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carbon capture and sequestration

Jan 17, 2017



24 Billion tonns of co2 every year


CONTENTSIntroduction to CCSCO2 capturing technologiesCO2 transportationCO2 storageAdvantagesDisadvantagesConclusion

24 Billion tons of CO2 every year


What is CCS?It is the method of removing CO2 emmisions from large stationary sources, such as electricity generation and some industrial processes, and storing it away from the atmosphere.


Capturing Carbon Dioxide

Post combustion technology

Pre combustion technology

Oxy fuel process

Post combustion technology

Removing CO2 after combustion.

Applicable to fossile fuel burning powerplants that release flue gas.

Reacting the flue gas with chemicals that absorb co2 and and then heat the chemicals to release co2.

Flue gas: Mixture of Nitrogen, Water vapour, 15% CO2.


Pre Combustion Technology

Remove carbon before combustion.

By gasifying the coal through the reaction with more oxygen it is possible to obtain a mix of mostly CO2 and Hydrogen.

Oxy fuel process

The fuel is burnt in oxygen instead of air.

The resultant flue gas is condensed through cooling and the result is an pure CO2 stream.

Trasportation Pipeline


Storage Options1.Geological storage2.Oceanic storage3.Mineral storage

Geological Storage

Injecting CO2 into:

Underground geological formationsOil fieldsGas fieldsSaline formations

Oceanic Storage Two ways:

Dissolving CO2 at mid depths. Injecting CO2 at depths exceeding 3km where It would form lakes of liquid CO2.Below 3km depth, liquid CO2 will be denser than sea water and would sink to the ocean floor.

Mineral storageCO2 is reacted with minerals to form carbonates.

Example CCS projects

Salah CO2 injectin Algeria

Sleipner CO2 injection Norway

Snehvit CO2 injection Norway

Great plain synfuel plant and Weyburn-Midale project - Canada

Reduces pollution

Reduces changes in atmospheric temperature

Enhanced oil recovery



Leakage problems may occour

Costly process

Damage of pipelines

Oceanic acidification

CONCLUSIONCCS involves capturing millions of tonnes of CO2 a year from gas or coal combustion.

Valuable tool in the fight against climate change.

There are 8 industrial projects in operation around the world now and another 8 in construction.

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