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Body Language

Dec 17, 2014


Body Language

  • 1. Body Language

2. Territory Intimate Touching 6-18 Personal Close -1 to 2feet Far - 2 to 4 feet Social Close 4-7 feet Far - 7-12 feet Public Close - 12-25feet Far - 25 feet orgreater 3. DifferentCultures ... A crowdedculture What is yourprivatespace? 4. When you invade myspace Reactions to aninvasion of yourspace Feel troubled Get defensive Becomeaggressive Retaliate 5. Masks We Wear Public Masks Public smile Clothing Putting on my face Extended territory On the road At work Can we dropmasks? 6. Jockeying forposition Inclusive - Non-inclusive How you include/exclude others in a group Parallel body positions Will position yourselves to relate to eachother Side by side are neutral Facing means people are involved Congruence-incongruence Groups that imitate each other 7. Looking How long do you look? Staring- dehumanizes or challenges Glances - socially acceptable timing Appraisal- may indicate interest Do you look when you talk? Do you look when you listen? 8. Actions Speak Louder thanWords?What often happens in any relationship is thatlanguage itself becomes a mask and a means ofclouding and confusing the relationship. If thespoken language is stripped away and the onlycommunication left is body language, the truthwill find some way of poling through. Spokenlanguage itself is a great obscurerBBooddyy LLaanngguuaaggee, Julius Fast, MJF books, 1970. 9. to businessUS tendency to get rightof interest?Lack of animation = lackLost businessTrouble??Misinterpretation = 10. TroublesConflict withpeers Different work styles Wrong assumptions 11. to act or are youconfused?Do you know howLegal troubletroubleCan be BIGTrouble.Misinterpretationof signals 12. Do you know what you aresaying? 13. For details and bookings contact:-Parveen Kumar Chadha THINK TANK(Founder and C.E.O of Saxbee Consultants & Other-Mother )Email :-saxbeeconsultants@gmail.comMobile No. +91-9818308353Address:-First Floor G-20(A), Kirti Nagar, New Delhi India Postal Code-110015

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