7. Which of the following will add a TFTP server as a fallback source for a router to load an IOS image? Router# boot system tftp c2500-d-l.120-9 Router# copy run start Router# boot system tftp c2500-d-l.120-9.bin Router# copy run start Router# config t Router(config)# boot system tftp c2500-d-l.120-9.bin Router(config)# exit Router# copy run start Router# config t Router(config)# boot system tftp c2500-d-l.120-9.bin Router(config)# exit Router# copy run start

8. What types of messages are sent periodically by devices configured for CDP? probes

beacons signals advertisements routing updates unicast

9. An administrator has made routing protocol changes to a routers configuration. To ensure that the changes are implemented, the active configuration is saved and the router is reloaded. After the router has initialized, the output on the screen displays "Would you like to enter the initial configuration dialog?[yes/no]:" Why did this dialog appear? There was a POST failure. The incorrect IOS loaded. There was an error in the startup configuration file. The configuration register was set to ignore NVRAM.

10. Which command is used to redirect debug information to a device that is connected though a Telnet session? Router# monitor Router# terminal redirect vty 0 Router# terminal monitor Router# monitor output vty 0

11. After issuing the show interfaces command, a technician notices the line "Serial1 is down, line protocol is down" in the output. Which of the following are possible reasons for this message output? (Choose three.) There is a mismatch in the encapsulation type on both ends of the link. A Layer 1 issue exists. An interface problem exists. The clockrate was not set during configuration.

There is no usable media for the protocol. Keepalive messages are not being sent.


Refer to the above graphic. When using RIP as the routing protocol, how would Chicago use load balancing to route packets to New York? (Choose two.) by forwarding packets over paths of equal cost by forwarding packets according to hop count and speed of the link by determining which interface has the least traffic and sending to it first by first determining the speed of the links and then cycling packets through the fastest links first by cycling packets through interfaces and routes following the same pattern (Router 1, 2, 3) each time

13. When would the ROM monitor mode be used? (Choose two.) maintaining routing configuration settings modifying the IOS image stored in Flash running a limited IOS feature set performing the bootstrap process

14. Which two statements are true about route metrics? (Choose two.)

The more factors that make up a metric, the greater the flexibility to tailor network operations. The larger the metric number, the better the path. Routing protocols use metrics to send routing updates to directly connected neighbors. Bandwidth and delay are static metrics used by RIP v1. Ticks, delay, and cost are metrics used by routing protocols.


Which of the following are valid static IP routes? (Choose three.) RouterB(config)# ip route S1 RouterC(config)# ip route S1 RouterA(config)# ip route RouterB(config)# ip route RouterC(config)# ip route RouterA(config)# ip route

16. Of the eight network users on the Human Resources department LAN, one cannot connect to the file server. The users PC has successfully booted but can not see the network. What should be checked first? the PC power cord the file server the PC network interface card LEDs

the LAN switch in the wiring closet the configuration of the router interface attached to the LAN

17. What can be determined from the partial output of the show ip routecommand displayed below? (Choose two.) R [120/1] via, 00:00:14, Serial0/0 C is directly connected, Serial0/0 The next update will be in 76 seconds. The next update will be in 16 seconds. The administrative distance is 120 and the metric is 1. The metric is 120 and the administrative distance is 1. is configured on Serial0/0. is configured on Serial0/0.

18. Why is it useful to have an interface description? A user can telnet to the router using the interface description. The interface description is a shortcut way to edit the running-config. The interface description helps identify distant network connections. The interface will remain inactive until an interface description is applied.


Assume OSPF is being used on all routers. What happens when the link between Router1 and Router2 goes down? (Choose two.) Updates start broadcasting every 30 seconds. Updates start broadcasting every 90 seconds. Link-state advertisements are flooded. Link-state advertisements are sent only to neighboring routers. All routers note the change and adjust routes. All routers ignore the change until the route becomes active again.


The internetwork needs to communicate between the hosts connected to the E0 interface of the Utah router and hosts connected to the E0 interface of the Idaho router. The hosts should also have connectivity to the Internet. Which commands must be configured in order to enable this communication? (Choose three.) Idaho(config)# ip route Idaho(config)# ip route s0 Idaho(config)# ip route Utah(config)# ip route Utah(config)# ip route s1 Utah(config)# ip route s0

21. Which statement about datagram life is true? Each router increments the TTL value of the datagram until the maximum hop count of the routing protocol is reached. The packet is then returned to the source. The packet is dropped when the router count and the TTL value match. The source is notified that transmission has failed. Each router decreases the TTL value by one until it reaches zero. The datagram is then discarded and a time exceeded for message is sent to the source. The destination device discards the datagram if the TTL value is zero on arrival. An ICMP destination unreachable message is sent back to the source.


The following access list has been created to prevent traffic from host from accessing the network. access-list 22 deny host access-list 22 permit any Which group of commands will properly place this access list so that this host is denied access only to the network? RouterA(config)# interface s0/0 RouterA(config-if)# ip access-group 22 in RouterA(config)# interface s0/0 RouterA(config-if)# ip access-group 22 out RouterA(config)# interface fa0/0 RouterA(config-if)# ip access-group 22 in RouterB(config)# interface fa0/0 RouterB(config-if)# ip access-group 22 in RouterB(config)# interface s0/0 RouterB(config-if)# ip access-group 22 in RouterB(config)# interface fa0/0 RouterB(config-if)# ip access-group 22 out

23. A network administrator can establish a remote session to a host using the Router> telnet command but is unsuccessful when using the Router> telnet

Boston command to connect to the same interface. Which of the following could be the problem? (Choose two.) The ip host table on the router is not configured. The command telnet Boston was issued from the wrong router prompt. The routing table is missing. Domain name services are not available.

24. Which of the following are functions of a router? (Choose three.) packet switching extension of network segments segmentation of local area networks selection of best path based on a logical addressing selection of best path based on a physical addressing


The commands shown in the graphic were entered to alter the startup sequence of the router. On the next reload, which IOS will be loaded? The router will load c2500-js-l.112-26d. The router will load c2500-d-l.120-9. The router will load the IOS from ROM. The router will boot into ROM monitor mo

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