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Broadrick eNewsletter - EtonHouse International School · PDF fileBroadrick eNewsletter Newsletter 03 -Term 1 2016-2017 along to support the night. Remem- Every Thursday from August

Jul 27, 2018




  • Broadrick eNewsletter

    Newsletter 03 - Term 1 2016-2017

    Every Thursday from August

    29th till May 18th, Year 1 to

    Year 6 National Water Safety

    Council Swimming Lessons

    Semester 1 ECA start from

    Tuesday, September 13th till

    Wednesday, November 23th

    51 Broadrick Road, Singapore 439501 Tel: 65-6346 6922 Fax: 65-6346 6522

    E-mail: [email protected] Website:

    Inside this issue :

    Happy Mid Autumn Festival

    Open House 23rd and 24th Sep-


    Pre-School and Primary School

    Open Lessons

    Parent Secondary Programme

    Information Session

    PSA AGM 14th September

    Security in Our School

    Refer-A-Family Programme

    Y5 Visit to House of Parliament

    Term 1 Week 4, 5 Achievement


    Instrumental Programme


    Disposal of Unwanted Items in


    By Rob Stewart, Principal

    Dear Parents, Students, Staff and interested community members

    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival !!!What a fanstastic

    night we have

    planned to cele-

    brate and share

    wonderful culture and activities

    surrounding the Mid-Autumn Fes-


    Congratulations go to Ms Beiyan,

    the Director of Mandarin Depart-

    ment and her hardworking Manda-

    rin staff who organized and are

    conducting the whole event. We

    are very lucky to have such a great

    team at Broadrick. Thank you to

    the whole community for coming

    along to support the night. Remem-

    ber the activities start at 7pm


    Open House 23rd and 24th


    We will be holding our Open

    House to show prospective families

    our school and the wonderful pro-

    gramme we have at Broadrick.

    Fridays Open House starts at

    9.30am with a Principals presen-

    tation followed by personalized

    tour of the school. Remember as

    existing parents we have Refer-

    A-Family Incentive so take ad-

    vantage of this programme and

    send your friends and neighbors

    to the school !!!

    More information is attached to

    this newsletter.

    Pre-School and Primary

    School Open Lessons

    As part of our parents as partners

    focus we offer our parents to

    come and share a lesson with

    your child and their class teacher.

    Please note these are interactive

    and you will be required to do

    some learning !!! Hope to see you Keep up to date with Broadrick

    eCalendar at:

    Broadrick Parents eCalendar

    Newsletter 03 - Term 1 2016-2017[email protected]

  • Broadrick eNewsletter

    Tuesday, September 20th

    9:15 to 12.30pm K1 Team to


    Wednesday, September 21st

    08:45am N2-K1 Team-Led Assembly

    Thursday, September 22th

    05:00 to 05:50pm ACSIS U11 Basket-

    ball League at ICS

    Friday, September 23th

    8:45am Y2 Eagles Assembly

    11am Secondary Information Evening

    1:00 to 03:20pm Y7+Y8 excursion to

    East Coast Park


    Saturday, September 24th


    Tuesday, September 27th

    Pre-school Open Lessons

    Thursday, September 29th

    Primary Open Lessons

    51 Broadrick Road, Singapore 439501 Tel: 65-6346 6922 Fax: 65-6346 6522

    E-mail: [email protected] Website:

    on Tuesday, 27th September for

    the Pre-School (N2 to Y1) and

    Thursday, 29th September for the

    Primary school classes and Sec-

    ondary classes (Year 2 to Second-

    aty 2 Year 8). Both open lessons

    start at pam and finish around


    Parent Secondary Pro-

    gramme Information Session

    We are very excited that our Sec-

    ondary Programme is developing

    well. We would like to hold an in-

    formation session for existing and

    new parents on the future plans for

    Secondary. This session will be

    held on Friday, 23rd September at

    11am in the Secondary classroom

    level 1. Please register your interest

    with our PLO or by registering



    PSA Annual General Meet-

    ing 14th September

    We held our annual AGM PSA

    meeting on Wednesday. Congratu-

    lations to all the parents who gave

    their time and commitment to the

    PSA and hold the following posi-

    tions the PSA committee:

    Vice President:

    Gayatri Khullar Varma


    Aanchal Sarpal


    Bill Parker

    Security in Our School

    A reminder to parents please

    WEAR your School Parent ID lan-

    yards before entering school. I have

    asked security and PLO and all

    school staff to ask you to wear your

    security lanyards or go to PLO of-

    fice to get visitor badge if you do

    not have one. This is security to

    safe guard YOUR child so please

    help by being vigilant in wearing

    your lanyard to school!

    Finally I look forward to a wonder-

    ful year ahead with you all.

    Take care and keep smiling.

    Rob Stewart


    Eligibility: Nursery 2 to Year 1

    When: Monday 10th Oct Friday

    14th Oct

    From: 08:45am 12:30pm

    (earliest drop-off 8am)

    Cost: $250 for 5 days, payable to

    EtonHouse International School

    Pte Ltd by cheque /cash (snack

    and lunch will be included)

    Newsletter 03 - Term 1 2016-2017

  • - 3 -

    By Student: Niamh Dwyer (Y5 Swordfish)

    Year 5 Visit to the Singapore House of Parliament

    Last week the Y5 students went to the new Parliament

    House of Singapore. I really thought the trip went

    smoothly. We saw the original speakers gown and sigs,

    as wee as the gowns of the others and the hall where the

    MPs Members of Parliament hold meetings.

    The guide told us where each person sits and pointed

    our little details on the huge crest that was hung in the

    lobby; the lion of Singapore; the tiger of Malaysia; the

    five stars; Justice, Progress, Peace, Equality and De-

    mocracy. It also had the waxing crescent, representing

    us as a growing nation. I hope next years trip students

    find it as fulfilling and enjoyable as we found it.

    By Stephen Richard, Marketing Manager

    We really value your kind support to date

    in referring new families to our school


    We are pleased to offer all our parents an

    incentive of $500 for every new family

    you refer to enrol with us.

    Many thanks for your continued support.

    Please register here:

    Newsletter 03 - Term 1 2016-2017

  • - 4 -

    It was a pleasure to be able to give an award to the following


    Week 4 Term 1, 2016-2017 Preschool Achievement Award

    Week 4 Term 1, 2016-2017 Primary Achievement Award

    Week 5 Term 1, 2015-2016 Preschool Achievement Award

    K1 Comets

    Lana Ethel DAVIDSON

    Aleksandr GODING

    K1 Supernovas

    Isobel Muriel BURRILL

    Akshath RANGARAJAN

    Y1 Kangaroos

    Toby Robert Piers HALL

    Y1 Koalas

    Chan Yu KIM

    Y1 Platypus

    Sara AOKI

    Y1 Possums

    Xinhao XIE (Jack)

    Y2 Eagles

    Xiao XIAO

    Y2 Flamingoes

    Paridhi Arvind BOHARA

    Y2 Kingfishers

    Evette Margaret PARKER

    Y2 Laverocks

    Shepherd Sparks NICHOL-SON

    Anika MANWANI

    Y2 Swallows

    Alice Wolney GOTELLI

    Y3 Alligators

    Shrigauri KANNA

    Y3 Chameleons


    Y3 Geckos

    Seira KUNO

    Y3 Iguanas

    Gemma Diane CROWLEY

    Gabriela Madison HARD-WICK

    Y4 Pandas

    Brandon FRANCIS

    Y4 Penguins

    Yuki MIKI

    Y4 Polar Bears


    Y5 Marlins

    Mansha SAPRA

    Y5 Swordfish

    Jaelyn Elizabeth JUMNA

    N2 Magnolias

    Chinmay LUNDIA

    K1 Comets

    Nandini Hemant KADAM

    Y1 Kangaroos

    Jasper Anderson WHITE

    Y1 Koalas


    Y1 Possums

    Devika DASGUPTA

  • - 5 -

    Notes from Leonard Ling, Facilities Supervisor

    Disposal of Unwanted Items in Campus

    Sharing the Planet

    Dear parents,

    As part of EtonHouses continuous drive towards a healthy, safe and green learning environment for our students, we seek support from our families and the community at large to help us with some on-going initia-tives.

    The school seeks your unwanted old handphones as part of our tinker-ing projects as well as re-usable materials like egg cartons, yakult bot-tles, empty (washed and dried) cartons etc, for students' art projects.

    We would also like to give a gentle reminder to not dispose any other unwanted items within the school campus which may include things like old toys, books, clothes, bicycles, scooters etc. When the school or the PSA does run particular events or seek any specific materials, we will let you know in advance re the date of collection as well as the person in-charge.

    Thank you for your support. Should you require further clarifications, please contact me at

    [email protected]

    Thank you


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