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Page 2: Candy chang


-An active TED Senior Fellow

-She is an artist involved with public spaces and well being

-Chang Was a designer at ‘The New York Times’ Magazine

-She also was a Cofounder of the Studio Civic Center

Page 3: Candy chang

Candy Chang Grew up in New York but moved to New Orleans where she felt the need to broaden the worlds perspective of life.

She found an abandon building where she made a wall dedicated to writing what YOU would do before you died. The entire world soon took notice and began a movement.


Page 4: Candy chang

jhgCandy began with a couple of

random materials including

stencils, stickers, pens, paper,

and small nick nack things.

Then she turned into a World

wonder with her huge black

board wall and the one idea

that changed everything.

Page 5: Candy chang

I wouldn’t completely consider Candy a motivational speaker but she does change lives with her speeches.

She began with an amazing introduction that got the audience thinking, then she began to ask questions getting the audience wondering.

Page 6: Candy chang

Chang made it known that you can involve the entire community just to help others want to improve lives. She than began to emphasize what SHE did what she began to do for the community, and the one accomplishment she felt A lot of passion for was the Before I Die project.

Chang lost someone very close to

her. A woman who was a “mother

figure” to her, and that’s what

started this international idea of

putting a community together with

just a simple question and some


Page 7: Candy chang

Out of the entire list of 10 commandments I feel the one Candy Chang used directly was commandment 4.

Not only does she show deep emotion in the project she partook in, but she showed on stage how much that one person changed her perspective on life through her speech.

Page 8: Candy chang

As an audience member I felt the power, honesty, and love she had for that one individual and for the thrive she had to make other feel the same way.

Candy began to cry on stage which gave me pure sympathy and made me want to help in anyway I could.

Page 9: Candy chang

I would give Candy a 5 out of 5 on her presentation. I wouldn’t give her a 4 but, I do think that she was too soft spoken. I understand that this subject was sad and she even cried during it, but it was an extremely compelling story and I feel she could have giving us more feeling of excitement to help with the communities.

I loved her story, ideas, and every emotion she felt throughout the entire presentation. Nothing beats a woman who can change the World. I give her a lot of respect and she is well worth a 5.

Page 10: Candy chang

Candy Chang related to Nancy Durante because of her story being told and the slides that followed right after. Nancy is all about having a solid presentation and following it up with slides that can relate with exactly what your talking about, and I feel that’s what Candy did during her presentation.

Page 11: Candy chang

Even with the small amount of time Candy was on stage she helped me realize a lot more than I would have ever thought I could in 5 minutes. I retained the kind of information that I began to feel just as deep as she did.

When I realized how deeply she felt about this, and the fact that she had enough courage to share with the World, I could understand the comfort ability she had talking on stage with an audience who didn’t even know her.

Chang included the audience without even trying

She engaged my attention immediately.

Page 12: Candy chang

Candy was obviously more emotional than Ken but, they both had strong topics that they emphasized emotion for.

Page 13: Candy chang

Candy was more talking with slides that showed what she did in the past to back her story up.

Ken used slides that went along with humor and also backed it up with humorous random slides that were less meaningful.

Page 14: Candy chang

If I were going to talk about something on stage I would make sure it was something I was truly passionate about. That exactly what I would tell anyone about a speech. If you wrote it, and you want everyone to know how you feel about that certain topic than SHOW IT. There is no right or wrong answer, its YOUR opinion so don’t worry about what people say, just speak!

Page 15: Candy chang