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By Chance Berman and Clark Baumgartner. 1. Introduction 2. History 3. Modern Applications 4. Case Study 5. Ethical Analysis

Dec 24, 2015



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  • By Chance Berman and Clark Baumgartner
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  • 1. Introduction 2. History 3. Modern Applications 4. Case Study 5. Ethical Analysis
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  • Voice recognition Speech recognition - converts spoken words to text. The term "voice recognition" is sometimes used to refer to recognition systems that must be trained to a particular speaker.
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  • Voice Recognition software: began in the 1936 with ATT&T's Bell Labs. First company to launch a commercial product was Covox in 1982. Along with (or bundled) this introduction of sound to computers came Speech Recognition.
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  • Voice Recognition software: Dragon Systems. Scansoft, Inc. Accuracy levels have reached 95% and better with transcription speeds at over 160 words per minutes!!!
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  • Healthcare Patients with disabilities Deaf RSI(Repetitive Strain Injury) Military U.S. program -Advanced Fighter Technology Integration (AFTIF) F-35 and French Mirage aircraft.
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  • Xbox Kinect: Video/ audio input applications allow for user to play games and surf the web via voice command. iPhone 4s: Siri- able of taking commands from user and outputting an aswer. ASIMO: Robot made by Honda headquarters in Japan that is capable of working in a human environment.
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  • F-35 Xbox Kinect Siri
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  • ER Department of the Sir Mortimer B. Davis Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, QC. Wireless speech recognition in the ER Challenge Solution
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  • Act Utilitarianism? Social Contract Theory?
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  • http://www.dragon-medical- http://www.dragon-medical- yOfSpeechRecognition.aspx yOfSpeechRecognition.aspx -speech-recognition-er.php -speech-recognition-er.php on-os-x-with-nuances-dragon-express/ on-os-x-with-nuances-dragon-express/