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1. Burger King was born in Jacksonville (Florida) in 1953, and was founded by Kieth Kramer y Matthew Burns. Its original name was Insta-Burger King. A little bit after, in 1959, the chain began to franchise and changed of owners, and was purchased concretely by James McLamore and David Egerton, who also changed the name of the business again; since then the company has been famous by the name of Burger King. And the group opened his first restaurant outside United States, in Puerto Rico, in 1963. James McLamore. 2. P L A C E S W H E R E T H E Y S E L L T H E I A P R O D U C T S Burger King has different stores in 88 countries around the world. The most important in a leadership are the United States, Mexico, Spain and Canada. 3. Is one of the fastest ways to have lunch/dinner. The price is cheap. They don't have natural products. They have a bad quality- price relationship. 4. W O R K I N G AT B U R G E R K I N G We don't consider Burger King a good place to work because you spend so many hours attending to the public. However, you still don't get a right quantity of money for your salary. 5. K E Y O F I T S S U C C E S S Their products have a good taste for people. In the capitalist world where we live, the action of spending money is an ordinary thing, but as the price is so cheap, it's doesn't matter to consumers. Today, people have a little leisure time as well as time for their basic needs, for example, to have lunch or a shower. So eating in Burger King is a way to save time because they are very fast in having your food ready. 6. by Alicia del Carmen, Alejandro and Ciro.