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Brix Guide

Jan 22, 2016





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    R E V I S I O N - O N E

    By the Magic Invested in this Tome, Today's Date in Sigil is Hereby Declared as:

    [Please see the Ken Lipka's Sigil Calendar for more information...] [NB: Your browser needs java capability to view the date]

    Congratulations on safely purchasing and opening Brix's Guide to the Cage...(if you'd stolen it, you'd have been fried by the firetrap I placed on the cover, so at least you were an honest cutter). I think we're going to get along just fine...

    I am Brix, earth mephit, author and explorer, and your guide to Sigil, at least on this occasion. Within these magical pages you will learn much about the Cage, its inhabitants and their favourite places. Anyway, enough introduction from me...rattling my bone box on and on never was my strong point. Open the book to any page and you'll find a wealth of information, advice and tales of times past.

    Remember, it may not all be true...

    Table of Contents

    A Day in the Life of a Cager


    Jaimi Bimkz, human seamstress and Indep

    Chant on the Cage


    Factioneers' Tales, philosopher's musings

    Planewalkers' Chant, thoughts from planar bloods

    Darker Chant, the quietest whispers are often the best

    Clerk's Ward

    Overview (soon)

    Castles in the Sand, Workman's Avenue

    Dair's Mercenaries, Rue Bte

    Darkwell Court, Whisper Way

    Golden Confessions, Tragin Street

    The Grove of Erik, Tinsmith's Way and Junkman's Lane

    The House of Mattados, Anywhere in the Cage

    The Scriptorium, Scribe's Way

    Thatre Broulliard, Silver Arch and Wailing Row

    The Planarium, Rube Street

    Guildhall Ward

    Overview (soon)

    From Primes to Planewalkers, Copperman Way

    Michandoco's Mystical Maze, Dancer's Court

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    La Pax, Above the Guildhouses

    The Sculptors' Guild, Slate Street

    The Sunken Plaza, Thespian's Square

    The Weather Tower, Turtle Lane

    The Zen Garden of Kanishi, near the great Gymnasium

    Hive Ward

    Overview (soon)

    The Behemoth, Tumble Lane

    Deffas' Laboratory, Havoc Way

    The Fallen Angel, Strumpet Street

    The Fiend's Salute, Lacklustre Lane

    The Goblin Quarter, Dogskull Way

    The Happy Medium, Petty Way

    The Mangled Leg, Lot's Lane

    Montekkai's Alley, Off Deader's Row

    Suicide Alley, the Rim of the Cage

    The Warehouse, Flibbergibbit Street

    Xaco"#ti, Nowhere and Anywhere

    Lady's Ward

    Overview (soon)

    The Arched Gardens, Rue Vert

    The City Zoo, Deva Way

    The Godswatch, Masquerade Mall

    The Hollow Fountain, Glass Way

    The House of Life, Radiant Plaza

    Selphi's Enchantment, Foghorn Square

    The Spiral Cathedral, border with the Lower Ward

    The Temple of the Celts, The Daghda Avenue

    The Temple of the Titans, Carcerian Avenue

    The Underground Canals, beneath the streets

    Lower Ward

    Overview (soon)

    The Calculating Engine, near the Great Foundry

    Darthiir's Test Hall, Alehouse Row

    The Fire Pit, Firepit Square

    The Furnace, Furnace Street

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    Ye House of Mymirs, Street of Skulls

    The Lost Bridge, The Ditch

    The Pentacle, Slacker Street

    The Petrified Forest, down some hidden alley

    The Schlacthof, Shattered Temple District

    The Scuttle and Stag Square, Gambit Alley and Bladeling's Run

    The Spiral Cathedral, border with the Lady's Ward

    The Styx Oarsman, Heward's Forks, Brandy Lane

    The Theatre of Harmony, Hallowed End

    Market Ward

    Overview (soon)

    Chanter's Field, Rube Street

    Drunken Dabus, Astoria Road

    Jonas' Visions, Great Bazaar

    The Merchant's Scale, Great Bazaar

    The Silver Tongue, Cromwell Street and Murkwater Way

    Tholin's Machines, Gehenna Way

    The Torpedo Room and the Illusory Domain, Viziers Lane

    Copyright 1998, 1999 by Jon Winter, Alex Roberts and respective authors

    Editor: Alex Roberts (please send submissions to [email protected]) Based on an original idea by Chris Nichols, book graphic by Jeremiah Golden

    Congratulations to prize winning entrants Greg Jensen (La Pax), Jachyras (Jonas' Visions), Gregg Fuller (the Drunken Dabus Inn), Belarius (the Behemoth), Pol Jackson (the Goblin Quarter), Joshua Jarvis (the Happy Medium and the Silver Tongue), and Tom

    Bubul (A Day in the Life of a Cager)

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    A Day in the Life of a Cager

    [Any similarity to Jeena Ealy's The Life of a Cager is purely coincidental, and has never been proved in Court].

    "Some of the greatest bloods in the multiverse hail from Sigil or call the place kip. Take the factols for instance. They hold sway over the minds of millions. Now, these highups all go about their business in luxury (for the most part) from day to day, and that's what we hear about. But what about your average cager? What about the seamstress, the book seller, the common thief even? How do they live? These are their stories, the stories of life in the Cage."

    -- From Jeena Ealy's forward to "The Life of a Cager", author


    You've all heard about the Factols, the High-Ups, the Cage Rattlers, the Faces of Sigil. But what about the hoi polloi? The masses? The grubby cutters who do most of the living in the Cage? A Guide to the Cage ain't much cop without exploring their stories, and this one's no exception. I've met and interviewed members of the working classes, the namers, the urchins, and the orphans. And here their stories will be told. You ain't seen Sigil 'till you've seen it through the eyes of someone who lives there, cutter...

    Jaimi Bimkz

    Jaimi Bimkz is our first subject. Jaimi is a human seamstress, lives in the Lower Ward, and is a namer in the Free League.

    A note on time: In Sigil, there is no definate time setting. Peak is the equivelant of our Noon, and Antipeak is the equivalent of our midnight. The 3 hours before and after Peak are the brightest hours of the day, and the 3 hours before and after Antipeak are the darkest hours of the day. Also, in events of the following stories where a time isn't designated, assume it takes place between the events before and after it.

    Copyright 1999 by Tom Bubul Jaimi Bimkz

    Jaimi Bimkz is a human seamstress, lives in the Lower Ward, and is a namer in the Free League. This is her story.

    Prologue. An hour before antipeak. Well, out with the formalities first of all then. I'm Jaimi Bimkz, and I'm the best bleaking seamstress in Sigil. The 9 stingers I'm getting for my entry on this mimir is about how I

    live. That said, I'll be recording tomorrow... I'm off to sleep.

    5 hours after antipeak. Woken by the sound of that flock of Astral Streakers that passes every morning about this time, I get up out of bed and wash my face with the water in my basin. I've been using the same water for 3 weeks... I use it more to wake myself up than to get clean. Well, while I'm on the subject, I suppose I'll tell you berks about my kip.

    She's a little second floor flat in an apartment building that sits next to a bleaker housing project. The old girl has three sparse, dirty little rooms, including my bedroom and bathroom. I like to be at my shop more'n home, it's nice there. Home is dirty. I havent got much in my place 'cept for the basin, a miror, my bed, a cabinet where I keep dishes (in case company comes... hah), a table with a stool incase I eat at home, and a wardrobe, with my 3 shirts and 2 pairs of pants. There's a crack in the wall, covered by the mirror, and I'm happy I'm only on the second floor lest the ceiling would drip on me. The building itself is a completely nondescript, gray, plaster building... like so many others around here.

    Well, as I was saying, I've just woken up and I need to dress. I put on a burgundy patched up skirt that's down to my ankles, a grey shirt, and my long grey jacket. I pull my hair back and knot it there, so it doesn't get in the way of my work. I'll be going out for a bite to eat now... it's tough to work on an empty stomach. I probably won't be back home until much later tonite, as I work in the Market Ward.

    5 and a half hours after antipeak. I'm at the Ubiquitous Wayfarer on the edge of the Lower and Clerks Ward, regardless of whatever berks say it's in the Lady's. It's a quant little place that serves primes and planars alike, especially folks that just tripped in from some portal... the kip's loaded with the sodding things. The place serves up a nice bowl of good, affordable pourage... and doubles as a good place to find new people.

    Take that tief over there. She's wearing last month's fassion... the shoulder blades, dark cape, leather, crazy black-died hair. She needs something new, and she looks like she has some jink to drop...

    "Yes ma'am, I'm talkin about you and your shoulder blades. You need to do something about that, where are you coming from, Baator?"

    "What's this insulance? I'm on my way to the Hall of Speakers."

    "Not dressed like that I hope. You need something more colorful, all that grey... people won't pay attention to you if you're dressed in only grey and black."

    "I'm a Knight of Entropy, now sod off. This is my military uniform."

    Ahh, well, you can't win 'em all. Enough of here for now then, time to keep walking. My morning routine revolves around my getting to the Market in time, and

  • 5 it takes 2 hours to walk... even in the morning's light traffic.

    Walking to the Market Ward: Sigil in the early morn

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