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Oct 27, 2015



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National Stock Exchange Bombay stock exchange

By : Chinmay Kalelkar C-142 Sandhya Karande C-143 BSE Bombay Stock Exchange Oldest stock exchange in Asia Robust Organization StructureNation-wide reach with a presence in 417 cities ISO 9001:2000 certified BSE has been a pioneer in several areas

2 BSE : Several firstsFirst in India to introduce Equity Derivatives First in India to launch a Free Float IndexFirst to have an exclusive facility for financial trainingFirst in India to launch Exchange Enabled Internet Trading Platform

Listing of Securities - Procedure4Minimum Listing Requirements for new companies1235Minimum listing requirements for companies listed on other stock exchangesSubmission of letter of applicationAllotment of SecuritiesMinimum Requirements for companies delisted by this Exchangeseeking relisting of this ExchangeListing of Securities - Procedure9Trading permission67810Requirement of 1% SecurityCompliance with listing agreement"Z" GroupPayment of listing feesNSE of IndiaLocated in Mumbai ,India11th largest stock exchange in world with market capitalization (1.178 trillion $)Largest stock exchange in India in term of no. of trades done in both in equity and derivatives trading

Origin of NSENSE was recommended by Pherwani committee in 1991.NSE of India was promoted by leading Financial institutions( IDBI,ICICI,IFCI etc..) at the behest of the Government of India. Incorporated in November 1992 as a tax-paying company. In April 1993 recognized as stock exchange Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act, 1956.

Managing Director & CEO

Ms. Chitra RamkrishnaNational Stock Exchange of India Limited

MARKETSCurrently, NSE has the following major segments of the capital market:EquitiesEquitiesIndicesMutual FundsExchange Traded FundsInitial Public OfferingsSecurity Lending and Borrowing Scheme


DerivativesEquity Derivatives (including Global Indices like S&P 500, Dow Jones and FTSE )Currency DerivativesInterest Rate FuturesDebtRetail Debt MarketWholesale Debt MarketCorporate Bonds

S&P CNX NITFYThe S&P CNX Nifty ( Nifty 50 or simply Nifty) is a composite of the top 50 stocks listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE), representing 24 different sectors of the economy.


Advantages of NSEWider accessibilityScreen based tradingNon-disclosure of the trading members identityTransparent transactionMatching of ordersTrading in dematerialized formEffective settlement of corporate benefit

Trading hoursTrading takes place on all days of the week except Saturdays &Sundays.Regular trading sessionNormal Market Open:09:15 hrsNormal Market Close:15:30 (3:30) hrs