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Board of Ordained Ministry

Jan 25, 2015





  • 1. Yellowstone Annual Conference Nominations 2006-2007 Final Proposed Officiary-August 10, 2006Clergy are indicated in Bold Italics. 04BoD refers to relevant paragraphs of the 2004 Book of DisciplineCJ-R refers to relevant rules in the Conference Journal of 2004. Organized Per Conference System Architecture Journal Par 3450, pp171ff of 2004 Journal Primary Teams are listed first, alphabetically, sv Roman Numerals. Secondary Teams follow, sv Arabic Numerals)OFFICERS OF THE ANNUAL CONFERENCE Conference SecretaryKelly Addy Conference Assistant SecretaryGene Douglas Erickson Conference Statistician Don EllisPRIMARY TEAMS I. Board of Stewards (CJ-R 3430.c.30) see also 2004 petitions #202 Bishop Warner H. Brown, Jr.Chair of Board of Stewards Margaret NovakVice-chair Marianne NiesenConference Lay LeaderLin DoyleAnd Discipling Team LeaderBoard of Ordained Ministry Rep,Marianne NiesenCommunications Team Leader Bob PhelpsCF&A President Pam DandreaGuiding Values Team Leader Mary TremblyMissions Team Leader David BurtNominations ChairGW Bill WarrenResource Management Team LeaderRalph ZimmerSessions Planning Team LeaderGary TreglownAt-Large Members (4) Jim Heikes, Kathy Young Alita Phelps LAY VACANCYExtended Cabinet Representative: Bill Mullette-Bauer Ex Officio: Voice, but not voteII. Appointive Leadership Team (AKA Appointive Ministry Team) (CJ-R 3430.a.10, 3440.10) Cabinet Representative Howard HunterSteward (Team represented through BOM Chair andSuperintendents)Executive Committee of the BOM Russell Barber (registrar)(all selected by the BOM)Don Derryberry Marianne Niesen, (Past Chair) Deborah Schmidt, (Chair) Nancy Slaybaugh Hart Open (Secretary)TBA Jan Witman Steve Overall Kathy Young (Chair, Order of Elders)Appointive Cabinet Su DeBree, Dick Stormentvoice but not vote Warner H. Brown, Jr. Final Report; August 1, 20061

2. III. Communications Team (04BoD 645. CJ-R 3440.50)03 Jody Campbell04 Sue King00 Ron Reynolds03 Jerry Collins00 Waveland King 04 Bill Warren06 - Bob Phelps, StewardWebmaster Jeff Saas Guy Youngblood, Ex-officio,Connection Editor Valerie Lindstrom Disaster Response CoordinatorConnection Assistant Editor Bob PhelpsTeam StaffBill Mullette BauerEx-OfficioGeneral CommissionCommunicationsRep. IV. Missions Team , per 05 petition 201R (other structure per BoD 632, CJ-R 3440.30)StewardDavid Burt At Large Members 05- Alita Phelps2 05- Dan Ashton3 06 Guy Youngblood406 VACANCY Ex Officio Members UMW Coord of Ed. & InterpNorma Smith High Plains Council RepBarbara Karst Disaster Response Coord. Guy Youngblood Com on Christian Unity Chair Lyle Hamilton Secretary of Global Ministries TC Chatman Other Members with Responsibilities for Specific MissionsSue King, East Angola Initiative Conference Staff MemberBill Mullette BauerV. Guiding Values Team (CJ-R 3440.60) BoD 627. Conference Board of Church and Society, pars 608.6 and 710.5. and 640. 1. There shall be in each annual conference a conference commission on religion and race or other structure ... 641. There shall be in each annual conference, including the central conferences, a conference commission on the status and role of women or otherstructure ...... 649. There shall be in each annual conference a committee on disability concerns or other structureSteward Mary Trembly (Chair) Jim Heikes KarenTena SavageMcRaeDee AnnaBarbara Galusha Karst Paula MorseCliff StephensGary Curtis Anna JonesJan WitmanBob Phelps (Secy.)Linda LewisCabinet Su DeBreeRep.Final Report; August 1, 2006 2 3. VI. Discipling Team 04BoD 629. Conference Board of Discipleship ,04BoD 630. Conference Board of LaityCJ-R 3430.a.20Conference Lay LeaderLin DoyleBishop Warner H. Brown, Jr.Associate Lay Leaders (2)Peg Plimpton Jean Mullette-Bauer *Clergy (2) Sandy ReynoldsMichael HartUMW Representative Jeanie HallYYM RepresentativesTBABHECM ChairMick GrayChristian Education Chair & Comm. Jeri Rabe And 3 More Members TBACongregational Development Chair Jack PrestonCamping Chair*Morie Adams-GriffinConference Youth Council Rep.TBAConf. Teacher Training Coordinator Elizabeth CoxCircuit Lay Leaders (Conveners) 1. Jean Davis7. Diane Visser 2. Sam Clawson 8. Vince Yohe & Deva Anne Stewart 3. Marilyn Buechler9. Andrea Payne 4. Diane Williford 10. Barbara Galusha Karst 5. Jane Lee Hamman 11. Leon Smith 6. Gary Huff 12. TBAStaff: Bill Mullette Bauer * Re: Jean Mullette-Bauer: see CJ-R 3440.20 One of the Associate Lay Leaders will be "the coordinator of Lay Speaking Ministries." VII. Nominations Committee (CJ-R 3460, 3440.80) (Circuit) Western Mountains 00 Jean Davis (1)06 - Diane Williford (4)Northern Plains 06 Jack Mattingly (2) 05 Bill Warren(9), ChairBig Horn 00 Marylou Doyle (11)06 Tomi Alger (10)At Large-Ex-officio Marilyn Buechler (3)Phil Brooks (5)Note-Ex-officio provide Gary Huff (6) Ron Clark (7)input from each circuit. Deva Anne Stewart (8)TBA (12)Ex-Officio: Staff Howard Hunter, Cabinet RepresentativeVIII. Resource Management Team (CJ-R 3430.b.10, 3440.40) Steward Ralph Zimmer Archives & History ChairCarter Havner CFA President Pam Dandrea Pensions & Health Benefits ChairJohn Evans/Doug Morton YAC Board of Trustees President David Deffinbaugh Yellowstone Conference Foundation President Bill Mullette-Bauer Equitable Salaries ChairGrover Briggs Episcopacy Committee ChairRon Kapalka Personnel Committee Chair Kathy Young At-large members: Jack Preston, (Asst Team Leader) Mary Pohl Staff:Howard Hunter Final Report; August 1, 2006 3 4. IX. Sessions Planning Team (CJ-R 3440.70.)Steward/ChairGary TreglownCo-Chair/Vice-ChairStacey KingBishop Warner H. Brown, Jr.Conference Secretary Kelly AddyAssistant SecretaryGene Douglas EricksonProcess ChairSteve MartinParliamentarianRalph ZimmerAssistant ParliamentarianGerry BantzWorship CoordinatorDon DerryberryConference Lay LeaderLin DoyleTreasurerAnita SaasArea Church RepresentativesJim FishburnLouise Warner Pat NixonConsultant Barbara Galusha Karst SECONDARY TEAMS1. Administrative Review Committee (04BoD 635.) Bishops appointments 01 Grover Briggs04 GeneDouglas 06 Richard Rice Erickson 04 Mike Hart Alternates: 03 Ira Robison2. Angola Partnership Sue King - Chair Sally Keys Jana Staton Dan Ashton Cleve McSwainClif Stephens MaryLou Hermes Sissie McSwain Judy Stephens Norm HermesMary NelsonDiane Williford3. Archives and History (04BoD 640, CJ-R 3440.40, 3490) Co-chairs: 05 Carter Havner 05 Gene Douglas Erickson98 Norma Smith 00 Joyce Jensen 06 Maryellen Bindel 06 Suzanne Waring Historic LandmarksBarbara MittalBrother Van Parsonage Representative TBA Chinook UMC Historic Landmark #9Exofficio 06 Beverly Constan 06 Orville OKeefe Archivist: Joyce Jensen Ex-Officio: Ralph ZimmerResource Management Team Leader Cabinet Representative Dick Storment4. Blackfeet Parish Support Advocacy Team (04BoD 653, CJ-R 3440.30, 3450).For term limits, see also 2004 Petition #403R04 Dotti Behling 04 Janice Hunter Neal Butler, Treasurer96 David Burt, Chair 06 Diane Wippert04 Joanna Griffin06 Brian Elliot96 Barbara Karst,02 Lucy Walter04 SuEllyn Campbell02 Vicki Martain 04 Bill Warren04 Jean DavisBlackfeet Parish Lay Member Gail HoytExofficioBlackfeet Parish PastorJody CampbellChair, Interethnic Partnership MinitriesJackie KrahnFinal Report; August 1, 2006 4 5. District Superintendent Howard Hunter5. Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry (04BoD 633, CJ-R 3440.30, 3450).Chair: 98 Mick GrayDistrict Representatives:(up to 2)Big Horn 03 Loween Peterson, Sec. 06 VACANCY Northern Plains 02 Morie Adams-Griffin 06 VACANCY Western Mountains 04 Clark Fontaine 04 Kent ElliottLocal Board RepresentativesMSU, Billings: Sheri Dayton MSU, Bozeman: Naomi StewartUM: Bill Wyatt UM MT TECH:Rocky Mountain College Trustee: Tim HathawayCampus Pastors:MSU/Billings: Kim Woeste MSU/Bozeman: Joel BiggersUM: David OdellUM-MT TECH: RMC: Discontinued 05UM Western:District Superintendent:Su DeBree Students: two from each ministry site, designated by their respective units6. Board of Ordained Ministry (04BoD 634.)04 Kelly Addy04 Mick Gray 93 Marianne Niesen00 Russell 99 Huston Green 99 Dick PohlBarber,Registrar01 David Burt02 Nancy Slabaugh Hart 02 Chris Robison Cox00 Gerald Carroll04 Tim Hathaway00 Deborah Schmidt,Chair 03 Connie Cranston98 Lyndon Kacick 06 Sally Erlich 04 Dennis Cox 04 Dave McConnell02 Jan Witman 06 Kama Hamilton Morton 96 Steve Overall 98 Kim Woeste 03 Randy Fuhrmann 04 Barry Padget93 Linda Fritz 06 Chuck Heath06 Sonja Waldmann- 99 Kathy Young BohnOfficers:Chairperson: Deborah SchmidtSecretaryTBA Registrar & Candidacy Registrar:Russell Barber Continuing Education (MEF): Marianne Niesen Local Pastor RegistrarTBA Consultant to the BoardDon DerryberryPsychological AssessmentExecutive Committee of the BOMRussell Barber (registrar) (all selected by the BOM) Don Derryberry Deborah Schmidt, (chair) Marianne Niesen (past chair) Kim Woeste TBA, Secretary Jan WitmanFinal Report; August 1, 20065 6. Steve Overall Kathy Young (Order of Elders, chair)Appointive Cabinet Dick Storment Final Report; August 1, 2006 6 7. 7. Camping (04BoD 629, CJ-R 3440.30, 3450) 02 Morie Adams-Griffin, Chair 05 Joe Elrod 04 David Odell 06 Toby Stapleton 05 Crystal Elrod 05 Vicki Weida 05 Gary Curtis05 Linda Lang06 GW Bill Warren 06 Priscilla Westeson 06 Jeri Rabe Mgr, Camp on the Boulder Kent Chittendon,Interim Camp Program Director: Circle J.DeeAnna Briggs Mgrs: Luccock Park:Karen AlleyMgrs: Flathead Camp Jennifer Burch Cabinet Representative Su Debree8. Care Team (Bishop's appointment) Lin Doyle Jude Monson (co chair) Jan Witman David Greep Bob Phelps (co chair)Kathy Young Ron Kapalka Cliff Stephens Mary Ann Hampton Ecumenical Rep. Dan Krebill, 1st Presb., Bozeman Cabinet Rep.Su DeBree9. Commission on Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns (04BoD 641, CJ-R 3440.30)Chair: Lyle Hamilton Montana Section Wyoming SectionBishops Laison: Lyle Hamilton TBAMAC DelegatesWAC Delegates00 Mick

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