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Booklet TALK - AIESEC ESPM (Brazil)

Jul 22, 2016




  • BookletTALK na ESPM

  • Message from TALK na ESPM

    Hey! Are you ready to TALK? We are looking foward to having you here, helping us to bring new points of view and perspective to our university and So Paulo. Be prepared to expose your opinion and share previous experiences that happened in your country. Do you love to talk, discuss global topics and interact with different people? This is the project for you! Come TALK with us!

  • Des



    n The TALK Project contributes in developing essencial skills for young people during graduation, through workshops, debates and discussions about international topics. Moreover, it acts improving language skills and providing a global point of view to the participants, placing the young generation as an important part in changing society, as they become much more critics and active in their environment.

    We aim to bring this benefits to our community and provide a cultural enrichment for brazilians, through English discussions about global issues.

  • JobDes



    n The meetings placed in the university will improve the youths ability to reflect during their lifes. You, as a facilitator in this discussion, will enable the voice of the young generation to go further, through 6 weeks of global debates. Over this period, the project has 3 parts:

    Week 1: Kick OffGetting to know each other culture, understanding how the project will be, approach the sub-jects and listen to the participants expectations about the themes.

    Week 2 to 5: ImmersionThis is the period when the activities about the global issues will happen, working the critical points with the groups, so they can understand the world, country and local reality.

    Week 6: ClosingConclusion of the themes worked and proposal of a challenge contextualizing this subjects so that the group can work together.

    Its also part of your job:

    1. Propose to the university environment the multiculturalism and the global networking for the execution of the discussions;2. Develop the material to be used in the workshops and use them aiming the excellence;3. Participate in the virtual LEAD before arrival, LEADs and specific training during the project, as well as official AIESEC events;4. Participate in the weekly meetings for planning the project, registrating the activities done.5. Act with commitment, ethic and proactivity in every action.

  • - Participant presence;- Subjects diversity;- Satisfied participants;- Execution of the projet again;

    ExpEctEd REsults at thE End of thE IntERnshIp

    lEaRnIng poInts

    1. Leadership Skills;3. Global Networking;4. Interpersonal Communication;5. Experience using team work to create a positive impact;6. Get in touch with brazilian culture;7. Develop teaching and presentation skills.


    - Training/ Facilitating skills;- Presentation skills; - Advanced English;

  • What they thought about it

    Coming to Brazil I had some expectations, not only connected with the project that I had chosen, but also with the whole stay. As I wanted to dig into brazilian culture, the TALK project seemed to be the perfect way to do this. And it didnt disappoint me. I met amazing, open minded people, who were willing to share their opinions and listen to what we, volunteers from different countries, wanted to share with them. Saying that I had a blast would be an understatement, it was the kind of experience that I will never forget and would like to repeat!

  • How to apply



    Coming soon!

  • Carolina Bioni | [email protected]

    Samara Mariano | [email protected]

    Diego Nunes | [email protected]


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