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By Alexa Schiavone Shapes and Numbers

By Alexa Schiavone

Feb 23, 2016




Shapes and Numbers. By Alexa Schiavone. Today we will be learning about Shapes and Numbers! they are important! . Main Menu. How to find your way through the lesson… Return back to this main menu. Go to the next page. Go back one page. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Shapes and Numbers

YES!! Good Job!

This is a triangle!


Colorful background - ball - square - triangle - rectangle - 1-5 - to Trace numbers 1-5 - raising hand - of numbers - Chant and Write by Dr. Jean

OOPS!! Try again!

A circle looks like this

You want a triangle that looks like this

Number Video!OOPS!! Try again!

A rectangle looks like this

You want this

45This is a circle! A circle does not have any points or sharp edges. It is round.

CIRCLE!! 6This is a square!A square has four (4) equal sides. All sides are the same length.

SQUARE!! 7This is a triangle! A triangle has three (3) sides. The sides do not have to be the same length.

TRIANGLE!! 8This is a rectangle! A rectangle has four (4) sides. The two sides across from each other are equal.

RECTANGLE!!!! Try again!


You want FOUR!


Which of the following is a Rectangle? YES!! Good Job!

This is a rectangle!

YES!! Good Job!

This shape is a triangle!

171or ONEPull straight down and you have a 1(one).

2or TWOUp, around, down, and across makes 2 (two).

3or THREETwo humps sideways and that is a 3 (three).

4or FOURGo down, across, then down some more and that is a 4 (four).

5or FIVEPull down, circle round, put a hat on top and you have a 5 (five).

Time to practice numbers!!How do you write the number FOUR?a) b) c)


OOPS!! Try again!

is ONE.

You want FOUR!

You have completed the lesson for numbers!! Go back to the home page to learn about shapes!

*If you have finished both lessons then go back to the main menu and take the quiz!

What is this shape?a) Triangleb) Squarec) Circled) Rectangle!! Try again!

A rectangle looks like this

You want a triangle that looks like this

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