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Trends in Implant Dentistry Presenter: Fahad Shah Course Instructor: Assem R. Hedayat
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Trends in Implant DentistryPresenter: Fahad ShahCourse Instructor: Assem R. Hedayat

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Presentation Outline

• Business Presentation on Implant Dentistry

• About the Product (Implant Dentistry)

• Dental Implant as a Treatment of Choice

• Potential Market for Dental Implant

• Dental Implant Opportunity in Canada

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• Market Drivers, Procedure Growth, Market Size and Market Players

• Global Market and Economics

• Regional Market

• Market Structure for Companies

• Role of Management Systems in Dental Implant

Presentation Outline

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Let’s Talk about Product


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What are Dental Implants?

• If one or more of your teeth are missing, there are numbers of ways to replace them

• Dental Implant is usually an artificial root made of Titanium metal

• Depending on a variety of factors, implants can cost anywhere from $1500 to $3000


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Implants as a Treatment of Choice

• Improved Quality and Easy of Use

• Demographics

• The Smile Factor

• Extremely High Success Rates for Implants

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• Faster Completion Time

• Increased Insurance Coverage

• Standard Part of Dental School Curriculum

• More Consumer Marketing

Implants as a Treatment of Choice

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Potential Market


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Market for Dental Implants

• Implants are poised for explosive growth in the coming decade

• A perfect storm is about to hitin terms of Demographics, Consumer Awareness etc.

• US Market for Dental Implants isexpected to grow by doubledigit in coming years


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Market for Dental Implants

• Americans Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons found that 69% of Adults ages 35 to 44 loose their at least one permanent teeth

• Reasons are Accident, Gum Disease, Failed Root Canal, Tooth Decay etc.

• By Age of 74, 26% of Adults will have lost their all permanent teeth

• This means more customer oriented and potential market

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Dental Implants in Canada(A Growing Opportunity)


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Statistical Figures (Market Drivers)

• Demand for Dental Implants will grow with ageing of people in Canada

• Century ago, approximately 5% Canadian was comprised of people over 65 years of age


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Statistical Figures (Market Drivers)

• The rate doubled during 1950s and now 17 percent or approximately 5.5 million Canadians are over 65 years of age

• This age group is expected to 19% of the population by 2020 and 22% by 2050


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Procedure Growth

• In 2005, implant procedures in Canada was estimated at 90,000 with a growth rate of 14.2% as compared to previous year

• By the end of 2006, number of procedures is expected to exceed 100,000 and reach to well over 200,000 by 2012


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Market Size

• Canadian Market is expected toexperience double digit growth

• In 2005, Canadian Market fordental implants was valued at CAD29.4 Million which was 18%increase over 2004

• Market is estimated to grow wellover CAD80 Million by 2014


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Market Players

• Nobel Biocare is a major competitor in Canadian Market

• Popular for it’s Brand Name, Marketing Strategy Sales Force

• Straumann, 3i, Zimmer and AstraTech are competitors with lowdouble digit markets shares

• These Companies account for 70% of the MarketCourtesy:

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Global Market for Dental Implant


Page 18: Biomaterials Presentation

Global Market and Economics


• About 110 million teeth are replaced worldwide annually

• Only 15% of patients who chose to receive treatment for missing teeth are receiving dental implants

• 285 million people in the developed world are missing one or more teeth and have not yet received dental treatment

• 55 million patients have received conventional therapy but may require re-treatment in the future

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Global Market and Economics

• Dental Implant market was valued at USD5.1 billion in 2011

• Global Market of Dental Implant faced decline in 2009 because of recession

• Stabilized in 2009 and market grew again in 2010

• In summary: a worldwide opportunity worth $102B


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Regional Markets

• Europe makes half of the Dental Implant in Global Market i.e. 45 – 50%

• North America is the Second Largest Region driving about 25 – 30%

• Then followed by Asia/Pacific 15 - 20%, mainly driven by China

• Rest of the World as 10%Source:

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Regional Markets






EuropeNorth AmericaAsia/PacificRest of the World

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Market Structure for Companies

• Five leading Manufacturers are Straumann, Nobel Biocare, Dentsply, Biomet 3i and Zimmer Dental

• These 5 Manufacturer holds 54% of the market

• Straumann and Nobel Biocare are Leaders in Present Market

• Followed by the remaining big three


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Market Structure for Companies





46% StraumannNobel BiocareDentsply/AstraBiomet 3iZimmer DentalOthers

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Business Performance (Nobel BioCare 2011 – 2012, Amount in Million – USD)


2012 (4th Quarter) 2011 (4th Quarter) Variance

EMEA 62.1 63.2 -1.7%

Total Share 41% 41%

America 61.0 56.8 7.4%

Total Share 40% 37%

Asia/Pacific 29.9 34.6 -13.6%

Total Share 19% 22%

Grand Total 153.0 154.6 -1.1%

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Software Contribution in Dental Market


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Management Systems

• Business Systems are designed to manage Service Mix for Improved Outcomes

• Goal is to organize schedule with more productive procedures and increase number of patients

• Proper implant management systems must be incorporated to accommodate the potential growth

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Benefits and Features


• Appointment Scheduling

• Treatment Planning

• Access to Patients Database

• Web-based dental software

• Service Mix and Decision Support System

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Software Example


Page 29: Biomaterials Presentation

Software Example


Page 30: Biomaterials Presentation


• Cost effective solution required

• Still it is a growing market with number of valued customers

• Modes of Marketing required to be Enhanced

• Digital Evolution need to boost with a pace

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