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Bring Your Customers to Life With Personas - Tash Keuneman

Nov 12, 2014




Personas are data-driven representations of your customers. At Atlassian, personas are used company wide: from the development teams to marketing, we're all catering for the same set of customers. Tash will you show how the whole company is involved in the persona creation process: using affinity mapping, design walls, user journeys and workshops, and of course, Confluence.

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  • 2. Bringing your customers to life How to build great products for them, not you TASH KEUNEMAN UX DESIGNER ATLASSIAN @TASHJ
  • 3. Harvey the Hesitant I have too many things to do and not enough time. Harvey does not identify as a technical person nor does he crave the latest gadgets. His assistant set up his blackberry. Harvey has a business or traditional design background HUKKVLZU[UKLYZ[HUK[OL[LJOUPJHSP[PLZVMZVM[^HYLKL]LSVWTLU[/LQZ[^HU[ZZ[ [OH[^VYRZ/HY]L`PZ]LY`RUV^SLKNLHISLPUOPZV^ULSKHUKPZOHWW`[V[HRLYLJVT- mendations from William, Alana and Emma. However, if he feels software will risk their ZLJYP[`VYIKNL[VYP[[HRLZ[VVSVUN[VJVUNYL/HY]L`PZXPJR[VZH`UV/HY]L` uses email, social media channels and reads the news online. He craves predictability and control. His Company TEAM SIZE 20 COMPANY SIZE 1000 WORKS REMOTELY Occasionally PURCHASING POWER Purchaser Skills TECH PROFICIENCY +++++ DESIGN +++++ PROGRAMMING +++++ SECURITY +++++ SUPPORT +++++ TESTING +++++ PROCESS EFFICIENCY Loves Reliable products Time saving tricks Note taking apps Great teams managers Running Hates Agile Paperwork Software that updates MYLXLU[S` Flash Software & Languages Hang Out Places User Personas Needs Minimal fuss products Things work smoothly together :PTWSPLKMLH[YLZ Only show me whats relevant Goals Put structure and protocols in my company Maintain life/work balance Maintain leadership position
  • 4. H A R V E Y Is this going to be good for us in the long run? I hope weve made the right choice. A B O U T H A R V E Y H A R V E Y S A T T I T U D E S /HY]L`PZMHJ[HSYLZLY]LK[OVYVNOHUK IP[YPZRH]LYZL/LULLKZ[VRUV^HSS[OL facts before making a decision, and needs to balance lots of competing priorities. Hes ]LY`HKLW[^P[OZWYLHKZOLL[ZI[OLKVLZU[ PKLU[PM`HZH[LJOUPJHSWLYZVU/LJYH]LZ predictability and control, and sometimes hes a bit uncomfortable when it comes to collaborating with workmates. He tends to be the one to tick the box on software purchases, but as long as teams are LJPLU[OLKVLZU[JHYL^OH[[OL`ZL;V YLSH_/HY]L`^H[JOLZ,UNSPZO7YLTPLY3LHNL HUKOPZMH]VYP[L[OPUNPZOPZ2PUKSL-PYL Appetite for leadership Appetite for collaboration Patience for problem-solving
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  • 7. Thank you! Want to know how to use personas? See Sherifs talk at 2pm Thursday For design workshops in action see Jays talk at 1:30pm today TASH KEUNEMAN UX DESIGNER ATLASSIAN @TASHJ