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BPB TROPHY 2006 – PLASTER Jury Presentation Plaster

Mar 29, 2015



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BPB TROPHY 2006 PLASTER Jury Presentation Plaster Slide 2 BPB TROPHY 2006 PLASTER Country: Serbia and Montenegro BPB-Company: Rigips Serbia and Montenegro Contracting Company: Panchini, Belgrade Logo - 1 - Slide 3 BPB TROPHY 2006 PLASTER Site: Villa Temisvarska br.9 Belgrade Building Owner: Tatjana Saponjic Architect: Jelena Ivanovic Vojvodi B.A., prof. Vasilije Milunovic Logo - 2 - Slide 4 BPB TROPHY 2006 PLASTER Contracting Company: Panchini Baje Sekulica 43 Principal respresentative: Najden Pancic Name of the person attending the Trophy Gala-Event: Najden Pancic Logo - 3 - Slide 5 BPB TROPHY 2006 PLASTER Logo Short Description of the Contracting Company: Panchini was founded in 1983 in Belgrade and represents one of the pioneers in plastering business in Serbia and Montenegro. It is dealing with all kind of finishing works: machine plastering, hand plastering, floor screeds, cavity floors, polyuretanic floors, machine painting. They are avant-garde of finishing works, which realize with using of the latest models of machines for plastering, skimming, floor screed laying down and painting. Works also with all kind of Rigips dry linning systems and specially with fire protections systems. References: Belgrade Sport Arena for 20.000 spectators, Delta Holding intelligent building, Comtrade ultra modern office building, 5 star hotels Zlatnik and President and a lot of residential buildings: Energoprojekt, Beanijska kosa, Napred, University colony, Kari..., - 4 - Slide 6 BPB TROPHY 2006 PLASTER The object is in function of a extraordinary family house with very modern equipment. On the basement level there is a garage for two vehicles, a boiler room, store, laundry with a lavatory and stairway. Ground-floor consists of the entrance, wardrobe, toilette, kitchen, the living and dining room with a stairway. On the first-floor, there are two sleeping-rooms with wardrobes and bathroom and a guest-room with its own bathroom. In the attic is a study-room, a little kitchen and a lavatory. Logo - 5 - Slide 7 BPB TROPHY 2006 PLASTER The building has been built of solid materials, the facade walls are 40 cm thick, the construction is concrete, the roof construction is wooden. Facade is made of bricks, marble Travertine and calc-cement machine plaster Rimat 650 in combination with white paint. Logo - 6 - Slide 8 BPB TROPHY 2006 PLASTER Logo - 7 - The floor was done with machine floor screed Riflux in one day. The day after, installer continued with other works as it had reached 90% of hardness. Surface was absolutely flat, because floor screed was laying down as liquid. After drying, special wooden parquet plates have been set over. Slide 9 BPB TROPHY 2006 PLASTER In living room is a very attractive and unusual fireplace with hanging mask of the fireplace, which is made of Rigips RF fire resistant plates. Special Rigips metal construction carries the glass for closing the fireplace. Fireplace was skimming with fire-resistant Ridurit joint filler. Logo - 8 - Slide 10 BPB TROPHY 2006 PLASTER Logo - 9 - The inside of the villa has been made of Rigips machine plasters RIMAT 150g, which could achieve 150 m2 of plastering per day with one machine. Using of metal guides, enables very absolutely flat surface. Finishing gives very smooth smooth surface that doesn't need additional work on skimming. Gypsum as main ingredient, allows that there are no cracks, as it is happening during drying of calc cement plasters. Slide 11 BPB TROPHY 2006 PLASTER Logo - 10 - Investor insisted that all finishing products like plasters, floor screed and plasterboards, must be healthy and ecological. Rigips gypsum products are ideal regulators of humidity in living spaces. Facade walls were made of Rigips machine plasters RIMAT 150 which is made of ecological natural gypsum and caring on prestigious IBO certificate. Slide 12 BPB TROPHY 2006 PLASTER The separation of wall and floor areas has been carried out through a gallery. It has been made with a slots for the entering of light in the kitchen and living room. All suspended ceilings had been made of Rigips plasterboards and after were skimming with Rimano 0-3 thin- coat plaster. Logo -11 - Slide 13 BPB TROPHY 2006 PLASTER The Rigips suspended ceilings are on the special construction which is separated from the wall area, so that the air-condition work out invisible. Skimming was made with Rimano 0- 3. Marveles design of steirs is very atractive. Logo - 12 - Slide 14 BPB TROPHY 2006 PLASTER The bathroom is made of Rigips sanitary walls with double metal construction and with impregnated plasterboards. The mask of plasterboards is especially emphasized for hiding the lightening above the mirror. Logo - 13 - Slide 15 BPB TROPHY 2006 PLASTER Logo - 14 - Besides a lot of office buildings made with plastering, this residential building won because extraordinary design and using of fast machine executing Rigips plasters, skimming materials and floor screed. If we take in consideration that suspended ceilings and partition walls, as well as fireplace, were realized with Rigips plasterboards, it is obviously that it is fully Rigips residential building.