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Building Blocks 1 SG MATHEMATICS Credit

Building Blocks 1

Jan 11, 2016




Building Blocks 1. SG MATHEMATICS Credit. Qu. 1. If we write the number 375 000 000 000. in the form. what is the value of n. A. B. C. 12. 11. 10. D. E. 9. 8. Qu. 2. What is the scale factor that enlarges triangle ABC to PQR. Q. 12. 25°. B. 85°. P. 9. A. 75°. 6. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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  • Building Blocks 1SG MATHEMATICSCredit

  • Qu. 1If we write the number 375 000 000 000ABCDE12111098in the formwhat is the value of n

  • Qu. 2What is the scale factor that enlargestriangle ABC to PQRABCDE225758525ABCPQR3961234

  • Qu. 3GivenABCDE1Evaluate3972

  • Qu. 4What is the value of:ABCDE91860Dont understand

  • Qu. 5What is the gradientof the line shownABCDE-22(5, 12)26

  • Qu. 6AB is the diameter ofthe circle centre O.ABCDE16020907020ABEOWhat is the value ofEABDont know

  • Qu. 7Put in its simplest formABCDEDont understand

  • Qu. 8What is the value of:ABCDE2724648Dont understand

  • Qu. 9What is the y-interceptof the line shownABCDE52(5, 12)21100Dont understand

  • Qu. 10SimplifyABCDE

  • Qu. 11Break the bracketsABCDE

  • Qu. 12AB is a tangent tothe circle centre O.ABCDE8055459035ABPOWhat is the value ofROA10045R

  • Qu. 13Which of these shapes is a prismABCDE2 only1 and 3 only1 and 4 only4 only2 and 4 only1234

  • Qu. 14What is the equationof the line shownABCDE(5, 12)20Dont understand

  • Qu. 15FactoriseABCDE

  • Qu. 16Solve the equationABCDE

  • Qu. 17These two shapes are mathematically similarABCDE80 cm260 cm2180 cm2160 cm2The area of shape A is 20 cm2.What is the area of shape B?120 cm2AB2 cm6 cm20 cm2

  • Qu. 18The diagram shows a rubbish skip.The area of the trapezium is 6.5 m2The width of the skip is 2.2 m.What is the volume of the skip ?ABCDE14.3 m3Dont understand7.2 m38.7 m314.3 m328.6 m3

  • Qu. 19What is the equation of this straight lineABCDE

  • Qu. 20What is the area of this triangleABCDE8 cm10 cm13 cm80 cm240 cm252 cm265 cm231 cm2

  • Qu. 21What is the equation of the line of symmetryfor this parabolaABCDE19Dont understand

  • Qu. 22What is the area of this circle ?ABCDE14 cm154 cm222 cm2616 cm2O44 cm228 cm2(to nearest whole number)

  • Qu. 23ABCD is a rectangle.M is the mid-point of AB.CE is a vertical post.What is the length of CMABCDE21.6 mDont understand37.9 m48.0 m30.0 m(to one decimal place)ABCDEM36 m12 m

  • Qu. 24The area of this triangleis 60 cm2ABCDE6 cmA60 cm2360 cm40 cm5 cm20 cm10 cmWhat is the lengthof AB ?BC

  • Qu. 25Class 3X have a maths test. The mean mark is 56% with a standard deviation of 7.4A3Y have better average mark but are more variable 3Y have the same maths test. Their mean mark is 64% with a standard deviation of 8.7Which statement below is correct ?B3Y have better average mark but are more consistent C3Y have better average mark but are less variable

  • Qu. 26What is the circumferenceof the circleABCDEradius = 20 cm62.8 cmDont understand1256.6 cmO5026.5 cm125.7 cm(to one decimal place)

  • Qu. 27The price of this TV hasbeen increased by 6%.ABCDE 487.38Dont understand these 432.20 433.76 27.59What was the price before the increase ? 459.79

  • Qu. 28Expand and simplifyABCDE

  • Qu. 29What is the length of the arc PQABCDE9 cm38.9 cmDont understand8.6 cmO4.3 cm155.5 cm(to one decimal place)55

  • Qu. 30ExpandABCDEDont understand

  • Qu. 31What is the area of this triangleABCDE14 cm18 cm85251.0 cm211.0 cm2126.0 cm222.0 cm2125.5 cm2(to 1 decimal place)

  • Qu. 32ABCD is a rectangle.M is the mid-point of AB.CE is a vertical post.What is the height of post CE?ABCDE4.2 mDont understand10.0 m4.7 m9.1 m(to one decimal place)ABCDEM12 m8 m25

  • Qu. 33From A, the bearing of B is 056.From C, the bearing of B is 290Calculate angle ABCABCDE56Dont understand76124126