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Blogging for Realtors

May 09, 2015




These slides accompanied an hour webinar which can be found on

  • 1.Blogging Is No Longer Optional
    • #MustIBlog

Sponsored by:Presented by: Chris Smith Chief Evangelist Inman News 2. Why? Data is becoming inarguableBut... #MustIBlog 3. 4. Life Is Content, Open Your Eyes

  • What cant you blog about not what can you
  • Time and passion are often enemies
  • Content is more valuable and less expensive than ever

5. Themes - Your Online Store

  • Low cost is better than free/tweaking takes time
  • Forums and support are critical
  • Even if you buy a theme you will need help
  • Custom vs. Template
  • Cost and budget are a factor
  • Would you currently hire yourself?

#MustIBlog 6. | 7. | 8. 9. | 10. 11. 12. Custom Costs: What Is Your Time Worth? by StudioPress 13. by Virtual Results 14. 15. Plugins and Widgets

  • More is not better
  • Really ask yourself what they accomplish
  • Get people to the areas of your site that make you $

#MustIBlog 16. Conversion focused #MustIBlog 17. Intelligent Dynamic Content 18. Endless Ideas 19. Indexable IDX Also try and 20. Properly composing content Permalinks, tags, categories, content that converts 21. Custom Post Types 22. Images are everything for enhancing/editing 23. Bells and Whistles

  • 360 Panorama
  • Postano
  • Inkstagram
  • Qwiki
  • Google Street View

#MustIBlog Video and Audio Blogging

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