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Sep 06, 2014



PLOIETI WEST PARKPrahova, RomaniaLargest business park in SE Europe


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A stones throw away from the capital city Bucharest In the center of South Eastern Europe

PLOIETI WEST PARK logistics buildings

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On DN 72 Ploieti Trgovite road, km 72+0,57 45 km away from the Henri Coanda Bucarest Airport Five minutes from Ploieti city Direct access to the future A3 Highway

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Accessibility of the park

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A3 first highway to link Bucharest to Western Europe at completion Works almost completed for Bucharest Ploieti portion and delivery expected for 2012 Current short-term access for trucks via D.N. 1 during the night (22:00 6:00) and D.N. 1A at all times D.N. 1A improvement works are currently ongoing ALLIANSO TERMINAL PLOIETI



Our building standards> > > > > > > > > > > > Free height starting from 7.5 metres under loadbearing construction Prefabricated concrete structure Load bearing floors with a bearing capacity of 6T/m, suitable for automatic loading systems Minimum 2 % of skylights Roof construction with 14 cm insulation and reinforced PVC coating Light intensity in the warehouse: 200 lux Light intensity in the offices: 400 lux ESFR sprinkler system in the warehouse Offices are provided with the most recent telephone/ internet access Warehouse: return air exhaust with 15 C interior when -18 C exterior Offices: return air exhaust with 20 C interior when -18 C exterior Power supply of minimum 230 kVA per 10.000 m



GEnERAL OuTLInE> > > > > >


PLOIETI WEST PARK covers a total area of more than 250 ha In the first phase, the park mainly focuses on light production, logistics & semi-industrial real estate. Restaurants, hotels, offices, labs & a research park will complete the park in a second phase ALINSO GROUP can support potential investors with optimization of their supply chain and business needs on request Flexible and build-to-suit warehouse units can be provided to suit the specific needs required by your operations Units from 300 m up to 100.000 m & facility management services Ready for the future thanks to green energy

MAIn ASSETS> > > Attractive & modern architecture and high quality constructions Ideal accessibility of the park which will bring additional economical activity to the region without complicating the traffic Proven fast delivery capabilities of building & utilities connections

TESTIMOnIALSDuring our search for a new location for our factory in Eastern Europe, the ALINSO team guided us through the several possibilities and explained in an objective way the advantages of the location and Romania in general. Also, after the purchase, the ALINSO team remained very helpful for Lufkin in its relocation project. Scott Semlinger, Vice President Manufacturing Technology, Lufkin Industries Inc.

ALINSO GROUP has proven to be a trustworthy partner even during .the financial crisis, continuing to deliver on its commitments. They excelled through execution speed and quality of their buildings. Antonio Ventriglia, Customer Logistics Manager Southern Europe, Unilever



REALISATIOnS> > > > > January 2010 Spring 2011 June 2011 August 2011 December 2011 Delivery of the first logistics building (30 000 m) to Unilever Second logistics building (20.000 m) First SME building (Phase I - 17 .851 m) Delivery of SE building (9.000 m) and park heliport Delivery of cold storage warehouse(6.000 m)

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> unIquE LOcATIOn - 45 km to Otopeni International Airport - Direct access to DN 72, DJ 101 I, future A3 Bucharest - Ploieti highway - Access to: DN 1; DN 1A and ALLIANSO TERMINAL Ploieti - Ploieti is the second largest railway connection hub in the country after the capital city, linking Bucharest with Transylvania and Moldavia > AdVAnTAGES Of PLOIETI AREA - Competitive transportation costs 10 % below Bucharest including significant supply of truck fleet


> PRAhOVA cOunTy The area of Prahova contains the main oil reserves of Romania, having a long tradition in extracting and refining oil. The county is heavily industrialized with more than 115.000 people being involved in an industrial activity. Companies such as OMV-Petrom and Lukoil are located in the county


BuSInESSES> AdVAnTAGES Of PLOIETI AREA - Most competitive Real Estate Solutions with All In Cost 30 % below Bucharest - Nationally competitive human capital cost (income below national average) and access to a large pool of highly trained workforce


RETAIL cOMPAnIES> AdVAnTAGES Of PLOIETI AREA As one of the largest cities in Romania and being the capital of a stable and growing region with a population of about 850.000 inhabitants, Ploieti represents a big potential consumers market

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park features for...- Ploieti is the gravity point for logistics in Romania and SE Europe: FMCG retailers which have placed Central Distribution Platforms in Ploiesti include Kaufland, Billa, Selgros and Lidl - Region with low labour costs > AdVAnTAGES Of PLOIETI WEST PARK - Posibility for large developments (total surface of the park is over 250 ha) - All utilities and facility management services available - Built -to- suit buildings - Logistic buildings of up to 100.000 m > AdVAnTAGES Of PLOIETI AREA - Low labour costs of highly trained workers - Rich natural resources, including surface and underground waters, fertile agricultural land, oil and gas resources > PRESTIGIOuS LOcATIOn Leading companies in their respective sectors such as Unilever and Lufkin Industries are present in the park + renowned companies, such as Coca-Cola and Star Bev, and Yazaki are located in the immediate vicinity of the premises

- Pro-business local authorities, smooth authorization process and general subventions for new hires - All in operating costs significantly below Bucharest and other locations due to lower rents, utility & facility charges and minimum overheads

> AdVAnTAGES Of PLOIETI WEST PARK - Flexible and build-to-suit warehouse units can be provided to suit your specific needs required by your operations - Facility management services - Favorable energy prices thanks to green energy such as solar energy and heat pumps

> AdVAnTAGES Of PLOIETI WEST PARK - Unique sight location along the future A3 Bucharest - Ploieti highway - Perfect place to combine shopping (retail units, small retail) with leisure - Easily accessible by car and bus - Plenty of free car parking spaces

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> > 1. Warehouse > > > > > >

Ready to

FIRST BREEAM cERTIFIEd SME* BuILdInG chARAcTERISTIcSSurface of 17.851 m (delivered in June 2011), with possibility to expand with an additional area of 10.000 m Possibility to divide into units of approx. 1.100 m

Clear height within the warehouse of 7,50 m Construction frame of 22,7 m x 12 m Insulation: an average value of Rc= 2,5 m/K for both walls and roof 10 cm thick insulated sandwich panels for the exterior walls Floor Load Capacity within the warehouse of 60 kN/m (uniform spread load) Panic hardware and closers at all fire exits

2.Offices & social areas > > > > > Total of 2.400 m foreseen for the building, divided into 8 areas of approx. 295 m Located at first floor level (possibility to foresee, upon clients request, additional office space and toilets at ground floor level) Modern telephone/internet access available for all offices 7 mm thick heavy duty carpets, with antistatic and fire-resistance treatments foreseen for the offices Usage resistance class R9 floor tiles foreseen for social areas

* dedicated to small & medium companies

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Ready to

FIRST SE* BuILdInG - dELIvEREd In AuGuST 2011- Total surface of 8.978 m - Dividable into units of 300 m - Clear height within the warehouse of 7,50 m - Construction frame of 24 m x 12 m - One toilet module for each 300 m unit - Possibility to accomodate offices within the warehouse if needed - One pedestrian door and a 3.2 m wide gate for each 300 m unit


PALLETS - Frozen warehouse - 2.807 europallets up to 1.000 kg and 2 m height (in mobile racks) - 4.531 europallets up to 1.000 kg and 2 m height (in fixed racks) - Expedition/reception 88 europallets up to 1.000 kg 2 m height - TOTAL: 7.426 pallet places - Rent per pallet place short term/long term - Operations services available

ExPAnSIOn LOGISTIcS WAREhOuSE - PARTIALLy dELIvEREd By End OF 2011> chARAcTERISTIcS Total surface of 20.000 m Clear height within the warehouse of 11,8 m Construction frame of 22,7 m x 12 m One loading dock/600 m warehouse Mezzanine offices & ground floor social areas High level of insulation

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* dedicated to small companies

cOLd STORAGE WAREhOuSE - dELIvEREd In dEcEMBER 2011> chARAcTERISTIcS Frozen box with surface of 3.775 m (11,75 m free height) Expedition/docking area and battery room of 1.226 m Loading docks: 5 for trucks & 2 for vans Technical area 361 m Offices & social areas 281 m (+281 m on the first floor) Air coolers in c