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Brand Trivia Business Quiz 43

Jul 26, 2015



1. 1 This Quiz is brought to you by: Ignored Learning Solutions LLP We deal with everything that make you think. Visit our website for more. Brand Trivia Quizzes are compiled by Hitesh Kamboj for his blog Hitesh has been kind enough to allow us to share his work. Logo on the next slide 2. 2 1) He is widely known as economist of deregulation and best known as the "architect of airline deregulation" when he spearheaded the U.S. Airline Deregulation Act of 1978. He showed that flexible pricing was beneficial for both customers as well as for Airline Industry. It was his vision and actions resulted in a profound transformation of the U.S. airline industry and strongly influenced international air transportation. Id who is this ? Logo on the next slide 3. 3 ANSWER on next slide. 4. 4 Q.2 on next slide Alfred E Kahn 5. 5 Logo on the next slide 2) Which Taiwan based brand has slogan "Bringing Enjoyment and Quality to life? 6. 6 ANSWER on next slide. 7. 7 Q.3 on next slide 8. 8 Logo on the next slide 3) Id this French fashion designer who was once contacted by Pakistan International Airline to designed the uniforms for its air hostess & which became an instant hit in 1960's ? 9. 9 ANSWER on next slide. 10. 10 Q.4 on next slide 11. 11 Logo on next slide 4) Which restaurant chain was started by R S Kamath in mid 1980's as a small store in Juhu in Mumbai which has been endorsed by several celebrities, including Amitabh Bachchan, Dilip Kumar and Vivian Richards on various platforms? 12. 12 ANSWER on next slide. 13. 13 Q.5 on next slide. 14. 14 Logo on next slide. 5) Id this book is about which brand ? 15. 15 ANSWER on next slide. 16. 16 Q.6 on next slide. 17. 17 Logo on next slide. 6) This was a kind of allowance given to selected persons in India till 1970's which was ranged from 5K to 1 million. Later in late 1960's Govt. of India decided to abolish this allowance as it was causing revenue deficit to the Govt but failed in doing so. It was again proposed in 1971 then PM Indira Gandhi gave argument of equal rights for all citizens of India and successful in doing amendment in proposed law. Id what has been talked about ? 18. 18 ANSWER on next slide. 19. 19 Q.7 on next slide. Privy Purse (It was a payment made to the royal families of erstwhile princely states as part of their agreements to first integrate with India in 1947, and later to merge their states in 1949 whereby they lost all ruling rights) 20. 20 Logo on next slide. 7) Id the old logo of which famous brand ? 21. 21 ANSWER on next slide. 22. 22 Thanks!

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