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Business Plan

Aug 16, 2014





PARTNERS: Keith Davies, Dwayne Fischer, Babette Doherty

Table ContentsPage 1. 2. 3. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY INTRODUCTION BUSINESS PROFILE 3.1 Business Description 3.2 Mission Statement 3.3 Industry Knowledge & Experience/Skills of Key Personnel 3.4 Situation Analysis 3.5 Business Objectives (SWOT) 3.6 Key Performance Indicators PRODUCT/SERVICE AND MARKET ANALYSIS 4.1 Product/Service 4.2 Industry Description & Outlook 4.3 Analysis of Market Demand for Product/Service THE MARKETING PLAN 5.1 Customer Profile 5.2 Competitive Analysis 5.3 Sales Analysis & Forecasts 5.5 Pricing (Discounting) Strategy 5.6 Advertising & Promotion THE OPERATING PLAN 6.1 Current Performance 6.2 Competitive Advantage-Production 6.3 List of Major Suppliers 6.4 Inventory 6.5 The Operating Process THE MANAGEMENT AND PERSONNEL PLAN RISK MANAGEMENT PLAN THE ACTION PLAN THE FINANCE PLAN Cash Flow Forecast Tender Application Financial Viabiltiy Appendix A Appendix B Appendix C Appendix D Appendix E Apprendix F 3 4 5 5 6 6-7 7-8 8 9 10 10 10-11 12 13 15 15 15 16 16 16 17 17 17-18 19 20 21 22




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Business Plan BTECC Directors (Keith Davies, Dwayne Fischer, Babette Doherty

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Business Training Employment Contract Consultants (BTECC) 1 is a partnership of Keith Davies, Dwayne Fischer and Babette Doherty to collaborate extensive skills aned expertise in the following: Human resource development (incorporating training, life coaching, mentoring, pastoral care); Business development; Community Development including engagement & capacity building; Developing social entrepreneurs in communities and invigorating passion and empowering peoples vision to accelerate into fruition; The business evolved from three individuals who have gained a vast array of skills and have been owner operators of own business for the past several years. A general discussion came about, in the selection and retention of staff and providing people who are job ready. This discussion talked about our issues of people referred to our own businesses, which were not suitable and at the prescribed industry standard. In Australia, Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) employs 85% of people in the workforce. It important to SME, to ensure, we have human resources to be job ready. Staff can make or break your business and it is detrimental to have staff appointed quick - with skills- in-order for businesses to generate income. BTECC commitment is to provide successful solutions in business development, workforce planning and quality service, which is based on our customer needs. Our core business is to development of human resources to enhance businesses and community organisations.


Business Training Employment Contract Consultants will be referred to BTECC from this point.Pg 3

Business Plan BTECC Directors (Keith Davies, Dwayne Fischer, Babette Doherty



Townsville boasts a great lifestyle, facilities and services, rich in both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. The Townsville region, with a population of approx. 146,000 is widely regarded as the capital of North Queensland. Townsville provides the northern link for State and Federal Governments, as well as for private enterprise in primary and secondary industries, mining, commerce, retail, and community and cultural services. Australia is experieincing growth across a number of sectors and industries. North Queensland has experienced growth in the civil construction and building Due to the incrased growth, the constructino industries and is projected 4 billion dollars over the next 4-5 years.

availability of skilled labour has decrased so therefore there is an epidemic skill shortage. BTECC is an newly established business that has drawn the collective knowledge of the partners together, and this will enable use to function more effeciently and specialise at a greater degree in the following areas of expertise: Development and implementation of Indigenous employment strategies for employers in public and private sectors; Development and implementation of cross cultural awareness training; Delivery of Business workshops; Development and implementation of mentoring programs Event Management and Facilitation of Workshops

Our skills, experience and knowledge is accompanied by a large network of clients, associate, stratgic partners in the following industries: Aviation, includes air freight, baggage hanlding, loading and unloading aircraft; Building and Construction; Engineering; Civil Construction; Hospitality; Asset Maintenance;

Our clients range from small employers, community organisation, local government and large employers including, but is not limited to: Virgin Blue Freight, Australian Air Express, Townsville and District Education Centre, John Holland and McMahons Pty Ltd, Thuringowa City Council, Townsville Aboringinal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Centre, Birri Enterprises, North Qld Competitive Employment Service,Endeavour Foundation. Our Personal Guarantee is: PEOPLE EMPOWERING PEOPLE

Business Plan BTECC Directors (Keith Davies, Dwayne Fischer, Babette Doherty

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3. 3.1

BUSINESS PROFILE Business Description

Currently Directors (Keith Davies, Dwayne Fischer and Babette Doherty) operate as sole traders and are located in the Townsville district and have been and are still operating individually prior to amalgamation. Keith currenlty successfully operates a cleaning business, Active Housewash/ cleaning services for the past four (4) years. Additionally, Keith is agent for Virgin Blue freight for providing air freight services in Townsville. Dwayne Fischer operates his own busienss in employment, training and consultancy services. Babette Doherty has successfully managed a security cleaning business, assist individuals to assess commercail viability of start-up business and existing business ventures. The structure of the business will be in a partnership between the Directors and will be trading as Business Training Employment Contract Consultants (B.T.E.C.C.) B.T.E.C.C. provides a range of services to Indigenous communites and jobseekers, employers, government departments and not-for profit agencies in a range of industries including Building and Construction, Civil Construction, Aviation and Transport and Logistics. Services include: Recruitment; Training and Mentoring; Consultancy Services; Cultural awareness program development and delivery; Life coaching and Motivation; Pastoral Care Services; Program Development; Event Management; and Workshop Facilitation

B.T.E.C.C. provides a unique service to employers and potentail employees and have specialisation in Indigenous Employment. We will provide a one-stop-shop point of contact for all recruitment needs, and the provision of providing skilled labour or providing real solutions to meet the growing demands of industry, meeting the current and future needs of the region. Additionally, B.T.E.C.C. has a network of skilled personnel and associate partners in which solutions can be tailored to your business needs. Our Value-added Services Comprehensive Testing, including: - Psychometric profiling - Competency profiling Career mentoring and counselling Cultural Mentoring Conducting Training Needs Analysis Development and Implementation of Employment Strategies Cross-Cultural Awareness Training Facilitation of Recruitment services

Business Plan BTECC Directors (Keith Davies, Dwayne Fischer, Babette Doherty

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Experience Counts BTECC has extensive networks in Indigenous communities, local, state and commonwealth agencies and employers within private sector (ranging from SME business to Corporate). Due to this extensive experience we can provide suitable candidates (right person for the job) and can add value and contribute to the productivity of your company. We will achieve this by: Selecting the right person for the job Contribute to your company needs and Add value to your corporate goals


Business Mission Statement The formuale to business success is investment in Human Capital. BTECC will provide the answer to your success.


NAME Dwayne Fischer

KNOWLEDGE/EXPERIENCE Aborigine from Wiri clan from Birri- Gubba Nation; Extensive experience in Indigenous Employment and training Contract Management Project Management Facilitation and delivery of training 15 years of community engagement in private and public arenas; Extensive networks with Indigenous communities in Central Queensland, Far North Queensland, North and North West Queensland Extensive knowledge and networks with Commonwealth and State Government programs and agencies, Job Networks and employers. Completed Bachelor of Education in Adult Education and possess Cert IV in Workplace Assessor and training. Professional Development Business Planning Workshops, Event Management, Mentoring Programs

Business Plan BTECC Directors (Keith Davies, Dwayne Fischer, Babette Doherty

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Training of Indigenous job seekers in asset maintenance (partnership with Townville, Thuringowa Indigenous Peoples community education, employment development Aboriginal Corporations) Successfully operates a cleaning business Provide career and vocational guidance in adult education to community members Accredited Trainer in Aviation Freight, Ground Handling Services; Training and Assessment in ad hoc training and licensing of Ground Support Equipment. Training and assessment in Pushback and Headset procedures for Australian Ai