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Callbox Staffing Whole 2011

Apr 22, 2015



Callbox Staffing Process...

  • 1. Callbox Staffing Solid Experience Innovative provider of outsourced support services Over 7 years of experience in workforce outsourcing Flexible and affordable fractional staffing Expertise in Relevant Fields HR specialists in-charge of recruiting Professional and highly-experienced staff Managers overseeing the quality of work delivered ClearTrackr Simple charts alert you to potential budget or deadline issue manage or just monitor any number of projects via web, email, or mobile device through a Distributed Workforce management tool Collaborate across teams, and Callbox flexi-staff ubiquitously with one interface. Stores project documents in a central repository for the whole team
  • 2. Benefits of Fractional Staffing Flexible Use pre-paid hours when you need it Use pre-paid hours for a wide variety of services (see Callbox Staffing services) Sraff up or down as needed Control project timelines and staff schedule Cost-Effective Pay only for required number of working hours, no monthly fees, no overhead costs Plan future projects and stay in budget
  • 3. Callbox Staffing Services Website Content SEO Copy Articles Press Release WRITER Blogs Email Copy Sales Copy Proposals Google Adwords SEO Link Building Article Submission ONLINE MARKETING Directory Submission Social Bookmarking Press Release Submission Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) Executive Assistant Email Handling ADMIN SUPPORT Data Entry Online Research Telephone Support Online Ad Posting
  • 4. Callbox Staffing Services HTML/XHTML/CSS Web Development PHP Programming ASP Programming PROGRAMMER .NET Programming eCommerce Website Development Mobile Application (iPHONE, iPAD) WordPress Programming Joomla Site Development Database Development System Administration Website Design Joomla Templates WordPress Templates eCommerce Website Design Mobile Application Design (iPHONE, iPAD) Flash Animation DESIGNER Illustration Logos, Business Cards, Stationery Brochures and Flyers Newsletter Photo Editing PowerPoint Template
  • 5. ClearTrackr
  • 6. Home HOMEFEATURES: ClearTrackr is Callbox Staffingsproprietary Distributed WorkforceManagement Tool Manage or just monitor anynumber of projects via web, email,phone, or mobile device. Screen layout instantly exposeswhich projects and which teammembers need attention
  • 7. Time Sheet TIMESHEETFEATURES: Keeps ongoing project transcriptfor reference, of for getting newmembers up-to-speed right away. Stores project documents in acentral repository for the whole team. Members can easily review historywithout searching through sentemails.
  • 8. ProjectsFEATURES: Post feedback, notices, andreference info. When no longerrelevant, hide with two clicks. ClearTrackr runs your meetings!All members can contribute agendaprior, be familiar upon arrival, andhave immediate access to minutesmeeting forward. Members can easily review historywithout searching through sentemails.
  • 9. CalendarFEATURES: Keep track of the daily and weeklytasks of your staff. Meet deadlines on time with theonline calendar!
  • 10. Status Updates FEATURES: All reports are on screen, direct to your email for later, or as beautiful PDFs for printing. 1 click up-to-date chronological project transcript
  • 11. GALLERY E-mail Template and Landing Page
  • 12. GALLERY Landing Page
  • 13. GALLERY Landing Page
  • 14. GALLERY Websites
  • 15. GALLERY Websites
  • 16. GALLERY E-commerce
  • 17. GALLERY Websites
  • 18. GALLERY Websites
  • 19. GALLERY Websites
  • 20. GALLERY Websites
  • 21. GALLERY Marks
  • 22. Contact Us USA +1 888-810-7464 Malaysia +60 3.4264.6400 Singapore +65 6248.5023 Australia +61 2.9037.2248New Zealand +64-9-9143122Hong Kong +852 3175.0985 UK +44
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