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Case Ndpl [Hrm] Group 10

Apr 07, 2015





Group No. 10Kumar Gauraw (15) Ajay gupta (37) Rajumoni saikia (48) Tarakeswar das (49)

ContextPrivatization of Delhi Vidyut Board (DVB)NDPL (100%) = TATA POWER (51%)+ Delhi Government (49%) Result: Significant MilestoneAT&C losses reduced from 53% to 41.3% in just 27 months.

Inputs: Best Strategic ER Policies (TBEM) Effective Communication. Positive Leadership Constructive Workplace Relationships Meaningful Consultation & Others.

Issues & Challenge:Management (NDPL)

Employees (NDPL-Scheme)


Employees (DVM-Scheme)

Issues: Disharmony among Employees in DVB Scheme & NDPL Scheme Difference in Pay Structure Pension & Retirement Benefits to only Employee under DVB Scheme. y Challenge: To maintain harmony Among Different Employees & Managementy

ER Strategies: NDPLy Recognition of INTUC Affiliated Union. y Enhancing Channels of communication:

y y y y

-Joint interaction forum (JIF) (At lowest level on monthly & quarterly basis). Focus on Union Management Relation Priority for CEO Counseling rather than policing and suspicion. Top Management focus on problems of rank and file. Resolving Employee Concerns(3 important- long pending issues)

-Monetary assistance to widows of employees -Employees uniforms -Time bound promotions y Competencies development : Systematic Assessment of Need-based training,

ER Strategies: NDPLy Innovative Welfare measures y Proactive Grievance redressal mechanism y y y y

- Employee Helpline Trust Building. Role clarity through key result areas (KRAs) Simplified PA Started Human Resource Information System (HRIS). Launch of Navodaya Quarterly Magazine

Still to achieve- HR Agenday Encourage Effective Communication.

y A shift from collective bargaining to individual

contracts. y Harmonisation of terms and conditions for all employeesy Job Security [Post Rightsizing] - Persistent Fear in y y y y

Employee s mind to lose job. Building Trust & Loyalty among Employees. Employee s Acceptance New ER Practices (TBEM) Administration Efficiency. Counseling 50% (Fence -Sitter & Unchanged) to imbibe NDPL Ethos.

Factors Contributing to Turnaround of NDPLy Human Resource Information System (HRIS)setup. y Change Management Transplantation of ER Practices. y Organizational Restructuring and Re-Designation. y Strategic Rightsizing. y Entry of Change Agents. y Enhanced Quality Focus (ISO Certified). y Customer focused Orientation Adoption of 5S Concept y Information Dissemination-

(MIS Setup Information made available for Decision Making)

Factors Contributing to Turnaround of NDPL [contd]y Improvements in Working System (Operations & Maintenance) y Better Co-ordination (Computerization & Mobile Facility). y Recognition of DVB worker s union (with INTUC) -Building trust. y Employee Welfare and Performance Incentives. y Reduced Issues & Conflicts(Joint Interaction Forum (JIF) Setup & Employee Help Line)

y Performance linked Incentives.(Simplified PA system & development of KRAs).

y Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Management Cell

Way Ahead Realization of Vision of NDPL(To be a Most preferred & Admired Energy Company )

y De-Unionization using HRM Soft strategy y Introduction of MBWA (Management by Walking Around) to monitor Informal Communication. y Introduction of Employee Feedback Program - For Employee Empowerment in Policy Formulation & Ensure 360Degrees Feedback.

y Employee Attitude Survey

- To measure Employees Likes & Dislikes related to various aspectsof their Jobs.

y Re Launch of VRS Scheme(For 50% Fence-Sitters & Non-Changers)

Way Ahead Realization of Vision of NDPL(To be Most preferred & Admired Energy Company )

y Provide Appeals Procedure MechanismFor Employee Empowerment (To voice reactions to management Practices & challenge management Decision).

y Implementation of Performance Linked Pay to Workforce and Executives. y Facilitate effective Communication & Need based training to remove fear of job loss. y Trust building

Employee, Union & Management. y Full-fledged Adoption of Tata Work Culture (TBEM). y Breaking the Mental blockage of neglected and semi trained , less skilled DBV Workforce by effective training. y To enhance Reliability of Power & introducing effective Anti Power Theft drive system.

Case: Lessons in ER

Case: Lessons in ERy Issues related to ER must be resolved When an Organizational Transformation occurs. y Recognition of the central role of collective bargaining. - Turning disagreements into agreements. y ER leads to less Adversarial Industrial Relations. y Mutual Trust & Respect- Employee-Union-Management y Employee Attitude Changes with regard to change in Leadership. y Effective Communication is key to Changing Mindset & adoption of new work culture. y Continuous exchange of information y Application of Soft HR y Pluralist Approach y Cooperative IR

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