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Cancun Vacation

Nov 11, 2014



Excellent student sample of a vacation to Cancun for my Intro to Travel course.

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2. Arrive in Cancun! 3. Xpu-Ha PalaceIs where were staying! Xpu- Ha Palace is a 37-acre resort designed in harmony with its backdrop, the eco friendly resort invites guests to linger in its bungalow-style accommodations. Numerous areas harboring many species of wildlife, two restaurants, snack bars, spa treatment rooms, a 6,725 sq. ft. pool and a kids club are some of the services of this amazing resort. You will have the Caribbean Sea in your backyard and an environmental park surrounding you, clear waters guarantee excellent diving and snorkeling conditions and make for wonderful kayak adventures, and ecological tours provide a more diverse perspective of the areas ecology. 4. El Cambalache With Argentine music, almost all tangos, playing softly in the background and a bottle of nice, Argentinean red wine, your meal at Cambalache is a totally gratifying experience. Hacienda El Mortero Built as an old high-class hacienda, El Mortero features Mexican haute cuisine. You will find the most typical dishes from the most important culinary capitals in the republic. Their selection of meats is quite good and the preparation includes all of Mexico's most famous ingredients such as chiles and hot sauces. Their extensive list of tequilas will astound you. Lorenzillo's For a lobster lover, Lorenzillo's is the place. This restaurant has a lobster farm of its own with about 10,000 lobsters and you can find it on the lagoon in Cancun's Hotel Zone. No onedoes lobster better than Lorenzillo's! Casa Rolandi Located in Plaza Caracol, this is a quaint place with many special nooks and crannies filled with plants and hidden lights. Since Casa Rolandi's trademark is their wood-burning oven, their cuts are grilled just perfectly. There is also a branch in Isla Mujeres. Pat O'Briens In Pat O'Briens, you will have an unforgettable experience when it comes to excellent service and entertainment. With very original decor and a fire fountain, enjoy the most succulent dishes of Creole-Cajun cuisine from New Orleans. Spend an evening with the best ambiance in town and live music. If you are looking for good food and a great time, Pat O'Briens is the place for you.Casa Maguey Casa Maguey is a modern and innovative restaurant serving fine Mexican cuisine. It is located at Kukulkan Plaza on the hotel zone and offers comfort and great service. There is also a live mariachi band performing 3 nights a week. Casa Maguey is divided into several areas: dining room, terrace, kid's club, and bakery, all of them fully air-conditioned. Rainforest Caf This is a wonderful place to eat, where there are rainforests, gorillas and other animals (fake) accompanied by sounds of nature. The Rainforest is great for pastas and chicken wings. Also a favorite for children. La Dolce Vita The restaurant philosophy has always been good service and top quality ingredients. The tranquility that floats in this restaurant and the easy-going nature of the owners, who are always on hand to help, are some of the main reasons why everybody who works here are happy to work here. We will eat at these places! 5. 6. On the first day, well go to Wet n Wild! Wet'n' Wild is a unique and fun aquatic park, located by the sea in the Hotel Zone of Cancun. 7. CHICHEN ITZA On the second day, well spend time touring the ancient CHICHEN ITZA pyramids! Chichen Itza is considered the most important archeological zone of the Mayan World. Located 149 miles from Cancun. It arose in the year 900 AD. Rediscovered in 1842. one of the most important and valuable sites of Mayan culture and basically humanity. Chichen Itza means " at the edge of the well of the Itzaes . The Itzaes were a group that settled in 300 to 900 AD the city of Puc. 8. Then, well visit Coba.The once great city of Coba, one of the most beautiful Maya ruins, is nestled in the Yucatan's thick jungle and surrounded by exquisite lakes nearby. Its name means ''water stirred by wind.' Also, well visit Tulum.Tulum is one of the most representative Mayan ruins of the Riviera Maya. ''Tulum'' means ''wall, trench or fence'' in the Maya language. The conquerors were amazed by the beauty, size and strength of this ancient fortress built on a cliff, overlooking the turquoise waters of the Caribbean below 9. Next, well visit Xel- Ha, an aquarium.Xel-Ha is known worldwide as the largest natural aquarium. Xel-Ha means, in the language of the Maya, ''Where the water is born''. This park, is out of this world, it has a turquoise blue lagoon, a calm river, exuberant jungle and freshwater right in front of the sparkling Caribbean sea. 10. 11. One day, well go snorkeling on the Cozumel Reef! Cozumel Island is worldwide renown as one of the most beautiful paradises for snorkeling and diving as well as for featuring the second largest reef in the world. Exploring its gorgeous waters, 200 feet of superbly clear visibility, is all a privilege that you shouldnt miss if you visit the Mexican Caribbean. This attraction provides you an entire day of adventure, exploring during 40 minutes the spectacular Cozumel turquoise waters, where you will snorkel with colorful tropical fish, admiring the stunning reefs marine flora and array of natural beauties . This program includes a delicious lunch buffet style and some time for shopping in Cozumel, an excellent opportunity for taking a stroll around this picturesque destination, home of international cruises and spectacular white sandy beaches. 12. The Subsee Paradise will take you into a marvelous 35 minutes long journey around the Mayan coral reefs where youll have the opportunity of admiring an array of tropical fish, marine turtles, rays and dolphins.Subsee Paradise The Subsee is a modern ship that emulates a submarine, it has a glass bottom that will allow you to see the spectacular Caribbean plant life and animals. Also youll enjoy our expert guides explanations about life in coral reefs. At this fascinating adventure well visit one of the most beautiful Cancuns coral reefs, called Great Mayan Reef on a tour through the lagoon and into the sea. 13.