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Body language

Jul 17, 2015



  • Body Language

  • TerritoryIntimateTouching 6-18PersonalClose -1 to 2 feetFar - 2 to 4 feet

    Social Close 4-7 feetFar - 7-12 feetPublic Close - 12-25 feetFar - 25 feet or greater

  • Different Cultures ...A crowded culture

    What is your private space?

  • When you invade my spaceReactions to an invasion of your spaceFeel troubledGet defensiveBecome aggressiveRetaliate

  • Masks We Wear Public MasksPublic smile Clothing Putting on my faceExtended territoryOn the roadAt work Can we drop masks?

  • Jockeying for positionInclusive - Non-inclusiveHow you include/exclude others in a groupParallel body positionsWill position yourselves to relate to each otherSide by side are neutralFacing means people are involvedCongruence-incongruenceGroups that imitate each other

  • LookingHow long do you look?Staring- dehumanizes or challengesGlances - socially acceptable timingAppraisal- may indicate interestDo you look when you talk?Do you look when you listen?

  • What often happens in any relationship is that language itself becomes a mask and a means of clouding and confusing the relationship. If thespoken language is stripped away and the onlycommunication left is body language, the truthwill find some way of poling through. Spokenlanguage itself is a great obscurer

    Body Language, Julius Fast, MJF books, 1970.Actions Speak Louder than Words?

  • Misinterpretation = Trouble??Lost businessLack of animation = lack of interest? US tendency to get right to business

  • TroublesConflict with peers Different work styles Wrong assumptions

  • Trouble. Misinterpretation of signalsCan be BIG troubleLegal trouble Do you know how to act or are you confused?

  • Do you know what you are saying?