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Boosting Your Internet Presence to Grow Your media. · PDF fileBoosting Your Internet Presence to Grow Your Customer Base . 4:00 – 5:10 p.m. Bill Risser, VP New Media and Education,

Sep 28, 2018




  • Boosting Your Internet Presence to Grow Your Customer Base

    4:00 5:10 p.m.

    Bill Risser, VP New Media and Education, Chicago Title Arizona

    Andre Savoie, Social Media Consultant, WSI Digital Marketing

  • It no longer makes economic sense to send an advertising message to the many in hopes of persuading the few.

    M. Lawrence Light Former Chief Marketing Office McDonalds

  • Listening is one of the most important things a brand can do online. If your brand is just broadcasting its own agenda, it isnt truly engaging in a conversation. Jeremy Goldman Author

  • Since its all about relationships, where do we focus our efforts?

    Lets start with where NOT to:

  • Since its all about relationships, where do we focus our efforts?

    The social networks your clients use Yes, this means Facebook profiles LinkedIn as a research and connection tool Listening and engaging are essential

  • Well start with Facebook

    Filter the noise

    Target the message

    Custom Friend Lists

  • Custom Facebook Friend Lists

  • Dont use Smart Lists

  • One of many ways to create lists

  • Assign unique names

  • Ready to populate

  • Find friends and click

  • List roster and suggested members

  • A look at a list

  • Target outgoing messages

  • Inline Audience Selector

  • Review before posting

  • Expand audience if necessary

  • Vast majority of our current and potential clients are active on Facebook.

    We have to learn how to be effective and efficient

    We also need to trust our employees to engage in relationship-building activities

  • Overcoming the LinkedIn Dead Zone

    3 Ways to build your business through LinkedIn

  • My Background WSI Digital Marketing Consultant

    7 Years with WSI in New Orleans Ranked in top 25 globally

    14 Years Writing Mortgages

    Contributor to WSIs Book: Digital Minds: 12 Things Every Business Owner Needs to Know About Digital Marketing MBA from Loyola University

    2014 WSI. All rights reserved.

  • 2014 WSI. All rights reserved.

  • 3 Strategies We Will Cover

    1. Creating a Customer Centric Persona 2. Accessing Customers for Free via Groups 3. Going from Spammer to Influencer

    with Content

    2014 WSI. All rights reserved.

  • Strategy #1 Creating a Customer-Centric LinkedIn Profile

  • Attract Your Ideal Client Your LinkedIn profile should NOT be an extension of your resume!

  • Top LinkedIn Profiles = Its Not About You!

  • 2 Strategies to Maximize Your Profile

    1. Headline 2. Summary Section

  • Headline Your Value Statement When a buyer sees when you review their profile and/or appear in a keyword search: Photo Headline Headline must describe exactly how I can add value to your business

  • Use multi-media & provide calls to action

  • Strategy #2 Leveraging Groups to Reach

    Customers for Free

    2014 WSI. All rights reserved.

  • Everyone Is Familiar With

    Look for Who You Know In Common:

    2nd degree connection

    You Must Ask for an Introduction on 2nd & 3rd Degree Connections

  • How to leverage groups for FREE

    In Common: Youre looking to share a common GROUP

    Find a customer you want to develop a relationship with:

    2nd degree connection

  • Enter Group and Search Members

    Search Members

    Click Here

  • Find Send Message


    Double Potent will be emailed & LinkedIn Inbox

  • Filter within your shared Group members for an endless supply of potential connections

    Filter through ALL your LinkedIn Groups for greater Opportunities


    Suggested breakdown of your Groups. 1. Your Industry 5 2. Vertical and/or Territory 10 3. Customer Personas 35 TOTAL 50

  • Strategy #3 From Spammer to Influencer With Content

    2014 WSI. All rights reserved.

  • Sharing Content The Key To Overcoming the Dead Zone

    Dead Zone the uncomfortable silence a sales rep feels when a customer isnt returning their calls.

    Old sales rep call, email, call, email, call, email

    Social Seller sharing content post conversation to continue to help the buyer along their journey.

  • Sorry, but you DO need content

    Locate the Top 10 blogs, news sources, etc. which publish credible information

    Follow competitors (local or other markets) Organize:

    Lots of tips for organizing content Simple email tagging into folders Complex website aggregator tools

    2014 WSI. All rights reserved.

  • Content Sharing best practices 4 Rules to follow: - Always have an insightful comment - Share your content multiple times - Connect with customers reading your

    content - Bring influencers into the conversation

  • Sharing with LinkedIn

    To your 1st degree connections

    To any of your 50 groups

    To any person(s)

  • Best Practices in Commenting:


    - No more than 120 characters - Leverage #hashtags @mentions - Questions, Negative pain-points go viral

  • Share your content multiple times


    Post multiple times, with different Headlines

    Different buyers notice different trigger words

  • Notifications vantage to all your daily/weekly activity

  • Take an objective look at your profile. Would you work with yourself? Work on adding a value statement to your headline Use multimedia & calls to action to make your profile standout

    Find 20 groups to join. Identify a Top 10 list of places you can get content. Begin sharing content 3-5 times per week.

    Be specific about who you share with and why. Dont be afraid to use mentions / hashtags

    Recap - Action Steps

  • Social Farming

    A new approach that does not replace traditional sales methodologies, but uncovers new prospects and customers, and helps build relationships

  • Listen and Monitor Identify Prospects Follow Prospects Find Common Ground Engage as an Industry Expert Become a Trusted Advisor

    Social Farming Steps

  • Do not rush in Use lists

    Gather intelligence

  • Find common ground Personal and professional

    Alert via comments, likes, retweets and favorites

  • Interact regularly Ask follow up questions

    Leverage marketing materials Avoid being creepy stalker

  • Avoid the sales pitch Post curated industry content

    Share specific valuable content

  • Andre Savoie [email protected] 504-669-3207

    Bill Risser [email protected] 480-270-4590 @billrisser


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