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Bilkent esn sunum_tanıtım

May 11, 2015



  • 1.AGENDA BISC ESN (Erasmus Student Network) ESN International ESN Turkey ESN Bilkent Projects Recruitment 3

2. BISC 4 3. ESN Erasmus Student Network 5 4. What is ESN? We are approximately 12.000 members in about 343 local sections ESN is present in 34 countries of Europe ESN members work on a volunteer base Aims: offering services to exchange students developing and supporting student exchange 6 5. Who are we for? Homecoming students reintegration with home country after returning from exchange period International students integration in the local community, cultural and social events, trips, parties, language projects Future international students motivation to international experience, insight to different cultures, etc. 8 6. How ESN works? ESN is operating at three structural levels: Local Structures (example: section ESN Bilkent) National Structure (example: all sections from ESN Turkey) International Structure (example: Annual General Meeting all the sections together, International Board and Council of National Representatives) 9 7. International Level Annual General Meeting (AGM) Council of National Representatives (CNR) International Board (IB) Board supporters: ESN Secretary EVS (European Voluntary Service) Volunteer Committees Liaison Offices to European Youth Forum and Council of Europe ESNSurvey team 10 8. Examples of ESN Projects Give20 ESNSurvey PRIME (Problem of Recognition In Making Erasmus) ExchangeAbility 11 9. Give20 Fundraising campaign on behalf of UNICEF ESN local sections and members, together with the international students, raising funds through: Regular and special activities National and international events Money will be donated through UNICEF to Bhutan to: Improve the situation of local children Facilitate their access to education Build schools and provide school equipment 52.000 12 10. ESNSurvey Annual survey exploring current issues connected to academic and non-academic mobility Examples of topics: 2007: Generation Mobility 2008: Exchanging Cultures 2009: Information for Exchange Average number of the responses per year: 8.000 Why to join: Get feedback from your students about your work and their view on the exchange period Present the results to your university to show your work 13 11. PRIME An in-depth qualitative research among about 100 European universities to: Describe the current situation in the field of recognition and identify the obstacles Point out the true causes of the problems in the recognition of studies of exchange students Collect best examples and worst practices Provide recommendations and suggestions for improvements 14 12. ExchangeAbility ESN project in collaboration with the European Disability Forum (EDF) Aim of the project is to increase the mobility of disabled students Involve a local disabled student in the activities of your section with the support from ESN International, European Disability Forum and your home university 15 13. ESN Ibiza Trip 16 14. ESN Sea Battle 17 15. ESN Hel(l) Surfin' 18 16. ESN Trkiye 17. ESN TRKYE ESN member since 2005 Represented in 23 universities Organizations CNR (Council of National Representatives) - 2006 Seep (South Eastern European Platform) 2007 Erasmus Days 2008 Cultural Medley - 2009 National Events Flash Freeze Mob - 2010 AGM - 2010 20 18. ESN House stanbul Galipdede Cad. ahkulu Sok. No:13Beyolu / ISTANBUL 21 19. AGM (Annual General Meeting) 20. AGM 23 21. AGM 24 22. NP - National Platform 25 23. ESN Bilkent 24. ESN BLKENT ~ Orientation ESN Bilkent works together with OIEP (Office of International Exchange Programs). The members who will join the orientation programe will be selected by the OIEP and ESN Bilkent board members. 27 25. ESN BLKENT ~ Excursions Ankara Beypazar City Center Trip Turkey Ka Kapadokya stanbul Eskiehir zmir Dou Karadeniz 28 26. ESN BLKENT ~ Activities Parties Welcome & Goodbye Party Halloween Party New Years Party Crow Parties Others Paintball Tournaments Bowling Tournaments Beerpong Tournaments Movie Nights Football Tournaments Photo Contest ESN Bilkent Awards 29 27. ESN BLKENT ~ ESN Projects National Events National Platforms Presidents Meetings Cultural Activities AB Projects Flash Freeze Mob International Events - 2010 National Boards Meeting (Poznan, Poland) South Eastern European Platform (Ljubljana, Slovenia) Council of National Delegates (Athens, Greece) National Boards Meeting (Besancon, France) Annual General Meeting (Istanbul, Turkey) SocialErasmus Cultural Medley ESN Star Awards (Starworse) 30 28. ESN BLKENT ~ Products For ESN Members Sweatshirt T-shirt Nametag For International Students Sweatshirt Scarf Mug Lineyard Sticker Pin 31 29. ESN BLKENT ~ General Publicity Bilkent News 8 September 2 February 16 February ESN Express 8 th Issue ESN Bilkent Brochure ESN Bilkent Bulletin 1th Issue (March-2010) National Press Twitter Formspring Facebook 32 30. ESN BLKENT ~ Projects ESN card Corporate Identity STK activities SocialErasmus / LSEV National Activities Trainning for ESN Bilkent Members ESN Bilkent Office Information Meetings for Outgoing Students 33 31. Organization Chart 34 32. Recruitment 35 Apply Online 33. Thank you For Your Patience