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Bridging the Online and Offline Attribution Gap

Feb 20, 2017




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Bridging the Online and Offline Attribution Gap.#BridgingTheGap#SMX



This is where I introduce Finhas. 2


Allstate Canada is a P&C insurer and we offer home and auto insurance. And when I say home and auto insurance, I am also included the expanded lines like motorcycle, cottages, RV etc.

I look after the digital marketing and ecommerce for Allstate. And I also lead the marketing analytics department that helps us determine the ROI on our marketing investments. A large part of the measurement is on the digital marketing like paid search which is focused on lower funnel activities.

As an insurer we focus on protecting the household. So our primary target is families and insure all their assets.3


Allstate can call you.

You can call Allstate.


When it comes time to converting prospects to customers, there are two primary actions a consumer can take to connect with an Allstate agent

1) They can do an online Quick Quote. The online quote provides the customer with an estimate of their insurance premium. The reason it is an estimate only is because we dont ask the customer to fill in all the information required for a full quote. We only ask for a few things, make some assumptions and provide an estimate to the customer. To buy a policy, the customer would have to call an agent

2) The second way is for the customer to call the agent directly

No matter the method, a conversation takes place.

You may have this question now that in this day and age of everything moving to self serve and online, why do we insist on people speaking to an agent4

Insurance Type?Coverages?Limits?Deductibles?Discounts?


Well, we did have the functionality of buying online up for a very long time. But what we observed is even after a customer takes 20 mins to fill out all the information online, they would not buy. And the reason being

1. People are not confident about purchasing insurance by themselves. Insurance products are complex and most people dont wants to spend the time understanding the product in detail. When was the last time you thought about spending an evening curled up in a comfortable chair and decide you want to finish reading the page turner called your auto insurance policy document?

2. Now you might say that why cant you insurance companies make the products simple. The challenge we face is that the product itself is a legal contract between you and the insurance company. And legal contracts are never simple so blame the lawyers, not us!

3. Also, products like auto insurance are heavily regulated by the government further limiting companies the ability to simplify them. In the beginning of June, we recently had a big overhaul of the benefits that auto insurance offers in Ontario that was mandated by the government to help reduce premiums. This means that what insurance companies were liable to payout to consumers in a catastrophic incident was halved. What did the average customer take away from this my premiums are going to reduce.

And which is why, consumers want an agent to help them choose the right option like a tour guide would help you see the sights.5

#BridgingTheGap#SMXThey are trusted advisors in the community.

The Allstate agents work very hard to be the trusted advisor in their local communities. They work with each customer to identify their specific needs and the coverages that would protect what is important to them. And we have seen that the best customer experience and ROI on the spends is when the consumer speaks to an agent.


#BridgingTheGap#SMXTheir community is huge.

But were not talking about just one community. Allstate Canada serves MANY communities. We have over 450 agents all across Canada in 89 locations. We do business in 5 provinces: AB, ON, QC, NB, NS 7

The Challenge:How to do we create the best local experience for each community member that moves from online to over the phone?#BridgingTheGap#SMX

As a marketer, this creates a huge challenge for the entire team. How do we get the right data, and use it, to create amazing local customer experiences that move between online and over the phone? And not just ONE customer experience, but MANY.


Start with data.


The answer is to start with data. Being an insurance company, Allstate has a lot of data on the best areas to target, right down to the postal code level. This internal data and analysis that tells us where should and shouldnt invest to get the best return on investment. It helps us predict which customers would most likely respond to our brand, our value proposition and communication the best. And where we are competitively priced to attract these customers.9

But who you should be targeting is only a piece of the equation. You have to think about whats going to prompt them to engage with you. What products? What keywords? How theyre going to engage with you. Online via Quick Quote. Or over the phone by calling Allstate directly?

This makes for a lot of permutations and combinations. I am not a math wizard to be able to calculate all these, I am sure there are few here than can. But the combination of Multiple Products X 100s of Keywords X 89 Office X 100,000s of postal codes makes it quite challenging.

W realized we needed to track, measure, and optimize these endless combinations to deliver the best local experience for each customer. But Performics, our search agency, couldnt do this without the right tools. 10


So we started working with DoubleClick Search and Invoca. DoubleClick Search to handle SEM campaigns and measure online engagements (Quick Quotes) and Invoca to provide insight and automation for when their customer chose to call.

With both solutions in place, we followed a 5 step process to track, measure, and optimize the best omnichannel local experience for their customers, at scale.


Revised SEM campaigns and 1000s of phone lines to be local agent focused.

Made campaign management and QA at the local level easy.

Clear reporting of clicks and calls being delivered to each local agency.

1.) Streamline campaigns to be local agent focused.



2.) Collect session level data per call.

Was collecting campaign level data per caller.

By using dynamic number insertion technology, able to capture session level data.

Provided more granular data about each caller.



3.) Integrate call data with click data.

Integrated call data with click data in DoubleClick Search.

Analyzed calls to understand the key attributes of successful ones.

Use combined click and call data to improve keyword bidding and targeting.



4.) Customize the caller experience.

Shorten caller menu for paid search callers.

Route callers to nearest local agent.

Route to right language menu based on location.



5.) Keep agents focused on real customers.

Agents were being distracted by fraudulent calls.

Used Invocas Call Confidence Technology to block fraudulent calls.

Saved time, money, and energy.



Results:16% increase in calls year over year.

More than 50% decrease in abandoned calls.

Overall campaign Cost Per Acquisition decreased by 7%.


Since following these 5 steps, we have all of the pieces to deliver the best omnichannel experience for our customers at the local level, and at scale. This has allowed us to see some great result. Within a year, here are some of the results weve seen by working with our agency Perfomics and Invoca 17

Tactical Takeaways: Bridging the Online and Offline Attribution Gap.

Getting Started#BridgingTheGap#SMX


1.) Focus on the right keywords to drive calls.



2.) Use call extensions or call only ads.



3.) Use click to call buttons on mobile LPs.#BridgingTheGap#SMX


4.) A/B test call buttons and mobile LPs.



5.) Listen to calls to measure call quality.

Enterprise call analyticsCell phone tracking#BridgingTheGap#SMX


Getting Started- Tactical Takeaways Recap.

Focus on the right keywords.

Use call extensions or call only ads.

Use click to call on mobile LPs.

A/B test call buttons & mobile LPs.

Listen to calls to measure quality.




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