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Biological cleaning and reuse of waste water Mikkel Morville Export Manager [email protected]

Jan 20, 2016



  • Biological cleaning and reuseof waste water

    Mikkel MorvilleExport [email protected]

  • How is wastewater cleaned in nature?

  • How does it work? Why do we clean?

  • How does it work? Natural bacteriaBacteria live on the BioBlocks (= the stones in the river)

    Each BioBlock of 1 m3 = 200 m2 surface for

  • How does it work? - Lots of OxygenAir is delivered via air pumps to diffusers under the BioBlocks (= the bubbles in the stream)

  • Good life for the bacteria Timed inflow (Patent)Bacteria are living animals. They must have a good life. = Regular feeding via timed inflow of sewage water

  • Keep clean removal of dead bacteriaThe bacteria will die over time and fall to the bottom as sludge.They are continuously removed by airlift pumps

  • How big is a BioKube for one house?

  • How big is a BioKube for 30 Persons 2 meter H 1,5 meter

  • BioKube for 75 PersonsTwo systems ready for delivery.

  • BioKube 200 PersonsSmall village or resort

  • BioReactor units for 2.000 Persons

  • Why clean sewage water?

  • Reuse of water oilfields in KuwaitIf you live in a desert water looks beautiful!!!

  • The cleaned sewage water has many uses.Here water for a small garden in the dessert

  • BioKube has sold many systems to desert oilfields There is high demand for reuse of water.

  • BioKube for 75 persons in 20 containerSettlement TankPump WellUltra Violet LightingBioKube Cleaning Unit

  • BioKube in Ghana No sewage system even in the capital Accra

  • Ghana Public toilet for ladies

  • Ghana Public toilet for men

  • Ghana Open air storage tanks

  • Ghana Sewage is dumped untreated into the sea.

  • Here should be a tourist hotel and water reused.BioKube has received $ 1.000.000 to help start production of BioKube in Ghana.

  • Preparing installation of 3 x JUPITER 75 at Cofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre

  • 400 PE for Kofi Annan Center - GhanaResorts, hotels, small villages are large markets

  • From the official take over Februar 2009

  • Preparation of the BioKube plant for the Town Hall at Nonthabury Municipality - Thailand

  • From the official take over of Nonthanbury Plant

  • From the official take over of Nonthanbury Plant

  • Installing BioKube for Metro - Romania

  • BioKube for local brewery DenmarkThe food industry is a major market.

  • Reuse of cleaned sewage water.Safe for all secondary use like irrigationBUT NOT FOR DRINKING!

  • The BioKube solution

    Sewage water is not a problem.

    Cleaned sewage water is a valuable asset!!!

  • Example: A hotel by a golf course.

    For the hotel: Cleaning sewage water is an expense.

    For the golf course: No water is a substantial problem.

    The BioKube solution: Combine the two and change a problem for one into a valuable asset for another reuse of the treated water!

  • BioKube is an approved product.BioKube systems are approved in all European countries after CEN 12566-3

    BioKube systems are patented world wide

  • We are a growing family!

    Today BioKube has distributors and local manufacturers producing under license in 26 countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Belarus, Croatia, Cypress, Denmark, France, Ghana, Greece, Indonesia, Ireland, Kuwait, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sweden, Syria, Thailand, United Kingdome, USA, United Arab Emirates and Yemen

    and more to come

  • Thank you for listening


    [email protected]