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Brochure SoftExpert ECM Suite [English]

May 15, 2015



SoftExpert Enterprise Content Management Suite offers within one integrated platform the content management capabilities required to manage all types of enterprise content, including business documents, vital records, paper-based information, digital assets (images, audio and video), e-mail, forms, reports and more. The solution also enhances teamwork with project management, forums, real-time instant messaging and collaboration. To complete the offer, SoftExpert ECM Suite also provides a fully integrated Business Process Management Suite that allows customers to streamline everyday business activities, connecting and sharing knowledge across the organization.

  • 1. SoftExpert ECM Suite provides the technology you need to create,capture, manage, store, preserve and deliver all the content, records anddocuments related to your organizational processes.SoftExpert ECM Suite boosts business productivity and agility byproviding better access to information and creating a foundation forsharing, securing and reusing this content throughout the enterprise. Thesolution allows companies to reduce data hardware and software costswhile integrating key information in unique ways to explore newopportunities or quickly adapt to new business requirements. A comprehensive ECM solution must be capable of managing the content repositories, regardless of their type, whether physical or digital. SoftExpert ECM Suite extends the solution beyond digital content to integrate the management of physical records with electronic content, allowing for timely retention, disposal and protection, as well as auditing policies associated with business records. SoftExpert ECM Suite stores all content types in a unified enterprise repository that speeds up access to vital business information. As content enters this repository, powerful content services improve information indexing and automate content classification, complying with the enterprise taxonomy. Once business information can be managed centrally, you can control its lifecycle based on internal policies and external regulations. Retention policies can be applied to the stored content automatically as they are inserted into the system, or interactively by users at any time.

2. MAIN FEATURES Content Capture The solution architecture facilitates integration with other products through out-of-the-box connectors and Web Services that allow users to capture information based on any data source. Document Imaging and Recognition End-to-end scanning process that captures documents and metadata together, enhanced recognition through OCR technology and batch loading of content into a fully searchable document management repository.Capture - Document Imaging and OCR Content Creation and Authoring Allows for controlled document drafting through integration with industry-standard authoring tools to create office documents, engineering drawings (AutoCAD, Pro/E, Solid Edge, SolidWorks), rich media and others. Content Indexing Content can be automatically categorized with full-text indexing and extensible metadata capabilities, complying with the enterprise taxonomy. Document Management Library Services Integrated ad-hoc workflow to ensure proper approval processes, version and revision control, and check in / check out functionalities to eliminate simultaneous Content Reviewchanges to content. Content Collaboration Provides a secure team- based workspace for people to share and edit documents and projects directly from the user's browser while maintaining revision control. Content Lifecycle Management Manages the process of moving content through stages such as drafted, reviewed, approved, released, archived, cancelled, outdated and disposed. Enterprise Search Capabilities Easily searches and retrieves information across federated repositories using advanced technology, including full-text, search Manage - Engineering Documents term highlighting, metadata and dynamic categories. 3. Conversion Services Provides automated content publishing in multiple universal formats, such as portable document format (PDF).Content Notification Services Manages alerts, such as revision changes, document publishing and expiration, document archiving or workflow tasks by e- mail, system to-dos or on a mobile device. Search and Retrieve Workflow/Business Process Management Provides a well-integrated platform for automating complex content-driven and collaborative business processes, boosting productivity by using electronic forms to gather information throughout the process.Records Management Extends the solution beyond electronic records to integrate the management of physical records with electronic content, allowing for retention, disposal and protection, as well as auditing policies associated with business records regardless of location or type. Store and Preserve Digital Signatures Provides managers and other reviewers with a regulatory-compliant way of signing documents, while providing the equivalency of a paper document signature's authenticity through the XML or CMS signature standard type.Information Rights Management Comprehensive security that controls access and editing rights through user-based, role-based and account-based privileges including out-of-the-box SoftExpert Rights Management or integrated with LDAP, SSL, access control lists (ACLs) and digital certificates.SoftExpert SharePoint Connector Fully integrated functionality of the SE Administration module that allows users to create personalized views of SoftExpert components in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007) as a web part.Collaboration - Review and Approval 4. SoftExpert ECM Suite customers experience the following benefits: Lower overhead needed to support physical documents; Reduction of required labor to complete critical document-intensive processes; Greater collaboration fostered by real-time access to content; Increased leveraging of knowledge assets; Elimination of delays and inefficiencies inherent to manual processes; Customer service representatives are empowered to resolve issues on the first call using accurate and timely data; Customer self-service secure Web-based access to important documents; Better support for governance, risk and compliance initiatives by enabling secure access to content, standardizedbusiness practices and retention of content based on policies; Improved litigation readiness and reduced litigation risk. SoftExpert ECM Suite provides all of these components and more. It enables you to effectively and efficiently capture, manage, store, preserve and deliver digital and paper-based content. Any authorized person - employee, customer, vendor or partner - can manage and work on your documents, records and processes safely and securely anytime, anywhere. SoftExpert ECM Suite develops a proactive compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices, OHSAS 18000, ISO 9000 Quality Guidelines, Sarbanes-Oxley, DoD 5015.2, MoReq, ISO 15489, HIPAA, AIIM Standards and Recommended Practices, ESIGN, 21CFR Part 11 Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures. It guarantees compliance for a variety of industries, including pharmaceutical and medical devices, government, financial services and manufacturing. 5. SOFTEXPERT EXCELLENCE SUITE COMPANYSoftExpert is the global leader in the field of excellence and compliance management software. More than 1,500 companies worldwide trust SoftExpert's solutions to streamline their work processes, simplify tasks and manage information. Developed for any type of business in a wide range of industries, SoftExpert solutions help companies reduce costs, minimize risks, improve performance and gain the flexibility to respond to changing business needs.By focusing on people and building lasting relationships with its customers and partners, the company excels at guiding customers through all aspects of the implementation process. SoftExpert's mission is to continually develop innovative solutions that simplify operational effectiveness and keep customers in control of their business. CustomerA customer- oriented approach focus is a core component of the corporate culture and continues to be one of the key reasons why for SoftExpert's maintains a strong market presence. [email protected] is a registered trademark of SoftExpert Software for Excellence. All information contained in this brochure is subject to change without prior notice.