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Branchini Madonna

Dec 13, 2014



"Branchini Madonna"
Artist: Giovanni di Paolo

  • 1. Guadalupe Pasillas Professor Lynch Art 106 Norton Simon Museum Branchini Madonna Giovanni di Paolo

2. My visit to the Norton Simon Museum 3.

  • I was surprised at how much I had! Before entering the museum I was skeptical, I thought it would be boring since it was my first time at a art museum. But in reality I enjoyed it. I was completely impressed with the beautiful art pieces the museum owns. Their art was detailed, elaborate and very well preserved. However, my favorite collection was the European collection from the fourteen to sixteen century. During my visit I defiantly grew respect for all artist because I would never be capable of creating such beautiful pieces. I was so astonish with the different collections and ended up spending three hoursin the museum.

My Experience 4. After browsing the museum I discovered.. 5.

  • Artist: Giovanni di Paolo Year:1427 Media: Tempra and goldleaf on panel

Branchini Madonna 6. My favorite part of the Painting

  • Virgin Mary and Jesus Halo
  • Fabric Detail

The fabric on Jesus and Mary was impeccable. The gold fabric with red hues has a lot of detail which made it seem full of texture and realistic. Both halos were beautiful however, Virgin Mary's halo had an abundance of detail. Giovanni di Paolo adorned the virgins halo with a message which blew me away. I felt it was a fresh idea which added charm to the painting. 7. My Interpretation

  • The use of gold leafand detail made me fall in love with Giovanni di Paolo painting. I believe the women and baby wearing a halo is the virgin Mary and Jesus. The flowers and weeds on the floor have brought me to believe their on earth. However, the angels surrounding them show their regal both in heaven and earth.

8. After Researching both the Painting and Artistand Artist

  • The piece

I discovered.. 9. Giovanni di Paolo made the painting for the Branchini Family Chapel in the church of San Dominico in Sienna, Italy. Who was painting made for? 10. Background on the artist

  • Born in Sienna, Italy in 1403 - Died in 1482 - Renaissance Italian painter
  • - One of the most important artist of15 thcentury Sienese School - His paintings were religious - He was known for his surreal backgrounds
  • - His painting became popular during the 20 th century

11. Giovanni di Paolo Artistic Career

  • It is believed that Giovanni di Paolo studied under Taddeo Di Barto.He worked as a panel painter an illuminator and did a few manuscript projects. He painted four alter pieces for the churches in San Dominico. His early works werevery religious and slowly developed into an expressive approach. Many believe Giovanni di Paolo late work was not fresh and didnt have enough quality. His style of painting was not popular during his life time however, hisexpressionist painting was appreciated more byexpressionistic painters of the 20 thcentury. These painters admire his decorative charm, crisp shapes and abstract backgrounds.

12. What was the Emphasisof the painting ? Giovanni di Paolo wanted his painting to portray the virgin as humble, regal and maternal. He created a humble Madonna by painting her sitting on the ground surrounded by flowers. The virgins crown, halo and ermine cloak show Madonna as the queen of heaven. Giovanni depicted her maternal role by painting her holding Jesus foot. Giovanni di Paolo also painted her with her head tilted looking at Jesus to show her looking after her child and the Christian faith. 13. Symbols Within the Painting

  • - The drapery on Christs represents his Passion.- The pomegranates symbolizesJesus resurrection.-Cornflowers symbolizes Christ in heaven. - The Roses and marigolds refer to Virgin Mary.

Giovanni Di Paolo placed several symbolic items through his painting such as , 14. Secrete Message within the Painting The artist adorned the Madonnas halo with a message in Latin stating, Protect oh Virgin the man who has painted thee 15. St. John the Baptist Retiring to the Dessert The Creation of the World and the Expulsion From Paradise Art Work by Giovanni di Paolo 16.

  • Giovanni di Paolo depictsMadonnaand herchild as regal human beings. Branchini Madonna tells the story of a nurturing motherwholoves and cares for her baby. However, my first impression was that Mary and Jesus had descended from heaven into earth. Nevertheless, I was very unsure about my assumption . After researching the painting I found out the painter wanted to portrayJesus and Madonna's humanistic roles while still maintainingtheir godly appearance.While researching the artist I learned that he predominantly focused on religious paintings. Learning this motivated me to searchotherworks created by Giovanni di Paolo such as The Expulsion, St. John the Baptist Retiring to the Dessert. My interpretation of the paintinghas been refined after learning about the painting and artist.Dueto the knowledge I acquired I now haveinformed questions to ask about the art. Why did he want to portray Madonna's maternal role? Why wasnt his painting popular atthe tim e?

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