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Feb 07, 2017



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Task-01Communication Skills(Telephonic Conversation).(14-23)


Task -03Communication exercise between one too many simulationListening Skills(24-31)


Task-04Reading Skills.(38-40)

Task-05Writing Skills(Covering letter, Resume, Essay & Synopsis).(41-55)


Task-07Knowledge of using Internet

Oral Communication(Debate & Group discussion).(56-63)



Task-10Collecting Market Data and AnalyzingPresentation skills

Pick & speak(73-76)(77-96)




Communication skillBeing able to communicate electively is the most important of all life skills,Communication is simply the act of transferring information from one place to another wheather this the vocally [using vice] writer [using printed or digital media such as books,mega-iner,web site] visually or non-visibally usingbody language geture & the tare & pits of vice.Core communication skill Verbal communication Elective speaking Body language Personal appearence Listening skill Active listning Eflecting Classification

Building interpersonal relationship

Asssertiveness Building report What is chairman The art of fact & biplate Facilities skill

Conversation between two friends JASON:- Hi sarahSARAH:-Hello Jason,how are you,its been a long time since we last met?

JASON:-sarah, I have got a new job in SOS TECHNOLOGY at banglore.Now it is going great.

SARAH:-Ho great jason.myself not bad.

JASON:-give your mobile number I will call you & note my number also

SARAH:-Hmm! My number is 7880440229 & call to this number now,Ill save your number.

JASON;-How often do you eat at this hotel.

SARAH;-this is my first time my friend kept telling me the food was to night I decided to try it,What have you been upto?

JASON:-You have been so busy with my new job that I have not had the time to do much else . But other wise , me & the family are all fine

SARAH ;- Well , I hope u & your family have lovely meal

JASON ;- S u too

SARAH;- What happened to your lover, I herd she has taken sleeping tablet at night & she admit in the hospital , why?

JASON ;- ya! Sarah , the reson is she told me to one gold chain & I said when u will die at the time I well bring a gold chain.

SARAH ;- hooo funny , ok we well leave now, we well meet bye.

JASON ;- ok bye


Fig. 1.2: Communication between Costumer and Dealer.

It took a mobile phone 100 years to become the largest and most complex network ever created by men. There are more than 700 million telephones today. The ability to communicate by telephone can help reduce stress in the workplace, improve your work efficiency and give you an advantage in a very competitive business environment. In fact, everything is very simply, says David Lewis the American psychologist.The secret of an effective communication by telephone consists in control of the following things:1) Your emotions.2) Nature of the call.Many people pertain fear of telephone communication. While the physical stress is growing you start to lose concentration and your ability to communicate effectively is reduced. Excessive face, neck and shoulders muscle strain alter your voice. A stressed male person appears to be older, peevish, and a stressed woman appears to be emotional and unpredictable. Before you dial a number you should get rid of stress, relax mentally and physically.

Here are a few exercises that will help you do this so quickly and quietly without leaving your desk.1) Tense up your muscle, Clutch the fists, purse toes, gather in stomach and make a deep breath. Hold the breath and slowly count till five.2) Breathe out slowly. Relax the whole body. Lower shoulders, and unclench toes and relax in the chair.3) Take another deep breath. Hold the breath for five seconds. During the breath take care not to clench your teeth.4) The next five seconds breathe calmly. Feel how peace and relaxation permeate your body.Finally, ease the nerves, imagining that you are lying on the golden sand of the clean, blue ocean shore. Hold that image in your mind for a few seconds

One to many conversationSos raj: Very good morning to one and all friends.Group Members: Very good morning shivuSos raj: Guys today we can discuss about pre-fabricated structures. Does anyone know about PFS?Veeru:Pre fabrication is the method of construction which includes assembling components of a structure in a manufacturing or production site transporting complete assemblies or partial to the site where the structure to be located.Nalina: Can you tell about the history of PFS.RAKESH: Yeah ok.The first prefabricated structure in the world was built in Germany the year 1885. Buildings have built in one place and reassembled in another place throughout the history. Possibly the first advertised prefab house was the Manning cottage. Prefabricated housing was popular during the second war due to the need for mass accommodation for military personnel.Swathi : Can anybody tell about the modernization of PFS. Dasthu : Prefab housing should no longer be compared to a mobile home in terms of appearance, but to that of a complex modernist design. There has also been an increase in the use of Green materials in the construction of prefab houses. Many prefab houses can be customized to the clients specific location and climate, making home much more flexible and modern than before.Swaroop : The worlds fastest commercial building was McDonalds and it was built in 13 hours.Sos raj: The PFS requires certain stages for preparation of structures. The stages are casting, curing, transportation and erecting. Casting: Precast components are casted with controlled cement concrete in moulds of required shape and sizes. The vibrator is used to vibrate concrete and this removes and honeycombing inside the components.Curing: After 24 hour of casting the casted components are released from the mould and transported to curing tanks. Certain special components like railway sleepers where high strength is required are steam cured. Transportation and erecting: After complete curing is done the components are transported to the site with heavy trucks and erection will be done using cranes with skilled labour force. RAKESH: Some components of structures are;Columns: A columns is a vertical member carrying the beam and floor loadings to the foundations. It is a compression member and therefore the column connection is required to be proper. The main principle involved in making column connections is to ensure continuity and this can be achieved by a variety of methods.Beams:Beams can vary in their complexity of design and reinforcement from the very simple beam formed over an isolated opening to the more common encountered in frames where the beams transfer their loadings to the column.Methods of connecting beams and columns are: A pre casting concrete haunch is cast on to the column with a locating dowel or stud bolt to fix the beam. A projecting metal corbel is fixed to the column and the beam is bolted to the corbel.Sangeetha : As many advantages are there for PFS, but still there are some disadvantages. Design of sections and drawings are complicated It requires too much of planning Initial investment will be high Requires lot of machinerys and equipment. Difficulties in transportation and placing the pre-fabricated components. Swaroop : Now I am going to tell about a advantages of PFS. Savings in cost, material, time and manpower. Shuttering and scaffolding is not necessary. Clean and dry work at site. Possibility of alternatives and reuse. Correct shape and dimension and sharp edges are maintained.Sos raj: Thank you guys for discussing about pre-fabricated structures. And now we got the idea about pre-fabricated structure


Energy conservationEnergy consumptionthrough using less of an energy service. Energy conservation differs fromefficient energy use, which refers to using less energy for a constant service.Driving less is an example of energy conservation.Driving the same amount with a higher mileage vehicle is an example of energy efficiency.Energy conservation and efficiency are both energy reduction techniques. Energy conservation is a part of the concept ofsufficiency.Even though energy conservation reduces energy services, it can result in increasedenvironmentalquality,national security,personal financial securityand highersavings.It is at the top of the sustainableenergy hierarchy.It also lowers energy costs by preventing futureresource depletion.

WATER :Wateris a transparent and nearly colorless chemical substance that is the main constituent of Earth'sstreams,lakes, andoceans, and thefluidsof most livingorganisms. Itschemical formulaisH2O, meaning that itsmoleculecontains oneoxygenand twohydrogenatoms, that are connected bycovalent bonds. Water strictly refers to theliquidstate of that substance, that prevails atstandard ambient temperature and pressure; but it often refers also to itssolidstate (ice) or itsgaseousstate (steamorwater vapor)