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BIANCA DOUBLE # 534 BETRAYED BY DESTINATION ANNE MATHER Olivia reunited with the man she left ... but never forgotten! Seeing again at Matthew Ryan, Olivia felt her heart race. He could not deceive: still in love, even after ten years of separation He was and would always be the only man in her life, but also the last who could deliver. If nothing else the terrible family secret that had run away from him in the past, Matthew was now married to another woman! CHAPTER I
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Page 1: Betrayed by Destination




Olivia reunited with the man she left ... but never forgotten!

Seeing again at Matthew Ryan, Olivia felt her heart race. He could not deceive:

still in love, even after ten years of separation He was and would always be the

only man in her life, but also the last who could deliver. If nothing else the terrible

family secret that had run away from him in the past, Matthew was now married to

another woman!


Page 2: Betrayed by Destination

Before landing at Heathrow Airport, near London, the pilot took a scenic

flight over the Thames, making the heart of Olivia Stoner hit harder by the beauty

of the show.

Now that was back does realize how much had missed all there. So long away,

and the landscape yet it was so familiar. Trying to quell the feeling of anguish that

threatened to dominate it, Olivia took a deep breath.

The pilot changed his route, leaving the Thames back and penetrated over

the densely populated suburbs. From the top, everything that Olivia could make

out were the towers of churches and castles remnants of the previous century. The

rest had become a tangled doll houses without defined shapes, looking just too tiny

so they could be inhabited by humans.

After a few minutes, the pilot finally headed for the track.

She heard the distinctive sound of the landing gear being lowered and soon the

voice of the stewardess conveying passengers instructions for landing.

A strange feeling dominated. It was not fear, he was sure. Perhaps the fact

that return to British soil, after all this time, was what made her that state of mind.

It was true that everything happened for ten years, he recalled, allowing you to

master the same anxiety that invaded the day he left everything behind: your town,

your home, your family, your love.

He carried only a huge disappointment, and the bitter taste of renunciation still

seemed to persist in his mouth.

Day memories that departed plagued his mind. It seemed that the world had fallen

on his head. His only desire was even leave the city, Lower Mychett, as soon as


Nobody understood his attitude. All during that time, reproached, I was


Page 3: Betrayed by Destination

Not even your grandmother Harriet expect such a violent reaction. After all, she

did not think necessary to take such a radical decision ...

Only much later Olivia realized that the old lady was right. The time it modifies.

The pain, which at first had seemed unbearable, if lessened gradually and

suddenly, Olivia realized that there was no longer any reason to stay away from the


The death of Harriet Stoner was not the only reason returned, he

acknowledged, carefully buckling the seat belt around the fragile and delicate

waist. The last time he saw her out ten years ago.

Despite never having been very arrivals, Olivia had good memories of

grandmother. "I've always preferred my brothers," he lamented, leaning a little

toward the window of the plane, to enjoy the beauty of the landscape. Still, when

her mother called her telling of the death, did not hesitate a moment to book their

passage to attend the funeral.

Not even the clear disapproval Perry made her give up the idea of traveling to the

place where he had spent all his childhood and his adolescence.

I was sure that this visit to Lower Mychett, the town where he was born,

would be decisive, and that only after it could take any action regarding your life in

the United States.

Deep in the heart, always known that one day would, he thought, settling with his

hands the mass of blond and shiny hair falling over her shoulders. It would be the

only way to bury the past definitively.

It was difficult for Olivia harbor any feeling of regret at the death of the

woman who ruined his life at eighteen years old. Suddenly, that same wonderful

world that it opened its welcoming arms had turned against her in an unequal fight.

At first I thought he was the victim of a terrible hallucination and that his

grandmother wanted to punish her. Later, the letters proved that was wrong, and

Page 4: Betrayed by Destination

discovered that when she and Matthew ...

A deep hurt did away with the brightness of blue eyes.

"Maybe I should have blamed mom," Olivia scolded up, yearning for the plane

landed and soon ended once and for all with those bitter memories.

But how could have blamed his mother? Since Sarah his younger sister was

born, Felicity Stoner stayed with an injured heart that had isolated all the family

problems. Come to be treated as a person unable to bear any hassle.

"Besides," Olivia continued to reflect, distressed to justify themselves before

itself, "Dad could not take notice of what was happening." Harriet Stoner had

sworn, by the health of his mother, who never tell anything to Robert Stoner.

- Nervosa - asked, suddenly, the man beside her.

Since the beginning of the journey he had not hidden his admiration for her beauty

and the soft and sensual contours of your attractive body.

- No - Olivia replied coldly.

The man, a forty, did not seem to believe in her response.

- Do not worry - spoke, convinced - I cross the Atlantic at least half a dozen

times a month, and I know land a plane like this is child's play.

- It's pilot - asked her polished.

- No no. My job requires me to travel to the United States frequently.

That's why I feel at home aboard a 747.

- Oh, yeah? - Olivia said, uninterested.

- It is. I am an experienced traveler, a traveling first class - he said, pleased

as pun own -. You know what that means, right?

- Who likes to annoy single women sitting next to her - Olivia snapped,

losing patience of time.

- So beautiful and so gross - asked - if he will not hide the anger that it

provoked hurtful response.

Page 5: Betrayed by Destination

The idea of Perry, of doing - her travel first class to escape the boring of

harassment like that, was not very well - successful, he thought angrily.

Finally the landing gear touched the runway and the violent reversal of

turbines distracted everyone's attention for a moment.

Suddenly, Olivia Deix or to invade by an uneasy feeling that he should not

have come back. He tried to reassure, convincing - that would need to review the


Or remind, however, that they never had visited in New York all those

years. Several times to try to understand their attitude, but deep down always

known that his father would never forgiven for having left home.

"Maybe I am trying to prove to myself that I made the right attitude when I left

Lower Mychett" he thought, already unbuckling the belt that held the seat

somewhat uncomfortable after seven hours of flight.

As the 747 taxied down the runway, the flight attendant conveyed landing

instructions to passengers.

"Maybe I want it is to review Matthew," Olivia admitted, looking out


When the plane stopped completely, she lifts u up and left the narrow aisle,

anxious to catch the hand luggage in above the seat compartment. The time to end

the last was near, and it terrified her.

Forwarding or to the exit door with trembling legs.

- Are you all right, Mrs. Stoner - asked one of the stewardesses, worried

about his pallor.

- I'm fine thanks. Just a little tired.

- It seems to be unwilling to leave us - the girl joked.

Page 6: Betrayed by Destination

- I guess I'm not even - Olivia murmured. Realizing the frightened look

stewardess, he added quickly: - It is that you treated me so well that I am sorry to


- Check back often. We are here to serve - it.

- Thank you.

The walk to the Immigration Department did him good. The morning was

cool, empty corridors and the breeze that circulated by them revived.

It was almost nine o'clock when it was released. He sent a telegram to

mother warning of his arrival, but not expect anyone to will it fetch. His father and

brother would not have time to travel to London.

There were few chargers, and she decided to put the luggage on a cart that

was pushed into the main hall.

A few dozen people waiting for friends and family. Olivia passed them

thinking about how to do to reach your city.

I was in questions please take a taxi or check the train schedule, but the

memory of crowded trains discouraged. Maybe you could rent a car. Was

beginning to feel - is sorry that it refused Perry's offer to settle with advance his

trip to Lower Mychett.

He looked at his watch and saw that it probably would not arrive in time for

the funeral.

- Olivia!

Or come up abruptly, her heart a mad dash, not believing who was in front.

- Ma ... Ma ... Matthew - stammered, livid.

- Hello. How are you?

- Es ... I'm fine. You come to expect me?

- I'm not walking at the airport - he answered, with a slight irony. - Good


Page 7: Betrayed by Destination

- I did, thank you. And you, how are you?

- Well.

This could not be happening, he thought, astonished. Never imagined that

one day as he would talk formally with Matthew, after all that happened. His fury

when told her about his trip to the United States back u his mind with amazing

clarity. "Too bad it did not have known the truth," he thought bitterly. "You must

hate me today."

- This is your luggage?

- Co ... How? - Asked absently.

- Is your luggage - Matthew repeated, surprised.

- Yeah, yeah yeah, it's all there.

- Are you sure you're okay?

It was the second time that morning someone asked him if he was good,

Olivia admire or up.

- I am, do not worry. Just a little tired.

- Great. My car is out there, but how is prohibited place, we need to go

soon. - Matthew pushed the luggage cart. He began to walk fast, and Olivia, trying

follows - it, held - by the arm. However, feeling like he twitched, she withdrew

her hand immediately.

- Sorry - whispered.

- Something wrong?

- No, no, we can keep moving.

They walked quickly to the car. At that time, a flood of memories

distracted Olivia. Or remind yourself of the sports car he was driving with

frightening speed, Lady Lavinia Ryan, her mother, and Matthew Ryan, his father

and owner of Rycroft, which in Lower Mychett meant as much or more than a title.

Page 8: Betrayed by Destination

The car was now another: A Mercedes. Matthew put the luggage and held

the door open until she entered. Then turned around and sent or down beside

accommodating his long legs under the direction. He held the seat belt and found


- Here we go - said, giving start the engine.

Olivia observav to the corner of eyes. Thought - a bit aged, over the face of

that body. At thirty-two years old, the eyes of the corners of the grooves were

deeper, gray eyes sadder and slightly graying long hair. After all was still a

handsome man.

The twenty-eight years it had brought him mature enough to analyze what

had happened between them coldly. I never thought she could look at Matthew

without that volcano exploded passions in his heart. Suddenly, around - to him

willing to interrupt the silence with some banal question, he saw the alliance

Matthew wore on his left hand. He felt such a shock that made his heart race. A

cold sweat came over his forehead and hands.

- What it was? Not feeling well? - Matthew asked, noticing her


- No, es ... it's ... it's okay.

- I'll lower the windows. You may have estranged the air - conditioning.

The gentle breeze that came through the windows the comforted and

brought some color to the pale face.

- I will stop at the first station to appear. He took the breakfast?

- No - Olivia confessed shyly. - Cafes plane are not like anything, right?

- I have not traveled a lot lately, but I think that you have, and you have not

eaten anything in aircraft.

- Thank you, very kind of you - Olivia said, irritated. - I look like him


Page 9: Betrayed by Destination

- I did not say that.

- For it seemed to me that was what suggested.

- With health is not mocked. Look, we're coming.

- For me not to stop now - she said, offended.

- I'm hungry. I left home before seven o'clock in the morning and did not

have time to have breakfast.

- Need not have bothered as much by my thing. I could have arranged


- Maybe, but he could not displease his mother. She asked me to come, and

I could not refuse. They are all very affected by the death of his grandmother,

although in my opinion was the best thing that could have happened. After the last

stroke that Harriet had, just before Christmas, she never recovered.

- She had a stroke before Christmas - Olivia asked, startled.

- I did not know?

- No, you did not tell me anything.

- Maybe they found she was not interested.

At that moment Matthew parked the car, got out and was Bailout will her


- Shall we? A coffee will do well both of us. It is best to make easier

things, Olivia. It is difficult to send the well for me too.

- I did not ask him to come get me - Olivia repeated, hurt by the frankness

of Matthew.

- No, not asked, and I know it would be better if I had not come, but since

I'm here, let's act like civilized people -. There was an icy tone in his voice -.

Please, no scenes in memory his grandmother, I beg you, let's forget the past. Ten

years is a long time to live with guilt and remorse. Life goes on, Olivia.


Page 10: Betrayed by Destination

The sun streaming through the dusty windows of the restaurant, cheering

the simple and warm atmosphere. Olivia, silent after the last discussion in the

parking lot, stirred his coffee absently.

"Ten years is not enough to heal deep wounds," he thought, feeling a certain

regret for coming back.

Matthew ate silent before her, and she could not help it inveja- the

tranquility that ignored. He noted the great and aristocratic hands and remind or

with longing for the time when they caressed her passionate face and body avid

desire. A shiver of pleasure runs u down her spine, and she tried to focus his

thoughts in coffee that took slowly, as if to conservation it indefinitely.

From childhood always heard that women hardly forgot his first love. At

twenty-eight years old, she had just discovered she was still in love with Matthew


Suddenly he looked up from his plate and gave her watching - with undisguised

interest. He looked away quickly, but it was useless.

- Maybe I should look at least for me and finish your coffee, Olivia. There

are times that you're messing with the spoon. It must be cold.

- You have not even finished eating! - She replied, irritated.

- But I'm almost finished, and you have not eaten anything so far.

- I can not eat when you offend me.

- Not offended anyone, only told the truth, nothing more. Shall we? It's

time! - Matthew interrupted the discussion harshly.

- You know? I think now I'm hungry - Olivia said, willing to irritate - it

further. - I'll have one of those enhanced sandwiches that used to eat in the United


- At ease, I will esper her in the car. When finished you hit with the waiter.

Page 11: Betrayed by Destination

- It is well able to leave me here alone, do you? - She asked mad at rubra.

- It is well grown up, Olivia. In addition, women nowadays like to pay the


- What's the rush? I hate eating alone, especially when I'm nervous as


- I have business to attend to, but I will not stop - her eating to stay quiet.

You can ask your incremented sandwich I'll esper will it. I have not read the paper

today will be my chance. - Matthew lifted - from the chair with agility.

- You will not even keep me company?

- No, I can not Liv ... I'm sorry, Olivia.

- But why? - She insisted, happy to find that he had called the affectionate

diminutive of his name.

- Why not.

- It is the first time you call me that - she murmured, color soft voice.

- It was an accident, it will not happen again. I am married, Olivia.

- So what? - She said, unsurprised. - I just want to talk to you.

- Okay - Matthew agreed, sitting - again in front. - You can talk, I'm


- I have so much to say, Matthew, but not easy. Ten years is a long time, as

you said, but what I want right now is to be friends.

- There is no possibility of being friends - he answered frankly. - I am

willing to try to forget the past but that's it, nothing more.

- And how can you forget the past, Matt? Do not you realize you're lying?

- I do not want to discuss it now, do not have much time. - Matthew looked

at his watch and called the waiter to ask for the bill. - It seems that gave up the

sandwich idea.

Page 12: Betrayed by Destination

- I gave up. - After look at you blankly for a few seconds she said: - Just

one more question, Matt, and then let's go You're married and I'm involved with

someone in the United States. Why not tell each other everything that happened to

us since we parted? I would love to know how has been living all these years and

with whom he has shared their happy and sad moments - she said, fixing her soft

eyes in the tired face of Matthew. - You said that we should act like civilized

people, remember?

- Civilized! - He said angrily. - And you were civilized to me? Do not

know the meaning of this word, Olivia, never knew. You used me, made me think

he liked me as much as I liked you, and it was all pretense, a game, nothing more.

I learned my lesson, my face. Never going to make a fool of me again!

- I never did fool you - Olivia defends u up, fighting back tears.

- Not even?

The look on his face was so bitter that frightened her. Matthew tilt or in the

chair to be closer to her and told her the hardest words he had heard since met in

the airport hall:

- And you think that was not humiliating for me to see the girl he would

marry flee to the United States with a guitarist else?

- It's a lie! - Olivia cried, outraged. - It was not, you know that I was as a

nanny of Kramer. Stephen Kramer was not interested in me, was in love with


- All I know is that in no time we were making plans to build a family and,

on the other, you had fled to New York. It was terribly humiliating, you do not

have any idea. Also, I loved her, Olivia, remember? My God, how I loved you!

How can you speak in friendship with a man who loved her as I loved her? Do not

you see that this is impossible?

Page 13: Betrayed by Destination

Olivia looked at him as if he were seeing it for the first time. Up until that

point had not understood the depth of the wounds that time does not heal.

- But I also loved you - confessed with trembling voice. - You do not

remember who was the first man in my life?

- What good is all this now? He never understood the meaning of love, and

it will not be now that will understand. The past is dead, Olivia. Let's go? I

promise never to touch this unpleasant subject for both of us. - And he lifts u up

from his chair with such a slow, Olivia feared he could not leave.

He looked older now, Olivia thought, watching - with eyes

critics. In some things he had to reason, but other was completely wrong, and had

not shown any interest in hearing his version of the facts. Matthew never will

forgive me concluded bitterly.

Levant or up and followed him to the parking lot with the humiliating

feeling of having been tried for a crime he did not commit.

When they were nearing the spot where was the car, could not contain himself and

grab uo arm with RCA forcing fo - r oa turns up to face her.

- You can not crucify me for something I did not do, Matthew.

- What was that you did? - Matthew's eyes displayed a contained anger,

which caused a chill in Olivia. - I left without any explanation, left without saying

why! - Calming - a little, he continued: - No, Olivia think we can be neither

friends. I could not ...

With tears in eyes with tears, she lowered her head to Matthew not see the

pain stamped on his face. He could not reveal to him why he had been away, why

had abandoned him but could not face the hatred emanating from his eyes.

Matthew secure ua by the arms and pull ua closer to him what made her

heart beat wildly Olivia.

Page 14: Betrayed by Destination

They were very close now, the words are unnecessary to express your true


Olivia tried r disengages from him, but Matthew secure ua more firmly.

He suddenly tilt or in a quick gesture, and before Olivia could stop landed

her warm and soft lips on hers.

At first Olivia tried distancing it, but soon gave up and given over either to

the kiss with madness.

Memories of a distant past surfaced incontinent. As had been happy before

his grandmother told him the secret that would destroy all her love life!

An instant of consciousness was enough for her r-away abruptly.

Fled away just because it can not belong to Matthew, can not enjoy her caresses,

and now surrendered to that kiss with a mad longing, as if those ten years of

separation had never been!

Matthew, as if coming out of a trance, said:

- It was a mistake, sorry. It will not happen again.

A sense of panic invaded Olivia. I was sure now that he was and would

always be the only man who could love.

They directed - quietly to the car, each immersed in his own thoughts.

They both knew that the attraction aroused in adolescence still existed,

strong, intense. Neither time and distance had been able to destroy - it.

Settled - in the Mercedes and Matthew started the car.

Olivia felt - is exhausted. Out emotions too much for one day! And she had

thought power to dodge Matthew while he was in town!

An intense anguish oppressed - his chest. A thousand thoughts were around his


As Matthew would have lived all those years? What had he done in his life? Who

would have married? Did you have children?

Page 15: Betrayed by Destination

I wanted to know more about the life of Matthew, and that would be the

only chance we have. Then, after tightening the seat belt, he said with the more

normal tone of voice that could:

- Conte - me anything about his wife. How long have you been married? -

He made a sharp break and then asked, now sounding voice trembling. - You ...

have children?

The silence between them was overwhelming. Matthew thought it was not

going to respond and-or come to the window, sorry for having insisted on a subject

about which he did not want to talk. As if he had not heard the answer, Matthew


- Sorry, Olivia, I was rude to you. I promise that this will not be repeated. I

think I was insecure.

Olivia did not disguise the surprise.

- If you feel insecure around me?

- I think it's a normal reaction, right? After all, after everything that

happened between us! - He took a deep breath, as if trying to calm the confused

emotions that inhabited his chest, and continued: - Okay, I confess that still moves

me, but I will overcome. Just remember what you did.

Olivia fought back tears that marejavam his eyes.

- You mean you will not try to be my friend?

- No, definitely not, Olivia.

- Okay - she agreed reluctantly.

For a while only the car's engine noise could be heard moving.

For Olivia, that oppressive silence grieved most of all. Then made another

attempt to learn more about the life of Matthew.

- Will not you tell me about your wife?

- Why should I tell you about her?

Page 16: Betrayed by Destination

- Because I like to know how it is, Matt.

- You'll feel better if I speak?

- I - Olivia said with humility. - Much better you can be sure.

- Helen is very different from you.

- Helen? - Olivia surprised. - Not Berrenger Helen, is it?

- Helen Ryan - Matthew corrected with icy voice. - They have been married

for almost ten years.

- I ... mean ...

Olivia could not imagine how the truth could be painful, he thought bitterly.

Then he married Helen just a few months after she was gone! And just to Helen

Berrenger! She had always been more interested in racing horses than people!

Nevertheless, I had to admit it was the perfect woman for Matlhew. Noble and

aristocratic lineage and a worthy legacy of Ryan, he thought angrily. Conrad

Berrenger owned more than half of Lower Mychett, and the remainder belonged to

Ryan. His racehorses were famous throughout England, or remind yourself, dead

of jealousy.

- Do not want to continue the conversation? - Matthew asked, ironic to

realize their sudden silence. - Did you think I was waiting for you?

- Of course not. But why Helen Berrenger? - She asked, weakly.

- Why did not Helen Berrenger? It's the right woman for me. You think

would make the same mistake again?

- What does a woman? - Olivia asked, felt tears welling in the eyes.

- It means that she would never have acted like you - Matthew replied sadly.

- She has notions of honor, moral, stuff like that.

- And I do not, right? I am the daughter of an ordinary man who always

leased his father's land, right? I have no strain is not, Matt?

Page 17: Betrayed by Destination

- You know that's not true - he snapped. - I never thought it was not good

enough to marry me, or my family ever said anything about it. My parents were

very fond of you and were as shocked as when I fled to the United States.

Olivia or come to him.

- I recognize it's fair you think I acted badly, but make sure that it was

thinking of you who did what I did ...

Before the ironic look that Matthew gave her Olivia said:

- Also, do not think you really missed me, do you? After all, Helen

consoled so quickly, right?

Matthew did not answer. Tense muscles trembled face, denoting the

contained anger.

From that moment, they fell back into a deep silence, full of tension.

They stopped in Winchester to stretch your legs and after a quick coffee,

Matthew took the road that led to Abbot's Norton. They did not stop again until

they reached the Lower Mychett. As they approached, Olivia felt - is increasingly

tense. A cold sweat moistened his feet, his hands were shaking and my heart was

beating a frightening pace.

Lower Mychett was one of the most beautiful parts of the English countryside, and

only now she realized it. At seventeen he was so involved with his own feelings

had not had time to watch the beauty of the landscape that surrounded her.

The river Mychett divided the city into two parts, high and low. Over time,

both grown so much that eventually became independent cities and came to be

called the Lower and Upper Mychett Mychett. The lands of Rycroft stretched out

of sight among the two.

It was lunchtime and there were few people on the streets, only a few

children playing and some old people sitting on benches under huge trees that were

Page 18: Betrayed by Destination

scattered in the street.

Everyone recognized the car of Matthew as he passed and waved, cheerful.

"The Ryan are still very respected around here," Olivia thought, watching -

with unrestrained admiration.

- That's not Jenny Mason? - Suddenly he asked, seeing a girl pushing a boy

of three or four years old.

- Jenny Innes - Matthew corrected. - She married Tony, a friend of his


- With Tony - Olivia spoke, surprise -. How wonderful! He loved my

mother, always went there to see - it.

- It is the day after his departure, when her mother had a stroke he was

there. And he never ceased to visit her will, as she never could walk.

Olivia felt a shock go - his body. Then his mother had been stuck in a

wheelchair, and no one has ever spoken to him!


Olivia could not sleep, with mismatched thoughts prowled his head. The

arrival of his old house had been less tumultuous than expected. Despite not

having been very well received also not destrataram.

Now occupying the room that had been her one day, thought the revelations

that Matthew had done to him and what felt to see - him. In the next bed, Sara was

sleeping peacefully. Sister arrived practically with it. Came from Portsmouth to

attend the funeral. She was married to a guy in the Navy and expect their first

child. Her husband had not been able to come and therefore both shared the room

they occupied when girls.

Page 19: Betrayed by Destination

Realizing that insomnia would even extend, Olivia decided to make a tea. He put

on his robe, opened the door carefully not to wake Sara and out into the hallway.

The thick carpet muffled his footsteps, and she slowly descended the steps,

as still remembered the gaps that made her stumble, announcing his intentions to

the four corners of the house. Never managed to get off without his father or his

mother realized he recalled, amused.

In the kitchen, he turned on the light and opened a cupboard looking for a

kettle. Nothing changed over the years. Everything was in place, from the dishes

to the silverware.

An intense nostalgia washed over her. Like everything would have been

different, if fate had not nailed it a part ten years ago.

Filled the water pot and boil while waiting, she went to the drawer where

his mother used to keep the tea.

Seeing the old cat on the chair, poured some milk on a plate and call uo softly. Cat

ATIR or up to the plate with fury, and in a matter of seconds took everything.

- I was hungry, did you, pussy? - She whispered, stroking her soft fur.

I was with the teapot in hand when Robert Stoner entered. In costumes

sleeping, he looked even thinner and older. His thinning hair was almost

completely white and his eyes were sad.

- I hope ... hope I'm not bothering - stammered, embarrassed. -. I was not

able to sleep and decided to make tea Want some?

- No, thank you - the father refused. - His mother heard you down and asked

me to see what was happening. Is everything okay?

- It is yes. I think Mom would accept ...

- Your mother can not drink tea at night disrupts sleep.

- Sorry, I did not know.

- If it's okay, I'll go back to the room, then - Robert said, coldly.

Page 20: Betrayed by Destination

- Will not you join me again? - Olivia ventured. - Do not talk anything yet.

Do not you think we should try, for the sake of the mother?

- For the sake of your mother? Since when do you care about your mother?

Robert asked, relentless.

- Always worried about Mom and you - replied

she, softly.

Seeing the expression of coldness and irony in his father's face, Olivia not

contain himself and said,

- But after all, what have I done so terrible?

- You do not know? He saw the state of her mother?

- I did not know she was ... was so - Olivia said quietly.

- Never concerned to know, do you? - Robert continued, with contorted face.

- Oh, Daddy, I wanted so much that you were visiting me in New York! Not

sure how expected a visit from you! When ... when you were not ...

- Forget u from us - he continued, his voice hard. - Never forget you, just

thought I had not forgiven me. And not forgiven, right?

- And what do you want? - The father asked bitterly. - You think it was easy

for us? Do not you think we need your help, especially after her grandmother got

sick too? But you wanted to know anything. I was very concerned about making

money and meet men. Ever thought about the shame we feel when we invented this

ridiculous story that Matt was not for you?

- Not so - Olivia defends u up, with ruddy faces of indignation.

- It was not? Have you thought about what could have happened to us when

you broke up with Matt? - His father shouted, banging his fist on the table.

- How ... how so?

- You know that we are tenants, Liv, rent land from Ryan. All we have, our

house, our livelihood, we owe them. And if the old Matthew had sent us away?

Page 21: Betrayed by Destination

- He would never do that.

- Could have done, had the right to do, if he wanted, and almost the whole

city would give reason to it.

- He would not do that, I'm sure - Olivia insisted, a little less convinced this


- No, he did not know and why, Liv? Because her mother was rushed to the

hospital the day after his departure, and Ryan took pity on us. Matt came to help us

and stayed with Andy while I was in hospital. My God, Liv, I hope you found what

you wanted, because you will never find a more honorable man than Matt Ryan. -

Robert's voice betrayed all his indignation at the attitude of the daughter.

- Bob! His voice is waking everyone in the house - Felicity censored,

entering the wheelchair herself driving.

Since he had suffered a stroke, Felicity Stoner had changed - to one of the

downstairs rooms which had just turning into the master bedroom.

- What are you doing here, Cissie? - Robert asked, surprised. His voice was

soft now, and his eyes betrayed a deep love for the woman.

- No matter what I'm doing here - she said, looking at them reproachfully. -

What I want to know is what you are doing. The girl barely just arrived and you

already are encouraging us to leave again, Bob? - Felicity spoke with remarkable

authority for a frail woman, who lived attached to a wheelchair.

- I'm not doing it - Robert protested indignantly.

- Yes, you are. I heard part of the conversation you and want you to know

that I do not agree with their attitude. That would advance Olivia r up home with

Matt, if she was not sure if she loved him for real? I wanted them to be unhappy

just to not displease the Ryan?

Olivia heard everything, surprised at her mother's courage, who dared to face

Robert Stoner with a peace of envy.

Page 22: Betrayed by Destination

Too bad she was mistaken in point of view that could defend so well, she

thought. Matt left only for love - it too.

His mother was an extraordinary woman. In the letters that were exchanged

during all those years I never had referred to health problems, and now defended

her daughter with a simple and profound argument, your happiness. Maybe her

name was appropriate to your personality. It was good to feel r is understood by

someone received too many complaints!

Fled to preserve the happiness of both hers and the Mat though he

discovered later that would never be happy without him. At the time, I believed

that he was saving unnecessary suffering.

I was sure that Felicity knew the truth. While not telling anyone anything,

following his grandmother's advice, had always known that a third party that

shared secret between Harri and she you. She understood now that this third person

was Felicity Stoner.

Suddenly, he felt an uncontrollable urge to talk about everything that


- Things must be said, Felicity - the father continued, interrupting his

thoughts. - Liv may not want to treat them like prodigal daughter.

- I do not think she wants it - Felicity replied coldly - I am happy to have her

here with us and would not go away as soon as the funeral was over, Bob.

Olivia could no longer contain the tears of emotion. Walking a few steps to

the wheelchair, or ajoelh up beside her mother when she put the fragile and

delicate hand over her damp face cover ua with its like he used to as a child.

- Gos ... I would love to ... to stay a little longer - spoke stumbling over the

words. - I'm sorry for Grandma, but I'm happy to be here.

- I did not have to wait a reason to return - Robert said sharply, though it was

obvious had also moved.

Page 23: Betrayed by Destination

- I suggest you try to sleep, I have to milk the cows early, you know.

The next day, when Olivia came down to breakfast, the sun was already

high. He lost time, but he - happy and well - prepared. A long time did not feel

well, she thought, serving -. This is coffee and milk

the day before seemed distant and outdated. All your tensions, doubts and sorrows

had disappeared as if by magic, thanks to Felicity.

The day before, all the neighbors had gathered in the huge living room of the

house to give condolences to the family, as was usual cm Lower Mychett. The

movement of people in and out had made things easier for Olivia. Until that

moment in the kitchen when the three had met, had passed almost unnoticed. Even

his sister Sara had not had time to make you any kind of question.

But Andrew was missing. Both had seen very quickly, but Olivia had seen in

his eyes a deep resentment. Just then, as if attracted by her thoughts, the kitchen

door opened and Andrew entered.

Was older and his eyes were sad, she said, fondly. When Andrew left home

was seventeen. If not for him, I would never have gone to the United States. Now

the brother was married and increasingly resembled Robert Stoner, his father.

Laura, his wife, was a shy girl, but very friendly, always with a sweet and knowing

look. They had two sons and seemed happy living. What Olivia could not

understand was the wistful look of his brother, as if something hurt forever, and

very deeply.

- Good morning, Andrew.

- Good morning - he said without much enthusiasm.

- Can I get you?

- No, thanks. I even serve me.

Soon realized that he did not intend to encourage any kind of friendly

relationship between the two. "It's a lot like Dad," she thought, hurt.

Page 24: Betrayed by Destination

- Are you leaving today? - Andrew asked, feigning disinterest.

- No, I will stay a few days yet.

- I thought it was today, right after the funeral.

- I did not come just for the funeral. I came to see my family, too.

- Really? It did not seem very interested in it in these ten years.

- Things are not always as we want, Andrew - Olivia replied patiently.

- And how you want things to be? Continue as they are? - He asked

ironically. - Do not you miss your cinematic apartment in New York?

- And who told you that my apartment is film?

- Mom read his letters to everyone.

- Well let me tell you that my first apartment was in Queens and had one

room - Olivia spoke angrily. - I worked hard and saved enough, and that's how I

bought a better apartment.

- Saved! - Andrew replied sarcastically.

- I saved, yes, why? Any doubt?

- Perry and Randall? He did not help at all?

- It helped, of course, but the nanny agency the idea was mine. I was I who

thought English nannies in New York would make success, as indeed they did. Just

so we could leave for a better deal. Stephen also helped me a lot, more than Perry,

one wonders. Perry just believed in my idea and invested money in the business,

that's all. It was only much later that I ... I ...

- What you have become his mistress - Andrew added.

- It is not easy to live alone in New York. You do not know how, because I

always had a family around to support you - Olivia justifiable or up.

- I should never have spoken to Stephen about it. When Mom suffered a

stroke, Dad blamed me for everything that had happened. In any case, at least Matt

Page 25: Betrayed by Destination

managed to escape from you, but it was very hard for me to address the comments

about him.

-What Comments, Andrew?

That you was a girl who slept with several men - Andrew replied hard.

'I never slept with men. Perry has asked me to marry ten times. I did not

want to do.

-it's Because?

I do not know.

-do You not know? - He was surprised.

-No. Look, Andrew, marriage is not the right solution for everyone. It was

for you but not for me. I am very independent, have my own business and the way

to live and I live with my problem, is not it?

If you had married Matt was leading a normal life now, and the best would

be respected by everyone here in Lower Mychett.

In the opinion of Andrew and Robert Stoner, the woman could only play a

role in life: the wife and mother, Olivia thought, he admired the simplicity with

which he viewed the world. His mother was different, always out. At seventeen-

year-old Olivia she had never thought about how his mother was more evolved

than his father. Only now I understood that, and respected her even more to live

with him for so many years. "It should love it does a lot," he thought tenderly.

- I'm going, Liv. Someone has to work in this house - Andrew said, lifting -

and is driving - to the kitchen door.

- Oh, Andy! - The l Ivia exclaimed, throwing - if the Brother arms. - I had so

much miss you all! You can not imagine how difficult it was for me to live far

from you! Let's not fight anymore, okay? If I not returned before was because I

could not even believe me?

Page 26: Betrayed by Destination

- Do not think you can fool me, Liv - Andrew replied suspiciously, but rather

inclined to believe the sister's words. - Also I missed you - confessed - but that

does not mean you have it forgiven for what he did.

- I just want you to understand me, Andy, is all.

Andrew gave a quick, awkward kiss on her sister's face and walked away.

Olivia smiled happily and sent either to the new coffee table. Hope that everything

could go back to the way it once was reborn in his chest.


Olivia was so immersed in his thoughts that did not even notice when

someone approached the kitchen door. Feeling -. if observed, she looked up and

gave Matthew stopped in front of her

conflicting emotions took Olivia account. The heart was pounding, doing - the felt

r is just like a teenager. Embarrassed with such a reaction, she did not know what

to say. He looked down, afraid he realized his embarrassment.

- Alone? - Matt asked.

Olivia just nodded a nod.

- What happened, somebody fought with you?

- No, imagine, I'm here ... thinking - she said, choosing his words with


He looked even more attractive than the day before, Olivia thought,

breathlessly. He wore jeans and a striped cotton shirt in white and blue, ajar in tan

chest. The dark-haired, slightly graying, they gave the idea of having been brushed

his fingers rather than with a comb. Lost the weary air that grew old and his eyes

shone as if they had found something that has long sought.

- Someone was rude to you? - She insisted, worried.

Page 27: Betrayed by Destination

- Not more than usual.

- What does that mean? What do they tell you? Tell me everything that

happened, I wonder.

- Why should I tell you? - Olivia teased.

- I do not know, but I want to tell and ready. That's why I came here, to see if

he needed help.

- I do not need help - she said, standing - and is taking the coffee pot to the


His hands were shaking so badly that in trying to take the pot cover to dump

the rest, lost control and the hot liquid trickled through his thin, delicate fingers.

The smooth, soft skin of his right hand was red and soon appeared bubbles that

made cursing in pain.

- Damn! I had to happen!

- What it was? - Matt asked, running to where she was. - It hurt a lot?

- No ... it was nothing - she said, clenching his teeth hard, trying to improve

that terrible burning.

- How was nothing? His hand is full of bubbles! Where can I find something

to go there?

- I do not know, I think there in that closet should have some of these

ointment that is used for cooking burn - Olivia said, giving to react.

Matt found a pipe and returned with it in his hands. He spent the ointment

gently on the bubbles and when he finished, he asked, worried:

- Improved? Still it hurts?

- It is ... well ... better - Olivia said with difficulty. The proximity of it made

her dizzy. That manly scent and touch of warm and soft hand on his took his breath


Page 28: Betrayed by Destination

- I'll ... I'll make another coffee - decided the desvencilhand up his hand and

taking the kettle.

- No need, sit - up and we'll talk. - Matthew pulled two chairs and indicated

one to her. - What's going on, Olivia? Why are you so nervous?

- It's not happening anything. Everyone has been very understanding with

me, even more than I would expect.

- Comprehensive?

- Yeah, understanding - she repeated, staring at her hands.

Matt was very close now. He pulled a chair and sat - is facing her, the way

power jailed on felony charge will it freely.

Olivia prayed that no one entered suddenly and found them there together

and alone at that hour of the morning.

- I know your father and I know how it can be terrible. Remember how was

mad at me when he thought I ran a lot from you in the car?

Olivia smiled sheepishly and tried to push a little chair he was sitting, but he

held with an iron hand.

His face burned as much as the burned hand, she noted, anguished. I needed

to get away from him before it was too late.

U-rises to his feet and, before Matt could stop him, prepared a new cafe and

then began to take the cups used that were on the table.

He followed her across the kitchen.

- Could you leave me alone? - Olivia asked, anxious to get to the sink. - It's

late and I need to do some things in the house.

For a moment he thought he was Snatches will it like you used to in the old

days. In spite of trying to run away from it, deep desperately wanted Matthew to

arrest those strong arms and kiss her until the world vanish, as it always did in the

past when he held her.

Page 29: Betrayed by Destination

But none of that happened. Matt came from behind her, leaving - the free to

finish his work, and asked, coldly:

- Go do something this afternoon?

- Today? I do not know. You may need me, I do not know, after all I am not

a useless person.

- Who said that it is useless?

- No, I is that I'm nervous.

Suddenly Olivia or remind yourself of Helen and felt butterflies in her


- Where ... where ... Helen? - He asked, praying that someone entered and

ended with that terrible conversation.

- I do not know - Matt replied evasively. - Who said you are worthless? - He


- Oh, Matt! - Olivia exclaimed suddenly, unable to contain his nervousness. -

Why did you come here? Please go away, it's too painful for both of us! We have

said everything we had to say to each other, said not insist!

- Why? - He asked, his voice rough.

- Because you are married - Olivia spoke, the lembrand up the sweet things

he whispered in her ear as they made love.

"As his voice changed," he thought sadly. "It does not seem the same man."

Suddenly became aware that the robe she wore had opened, revealing her delicate

breasts, and close uo quickly with shaking hands.

- What if I want to stay? - He asked, speaking with firm steps to where she


- Please, Matt, for ...

- Are you, Matt?

Page 30: Betrayed by Destination

The voice of Felicity Stoner sounded like bells ringing in anguished mind of

Olivia. The relief was so great that his eyes filled with tears. It was the second time

that his mother saved her, she thought gratefully.

- Hello, Cissie - Matt said, the virand to her and kissing - in the face with a

smile. - It sounds very well - prepared this morning!

- I'm sure I'm pretending my fifty-plus years old, my boy - she joked,

cheerful. - Do not think you fool me with your flattery.

- Do not look a day over forty - Matt replied, gallant.

- And you, Sara? When is the baby? - He asked, the dirigind to the sister

Olivia, pushing the chair, although there is no need, as Felicity was moving very

well alone.

- By the end of September - Sara replied, smiling.

Olivia watched that natural rapport of people who wanted good, and a wave

of anguish washed over her. Now he realized what he had lost over the years.

Despite having achieved professional success and financial stability, we did not

have the affection he saw in the three eyes.

- He offered coffee to Matt? - Felicity wondered, staring - with an inquiring


- No.

- No? - She or scare up. - Why not, Olivia? Whatever he thinks we are not


- No, it ... is that I ...

- I do not think Liv worry about what I think - Matt noted wryly.

- Oh, Matt, I'm sure you're mistaken! - Felicity said, looking worriedly at the

tense face of both. - Olivia, you were not arguing with Matt, were you? I thought ...

well ... that after all these years you could be friends.

- Oh, mother!

Page 31: Betrayed by Destination

- Do not worry, Cissie, we're friends - Matt I calm water, to see the mother's


- Are you? - Felicity did not seem entirely convinced by his answer, but, as

usual, preferred to change the subject. - And after all, what are you doing here,


- To be honest, I came to see if Liv would not want to go with me to Abbot's

Norton. I need to find Peabody in the bank and buy a few things for Aldridge in

electrical supply store.

- I see. - Felicity looked at both curiously. - I think Liv love to see the

changes that happened in the city, it is not the daughter?

- It's ... it's very kind of you, Matt, but I can not accept. I came yesterday, as

you know, and have not had time to talk to my family - Olivia justifiable or up,

with the coffee pot in hand. - Yesterday had so many people here and tomorrow is

the funeral and ...

- But you will not go away soon after the ceremony, will, Liv? - Felicity

asked, worried.

- I know you must be sad about the death of his grandmother and that is

found in the obligation to help me, but there is no need for it. You'll be surprised at

how I can manage this house with an iron hand - teased, smiling. - In addition,

count on the help of Mrs. Davis and Sarah, of course. I would love to go with Matt,

would do well to you, and after it's over, we will have much time to ... talk.

The brief pause Felicity before finishing the sentence intrigued Olivia. "Why

would hesitated before the word talk?" She thought curiously.

- What if I do not want to go? - She said in a firm voice. - Perhaps Helen

wants to go with it, after all it is his wife. Where did you say it was, Matt? I can not


Page 32: Betrayed by Destination

- Do not tell her about Helen? - Sara asked, suddenly staring at Matt. - I did

not say who has a good time with the horses? Remember the stables of Berrenger

farm, do not you, Liv? For since her father died Helen takes care of everything


- Her father died? - Olivia surprises u up. - He was younger than Dad.

- And it was - Matt agreed with icy voice.

- He was killed while hunting - Sara continued, willing to become the center

of attention and completely ignoring the withering glances of Felicity Stoner. - It

was a scandal! - She exclaimed excitedly. - They said it was accidental death,

police said - corrected quickly - but rumors were that owed and had to ...

- Enough, Sara - Felicity said, energetic.

- Sorry, but it was what they said at the time - the girl defends u up. -

Everyone thought he would have to sell the farm, did not you, Matt?

- Maybe - Matt muttered, looking away from Olivia, who was watching him,


- That's none of our business, Sara - Felicity warned, his face on fire. - I do

not know that Matt will be thinking to see - her talk about his private life that

reckless way! - She exclaimed. So the virand to Olivia, said: - There are times

you're standing there with this pot in the hands! Must be cold now! - Complained

one angry either, something that was not normal in a person always so controlled

as Felicity.

Olivia felt - if participating in a dream that was not hers. As if coming out of a

trance, automatically obeyed the order of the mother and poured coffee in cups

already ready on the table.

Ace sister's words left her stunned. Conrad Berrenger always been a strong

man, of athletic physique and excellent horseman. Never suffer a fatal accident,

unless something strange happened.

Page 33: Betrayed by Destination

But the assumption of having been murdered by someone also sounded false,

inconsistent and forced.

- Sorry, Matt - Felicity spoke softly. - I am, embarrassed by my daughters!

- It does not matter, Cissie. This is nothing new, and sooner or later Liv

would know.

- Even so, I still think that Sarah should have stayed silent -Felicity replied,

looking reproachfully at her daughter. - It's almost mother and so irresponsible!

- Oh, mother! I'm not irresponsible! - Sara defends u up, offended. - Did you

hear what Matt said, sooner or later Liv would know.

- Matt was just being polite, dear.

Olivia could not remember who started it all, but suddenly felt sorry for

Matt. . Eye uo with care and did not look away when he looked at her with those

wonderful gray eyes

they took coffee in silence and, once finished, Matt asked again:

- You come with me, then, Liv?

- It will rather - Felicity said, to see that Olivia was undecided.

- But ... mother.

- Want to eat something, Matt? A cracker, maybe? Olivia forgot to offer. As

she does not like, think that nobody likes.

- Thanks - Matt refused, with eyes fixed on Olivia.

- All right, come on. You want to go with us, Sara? - Olivia invited.

- I think she can not go, Liv - Felicity interfered again. - We have much to

talk about, and Sara goes away soon after the funeral. - Seeing the distress of air in

the daughter's face, he added softly: - Go have fun, love, long ago you do not

review their homeland, and certainly should be wistful.

Giving conversation finished, Felicity fired u is Matt, and with a brief nod,

he turned his wheelchair and left the kitchen.

Page 34: Betrayed by Destination

Olivia stood there, her heart pounding.

How many revelations yet it would be made? How many things would


For a moment he considered leaving after the grandmother's funeral. After all, that

was his world, was now no more!

He raised his head and stared at the gray eyes of Matt.

His gaze told him that a lot was not passed ...


Abbot's Norton seemed calm that morning of August. On market days, the

city swarmed with people, Olivia remembered with nostalgia for the time when his

father brought everyone to have fun while he sold the produce grown on the farm.

The trip had been only twenty minutes in the Ranger Rover jeep that

Matthew was driving at a speed that would have left her terrified now did not know

him as a driver.

Hardly spoke during the race except for a few superficial comments about

the crop and time. A palpable tension had settled between them. Matthew kept his

gaze fixed on the road, as if it could alleviate the embarrassment that dominated

them. And it was only when he was parking the jeep, right next to the hardware

store, Olivia said in a casual tone:

- What time do we meet?

- How? - He asked, surprised.

- What time do you want me to be here to go back?

- You come with me - he said, without admitting refusal.

Page 35: Betrayed by Destination

- I think not - Olivia replied, feeling a shiver run - his body as he pulled her

by the arm. - I'll walk there.

- I would like to have my company - Matt remarked, with a wry half smile,

leaving - the free suddenly. - After I have fulfilled my duties, could go eat at Jimmi

restaurant, what do you think?

Olivia felt her heart races r up. For a moment he imagined that nothing had

changed. She was in Matt's company, like the old days, and go to Jimmi restaurant,

like they used to a decade ago, when everything was perfect between them, when

love was all that existed. He took a deep breath, as if to get rid of the memories of

the past, and refused:

- No, thank you.

- Why not? - He insisted, with a half irritated tone.

- Because ... well ... because I think it would be good that we are walking

together around. I think people could talk, and I would not want to disrupt your life

with Helen.

- I do not care a damn about it. - He shrugged indifferently.

- But I care! I do not understand, Matt, yesterday you said we could not be

friends because he was married and now ...

- Friends! Of course we can not be friends and know that I feel about you

has nothing to do with friendship, Liv.

- Matt!

- It's no use running away, Liv. I can not stop thinking about you. As soon as

I opened my eyes this morning I could not wait to be near you. It's stronger than


They were both leaning against the jeep, and Matt pulled her ju nto her.

She could feel the weight of his legs against her. With hand, Matthew held his head

Page 36: Betrayed by Destination

facing forward, forcing -. The encara- you in the eye

if to rise a little, could play - his lips, Olivia thought, vibrating with desire.

- Do not tell me that does not feel proud to hear that, you know, and I know

you're delirious with joy. It must be exciting for a woman to know that a man want

both the bridge forget your pride! - He said with bitterness in his voice.

Before Matt knew what he was doing, Olivia Below: or up, and escaped

through his arms. When she looked back, she saw he followed with quick steps. He

entered a women's clothing store and hide if u-behind huge crowded media

hangers. He chose two jeans and take water are to the dressing room. Did not

intend to buy anything, the only thing she wanted was free r is Matt and

intoxicating sensations he caused you. Once you take some time in the dressing

room, went out and returned the two pieces to the hanger.

- They were good, miss? - Asked a saleswoman who approached to meet - it.

Olivia tried to smile as naturally he could:

- No, not dressed very well. I guess I'm a little too thin for this type of cut.

With a token of appreciation and a smile more, he left the store.

The hot sun oblige the water to move fast. I had to find a bus stop to return to

Lower Mychett. I did not want to come back with Matt did not want to keep it

because it could not be responsible for the consequences of their actions.

- Did you find anything interesting? - That voice was unmistakable.

- No - Olivia said, shaking imperceptibly.

- Okay, you won - Matt recognized discouraged. - I did not want to come

with me and still avoiding me. Why, Olivia? Afraid of what I represent for you?

Afraid of not resist and fall into my arms?

- There is just one day you told me you did not think I could ever TE loved

him. If this is true, why would be afraid to stay with him?

Matthew laughed, a most ironic laughter than of joy.

Page 37: Betrayed by Destination

- I think I was wrong, Liv. As I was wrong when I said I would not call her

by the nickname that always treated her ten years ago.

Olivia did not know what to say. He said nothing, just staring at those deep

blue eyes.

- By the way, you always had the gift of making me act in a manner

inconsistent, contradictory. - He took a deep breath and continued: - I know it's a

mistake to be here with you, but it was stronger than me ...

Olivia felt a sinking heart. Matt was sincere, opening his soul, making clear

all your feeling.

If she were honest with herself and with him also say that what he wanted

most was to stay beside him, r-indulges kissing as dreamed, those manly hands so

well knew caress.

- Let's forget everything, Matt! Let's walk around a bit. After all, ten years is

a long time and we can not analyze what we are feeling well, at first.

Having said that, Olivia started walking, followed by a downcast and

thoughtful Matt.

They toured the city, side by side, speaking only platitudes. Olivia was glad

to see that place that had been so familiar. His only joy was not complete because

an avalanche of contradictory feelings flooded. - His heart had never imagined he

could still love both Matthew. However when she saw him at the airport, I heard

that ten years could mean nothing when it came to a great love.

They were walking was more than an hour when Matthew said:

- I think I will Deix her walking alone and fulfill my obligations. After all,

you have much to see, do not you?

- Great - she agreed with a smile.

Page 38: Betrayed by Destination

- Matt! Matthew! - He shouted an attractive brunette who was behind them,

pushing a stroller. - As soon as I saw him I thought it was you, but it had been so

long since we've seen in I was afraid to be wrong.

- The ... hello, Julie! How are you? And David?

Olivia realized he was a bit embarrassed by unexpected encounter.

- We are well - Julie replied cheerfully. - I think you know - spoke, the

virand to Olivia, who did his best to go unnoticed. - You're Olivia, right?

- I ...

- Olivia came to attend the funeral of the grandmother - Matt interrupted

helpful, realizing his embarrassment. - She lives in the United States. Remember -

if Julie Redding, Liv? - He asked the virand to Olivia. - Julie used to come play

tennis with us in Ryc. Her mother and my classmates were.

- Now I'm Julie Moreon - the girl corrected, examining Olivia with

undisguised curiosity - I'm remembering - said suddenly. - You two were close,

were not they? Before Matt r It is home to Helen, of course.

His implication was clear and direct.

- We're friends to this day - Olivia replied coldly. - Unfortunately I had to

go to America to work but never forgot the old friendships.

- How interesting! Funerals, though sad, can bring people together not seen

for years, right? - Julie said with an irony that made the blood boil in the veins


- It's true - agreed harshly.

Julie evidently realized the danger in the air and decided to retreat.

- It was wonderful to find - it again Matt - said the dirigind exclusively to it.

- Too bad we are not alone, otherwise we could have lunch together.

- Will not you join us? - Olivia asked, suddenly, with a wry smile. - Let's

meet some friends in Jimmi restaurant, and if you want you can join our meeting.

Page 39: Betrayed by Destination

- It is for another time - Julie refused, politely, as realized the voice of


- And the baby, how are you? - Matt asked, trying to be kind, to alleviate the

heavy atmosphere that had formed between them.

- Great, great - Julie said with a forced smile. - Kisses to Helen!

When the girl continued on her way, pushing the cart with a rush that made

him jump over the uneven pavement, Olivia realized what he had done. Matt left in

bad situation in front of a friend of Helen Berrenger now Helen Ryan, she thought,


- Why did you do this, Olivia? There was no reason to treat Julie so badly.

- Are you sure, Matt? For I saw many reasons for hair salon will it the way I

treated her. It was ironic and insinuated that we were anything more than friends.

So just defended myself!

- Did you know that she is the best friend of Helen?

- So what? I did not know he had to hide when he invited me to come with


- And do not even! But before appearing Julie had just declined my

invitation to lunch - he replied, ill - tempered.

- I changed my mind, ready.

- Do not make a fool of me, Liv. You know you will not get it. If he wanted

to stay with me I should not have gone.

- Who said you wanna be with you? - Olivia cried indignantly. - I'll walk a

bit to cool off. I'll meet you later.

- Now let's have lunch together. You told her we were going to Jimmi

restaurant, and that's where we're going! - Matt decided, with a hard tone, grabbing

- her arm so hard that she groaned in pain. - Julie knows everybody in this town. It

will get worse if we do not.

Page 40: Betrayed by Destination

- But ... I thought ... I thought I did not want to see us together in a place so

known as Jimmi restaurant - Olivia stammered, rubbing his sore arm.

- Do not talk nonsense! I brought you here, did not bring? If we were having

an affair it is of course not take her to a place where we could be seen.

- I see. But you did not have many things to do, he has not done.

- I will later. Now I need a drink. Let's Jimmi restaurant was next to the

Hotel Crown at the end of main street of Abbot's Norton.

Had always been there, Olivia remembered. How many times she and Matt

had taken those delicious drinks that only the bartender there sa bia prepare while

waiting for the dinner.

"Good if the past could come back," he thought with a wistful sigh.

Many memories came - you to mind, memories of the time that for her there was

only Matt and her love for him.

How many times have fled from everything, just to be together, alone, enjoying

each other's company, just savoring the caresses, which over time were each more


Matt had always been a wonderful man, and treated her like a princess. He was

always attentive to their minimum desires their minor needs.

- Why are you so quiet? - Matt asked suddenly. - Are you afraid of me to

kiss in public like you used to before? - Teased.

- We are no longer teenagers, and besides, I'm sure it's still a gentleman.

- It used to be, before you go - Matt replied with a sadness in his voice that

made her look at him frightened.

A tense silence fell between the two. There was voice of recrimination Matt,

Olivia realized. How to do it to understand that had left him for his own good? No,

he could not ...

Matt changed the subject quickly, as if to make him remember badly:

Page 41: Betrayed by Destination

- You mean then that will not come back right after the funeral?

- Mom wants me to stay a little longer.

- And you? Also you want?

- Of course! It is wonderful to review the entire family.

- So why did not you come see - them before? I was too busy winning


- You have the right to talk to me, Matt!

- You're right, sorry! I'm trying to be impersonal, but it is very difficult - he


- Not lost the habit of jumping to conclusions - scolded. - Things are not that


- Not even? You mean you went away for reasons other than the obvious?

- No, I'm saying that I had reasons not to come back before, that's all.

- I?

- Do you? No of course not! - She denied vehemently. "I need to change the

course of the conversation," he thought afflicted. "It's getting too dangerous." - I

thought ... I thought my father had not forgiven me - said with trembling voice. -

And I had not.

- It was too hard on you?

- I'd rather not talk about it now, if you please.

- All right. But he was so even that did not come back before? - Matt


- It was.

I did not talk about Grandma or on the terrible secret. They were silent for a

moment, sipping wine until Matt invited her to lunch.

- We could not eat a sandwich here? It's so nice out here!

Page 42: Betrayed by Destination

The summer bar restaurant was in a beautiful courtyard full of leafy trees

that provided a cool shade.

- Are not you hungry?

- Just a little bit. Would I like a ham sandwich and coffee, if they still have.

- I'm sure that yes - Matt said, the levantand up. - Wait here, I will seek.

Olivia stood there, alone, lost in her own thoughts. Stay with Matt was like

walking on the edge of a precipice: anytime could fall

Matt returned a few minutes later, carrying a platter of assorted sandwiches, ham

and cheese egg with mayonnaise. The smell of freshly baked bread was delicious

and the view - it felt like Olivia experience all.

- The waitress is about to bring coffee - he said, pulling his chair closer to

Olivia and the sentand up. - Serve - up.

Long ago she did not eat so desire.

- Are great, right? - He spoke, the servind is an egg with mayonnaise. - I had

even forgotten the taste of fresh bread. Back in New York only encounter

industrialized breads. Perry ...

He stopped abruptly, annoyed by having touched the name of Perry.

- Who is Perry? - Matt asked, furrowing his thick eyebrows. - Is the man


- I do not live with him - Olivia corrected. - I have my apartment and he has

his, but ... we are friends, yes.

- It was he who helped in business, right? And did it for nothing?

- You're wrong, Matt. All I got was alone with my own initiative. I spent a

hard time getting to settle down, but I see it was worth. I owe nothing to anyone if

you ask me. So I'm so proud of what I have. All fruit of my sweat! - Olivia said,

irritated. I see u and grumbled - I do not know why I'm telling you all this. I do not

think I lh r explanation, right?

Page 43: Betrayed by Destination

Matt did not answer. As if he had not heard the question Olivia, she asked:

- Where did you meet? He did not strike me as the kind of friend Stephen

Kramer would like to have.

Pretending not to notice the irony in his comment, Olivia said.

- We met when I was taking care of the children of a South diplomat -

American. I love children, especially of others - Olivia teased, in a futile attempt

and make the less charged environment. - When Kramer returned to England, I was

working with Martinez, and end of story.

- What that Perry do in life?

- Never mind you - Olivia snapped, angrier still with his questions.

- What's wrong with telling me? After all, you also interested in knowing

about my life, right?

Olivia had to admit that Matt was right. Then hurriedly began to speak:

- He ... he works in the stock market. It is a very nice person, who get along.

And it's only! - So instead of trying to change the course of the conversation, she

asked: - Do you think the coffee will take?

- He works on Wall Street? - Matt persisted, giving them no respite.

Olivia realized that was not going to be able to continue talking about Perry when

he wanted most was to have Matt beside him, recovering all the love that had been

dammed in his chest for so many years

- That's enough, Matt. I will not be here answering his interrogation!

Fortunately the waitress that moment arrived with the coffee and gave Olivia

the time to regain her composure.


Page 44: Betrayed by Destination

Olivia was fourteen when he spoke to Matt Ryan for the first time. As a

child heard it and liked to see - you pass through the city streets, or on horseback

beside the mother or the huge black Bentley beside the father.

The Ryan family was well known in Lower Mychett. All commented on the story

of Matt's ancestors, family tradition and power, plus a wealth without limits.

The girls of the city, almost without exception, vied look or a smile from

him. Matthew was a serious and mature young man very different from his father,

known in the region for his amorous adventures.

The Jenny Mason's mother told he was only born two years after the parents'

marriage and that after his birth, Lavinia never been able to have children. Grown

alone among adults and therefore acquired that early mature personality.

Until the age of thirteen had attended the local school and outside study in

Winchester, only returning during holiday periods. Olivia used to think of him

whenever he felt sad or lonely.

She also had problems in childhood, especially after the birth of Sarah and

Andrew. Harriet Stoner thought must be always ready to take care of brothers and

to help in the house. Rarely attending parties or clubs, and when I went was for his

mother's intercession with her grandmother.

At fourteen-year-old saved Matthew's dog that had fallen into the river. And it was

this incident that changed his life completely. Was walking alone on the river

banks, a gray and dreary afternoon, when suddenly saw the dog struggling in the

water. Looking tired, and their barks were getting weaker, if not take a quick

decision, he would die soon. In a thoughtless gesture, he took off his coat and

shoes and entered the river. It was summer and the water was warm.

The dog seemed to realize that she would help because you stopped

struggling and barking. Olivia came to him, dropped his hind legs that had been

trapped in a tangle of water plants and carrying out -. In my arms

Page 45: Betrayed by Destination

When he reached the shore, or sit on the soft grass and Deix or up staying there,

resting. The dog remained quietly at his side, watching for his rest.

- Hey Girl! What are you doing there with my dog?

It was the first time Olivia heard the voice of Matthew. Volt or indignant and

gave him standing behind her, tall and tanned, with black hair tousled by the wind

and gray eyes bright with anger. He wore faded jeans and a cotton shirt with short

sleeves, striped red and white. Only his aristocratic him apart from the other guys

in town.

- I will not rouba- it, do not worry - Olivia replied, offended. - If the dog

belongs to you, you should better look for him. Almost drowned in the river.

- How? He fell into the river? - Matt scare or up.

- Probably it was hot and it was cool, but arrested the two hind legs in plants.

- And it was you who saved him?

- What do you think? Can not you see my clothes? - Olivia Irrit or up. - My

grandmother will be a beast with me when I get home.

- It does not usually run, but today, as I was training, I think we got tired and

decided to disappear - Matt joked, already convinced of the truth of the story she

had told him.

- How's his name? - Olivia wondered, for she was sympathizing with the


- You will not believe, but his name is Leander. I'll have to watch this kid

going forward. It is able to repeat the feat and not have someone like you around

him again - Matt spoke, the ajoelhand to the side and fondly stroking the wet hair

of the dog.

It was nice to be there talking to Matthew Ryan, she thought, amazed at the

friendliness and simplicity of that boy whose life was the target of attention of an

Page 46: Betrayed by Destination

entire city. But it was getting late and the way back to the farm was long and desert


As if guessing his thoughts, Matt reassure ua:

- Do not worry, I will get my jeep nearby and take you home.

A strange feeling did decline the offer.

- No, thank you. I'm fine alone.

Did not want to be seen with him, I wanted this meeting was a secret

between the two, an adventure which only they participate.

- It is my obligation will accompany it, would not feel right leaving - to walk

alone through these woods at this time.

Olivia felt u was flattered. It was exciting to know that Matthew Ryan cared

about her, he thought, with air brejeiro.

Even so, he declined the offer, and after putting on the shoes get his coat that

he carried with him, wherever he went embrenh or up into the woods.

Only they met again two years later. It was a cold February afternoon, and

she was coming back bike Jenn Mason house.

Suddenly, he turned the bend in the road, he saw a car stopped almost in front. He

tried to turn but could not, tried to stop but the brakes failed on the slippery track

covered with ice. In a split second, he decided to jump and let the bike if

espatifasse the stops - car crash.

And then he saw Matthew Ryan running toward her, scared.

- Are you okay? Are you hurt?

- Es ...'m okay - said, embarrassed, stretched on the ground and the snow

water soaked clothes.

- Did not I know you from somewhere?

He did not seem to remember her, Olivia found, disappointed. Lying there

on the ice, could not help but notice how grown in those years. It was taller than

Page 47: Betrayed by Destination

boys he knew, and light eyes seemed even more beautiful. Wavy hair was longer

than the last time I saw him and his teenage body acquired an athletic and manly


- You know, yes - replied, with irony. - Do not you remember my name?

- The name is a detail, but never forgot those blue eyes - he replied, gallant.

- Practice to escape awkward situations - Olivia joked. R tried to raise up,

but soon gave up the idea.

- Allow me to help, should be all painful - Matt said putting his arm around

his fragile and delicate waist, lifting - carefully.

- Thank you, I'm sore all the same.

- We are always finding ourselves in difficult situations, right? - He said


"What a wonderful smile," Olivia thought, supporting her body in his arms,

trying to stretch your legs to see if he was whole.

- I think everything is in order, it was just the scare - spoke. - But what about

your car?

- Bogged down in that ditch. The ice melted when I went and the wheels fell


- And my bike? - Olivia asked, looking around.

- We may have problems - Matt warned, heading for the place where the

bike was lying. - I think the front wheel bent.

- Bent? And now? How am I going to get home? - Olivia afflict u up.

- Calm down, of course I will lev it.

- But your car is stuck!

- Want to help me?

- Of course! Well, if I can.

- Know drive?

Page 48: Betrayed by Destination

Olivia laughed.

- Well, I once guided a tractor on the farm there. But it was not!

- That's something. You know engage the gears, then?

- I think I know.

- I'll tell you what I do - Matt said with an authority that made her look at

him amazed.

They worked together for more than an hour until, suddenly, a late start, the car out

of the ditch.

- Beware! Do not go pass over me - Matt yelled, laughing.

Then he ran to the car, opened the door and help water to go down.

- Thanks, saved my life, I do not know what would have become of me

without your help - thanked smiling. - I owe you this too.

- It was a pleasure, but what now? How will I do with my bike?

- Now it is I who will Bailout will it. To begin, I'll put your bike on the door

- bags and then we will lev it to Sam.

- Sam? Sam?

- A mechanic friend of mine. Come on, now.

- Now? But it's too late! What I will say when you get home?

- What happened an accident with his bike and I helped, which after all is the

truth - Matt said, slightly annoyed at her indecision.

Olivia hesitated between fear of facing her father and Harriet and the

excitement of spending time near it.

Finally his spirit of adventure won, and she agreed to go with him to the mechanic.

Inside the car first observed firmness and security with which he drove. I felt

- is so confident that the speed did not frighten her, on the contrary, gave - you a

wonderful sense of freedom never experienced before.

Page 49: Betrayed by Destination

Sam Pollack was the man who repaired the machines and tractors farm,

Olivia remembered terrified as they entered the shop and he came to receive them.

And outside forget it? Now, if you tell everything to your father?

But apparently Sam was more concerned about pleasing Matthew than in

watching the girl who accompanied him.

- Do the best you can - Matt recommended.

- She'll be brand new - Sam assured - but will only be pr onta next week.

Olivia's heart beat wildly.

- I need to put a new wheel - explained the mechanic - This one is over.

- A new wheel? - Olivia groaned.

- Do not worry, I make a point of hitting expenses Sam - Matt reassure

water, realizing his concern. - It was my fault.

Giving the conversation to a close, Matt thanked Sam and spoke to Olivia:

- I think we'd better go. It's already getting late. I live on the farm.

- I know.

- How do you know where I live? - She frowned.

- So I thought I would not want to know who was from that day that saved

my dog? I know all about you Olivia, or better, Liv. I will call it so?

- How ... how you want. At home already call me that.

- Then I will call her Liv.

Robert Stoner well disguised its irritation at seeing - her come up with the

son of Ryan. Its respect for family oblige uo to receive them with courtesy,

although there remained a bit cold and distant while chatting with Matt, who made

sure to take all the blame.

Even Harriet Stoner managed to blame the granddaughter of something.

It seemed that finally everything ended well, Olivia had thought relieved, watching

the family gathered around him. Later I understand what was wrong.

Page 50: Betrayed by Destination

Sam handed the bike ahead of schedule and at the end of next week, Matt

came to see if everything was in order. When he arrived, he found all gathered

around the table for Sunday lunch.

- Whether r-sit and have lunch with us? - Felicity asked gently. - It's so rare

to receive visits!

The knowing look Felicity Matt passed through to Olivia, as the encouraging

feeling - at ease. Despite Harriet's disapproval of the air, Matt accepted the

invitation and soon showed perfectly integrated into the environment, talking to

Robert and Andrew and praising the dishes for Felicity and Harriet.

After lunch, Olivia helped clear the table and when he was alone with her in the

kitchen, I invite u to go to a party that wanted to give in Rycroft.

- I would love it to be - talked enthusiastically. - Just for a few classmates

and some people here that you should know.

Olivia felt - if undecided. Desperately wanted to go, but he was sure that his

parents would not allow, unless he could convinces them that Matt's parents had a


- What it was? - Matt asked surprised. - Do not like parties?

- That's not it.

- What is it then? It does not seem enthusiastic about the idea.

- Is ... is that ... is that my father will not leave. Maybe if ... your mother ...

- My parents are traveling, they went to the Caribbean. That is why I will

give the party - he explained. - To take advantage of their absence.

- Well ... then ... then he was very kind, but I think I will not be able to go.

- You will not do this to me, are you? I want to give this party just to see you


- No ... not my fault. I know my father, and I know he will not allow when

you know that your parents are traveling - Olivia justified, shy.

Page 51: Betrayed by Destination

- I want to see - her again, Liv - Matt said quietly, coming very close to

where she was. - I'm sure you also want.

They were so close that she could feel in your face warm and fragrant

breath. They stood there, looking at each other desire of avid until Matt pulled

gently a strand of blond hair that fell over her delicate forehead.

- How beautiful, Liv! - She whispered, stroking his face with his fingertips.

- Please, Matt, let's go back to the room - she asked, worried about what they

were thinking in the absence of both.

- He does not trust anyone.

Matt looked at her with so much desire she did not know how to disguise the

feeling of faintness that blurred his vision and let shaky legs.

- Okay, Liv. I will give up the party. Do you think he would allow me to take

her to the cinema in Abbot's Norton? - Matt insisted.

- But there are so many other girls who would like to go out with you -

Olivia argued weakly. - I think he's feeling compelled to go out with me just

because I helped him.

- You do not have to find anything - Matt replied, pulling - the to him. - In

addition, the only girl I care about is you.

- But ... maybe ... maybe there are others that combine more you like ... as

Helen Berrenger, for example.

- Sshh! Hush! -Matt Murmured, curvand the up and leaning her head on her

hair fragrant. - If you do not go out with me just talk, do not need to use excuses,

but I know you want as much as I - he said, softly.

They looked - again at length. Then, very slowly Matt held her face in her

hands, lean uo for you landed his lips on hers, waiting, parted a whirlwind of

emotions engulfed the two. When they parted they were both breathing heavily.

Matt was the first to speak.

Page 52: Betrayed by Destination

- I think ... that now is convinced, right?

- I am. I'll go to the movies with you - Olivia replied with a twinkle in his

eye that made you her again beij.

This time it was a smooth, full of tenderness kiss. When Olivia opened her eyes her

entire body was shaking.

- Oh, Matt! - She sighed.

- I did not say who would want to go out with me? - He joked. - Women

have a crush on me.

From then on things got complicated. Although Robert Stoner had allowed

her to go to the movies with Matt, the other times he had asked his permission to

go out with Olivia always arranged an excuse. The main one was that lady Lavinia

would not like to know that they were dating.

Harriet Stoner supported the child with enthusiasm, and together they put

away all the fragile attempts to Felicity to help the couple.

- People like us do not get involved with people like Ryan

- Robert said. - Matthew is thrilled with its beauty, but this will soon pass, Liv. I do

not want your name mouth to mouth in Lower Mychett, not as common reason like


- What common reason is that? - Olivia retorted, surprised. - We want to

know us better, that's all.

- Now, Olivia Stoner! - Harriet exclaimed, with cold and authoritative voice.

- Do not be naive! Of course you know why the young Matthew is so interested in


- The only thing I know is that we like to be together, but for this we need

the father's consent - Olivia responded angrily.

Page 53: Betrayed by Destination

- Well, well, Liv! - Harriet was still relentless. - Matthew's no fool. You're

thinking that you are an easy girl and wants to take advantage of it. Time to get

married, do not want you, but a girl like Helen Berrenger.


Olivia had never believed in the words full of Grandma's poison. Much later,

when looking back, he recognized who had been naive in some spots. Matthew

never lied to her, had always been loyal and sincere.

Realizing that every request would be refused, he decided to face his father's

wrath and grandmother and began attending Rycroft openly.

Despite feeling a little intimidated in the presence of Lady Lavinia, liked to hang

out with Matt's friends, who did not They came out of there, always cheerful and


Their relationship became stronger with time, thanks in part to the opposition that

they had to face by Robert and Harriet.

Gradually realizing that Olivia was his strongest ally Felicity was, and now has

more and more with the discreet but efficient assistance of the mother.

Until I met Matthew, she had never kissed a man. I had never cared for the

invitations he received, always refused the delicately. Matt was different. Olivia

had not the slightest desire to distancing him when he kissed her. On the contrary,

his whole body vibrated desire and for the first time ever, began to feel that only

the kiss was not enough.

One night he took her to dinner at Salisbury. The next morning back to

college in London, after the long vacation of three months.

The separation promised to be difficult, and Olivia felt - sad and depressed.

Page 54: Betrayed by Destination

On the way back, were stopping in places that brought them pleasant memories, as

the bank of River, where she saved the dog and where they had talked for the first


It was late, and the moon illuminated the water, lending - you a silver tone

so beautiful Olivia forgot her grief for a few moments and exclaimed excitedly:

- Oh, Matt! How wonderful! It would be perfect if you were not leaving


- I'll be back within five days, dear.

- Five days? It is an eternity! - She sighed wearily.

- I know, but I will graduate soon, and then we can be together forever.

- Really? Will not you miss me? - Olivia asked softly, stroking his lips with

your fingertips.

- How could I forget you? Why are you so pessimistic, Liv? He has been

talking to your father?

- You know he and my grandmother are sure they will forget about me so go

back to college - she said with a sad voice.

- But you do not believe in them, right? - Matt indign or up, staring at the

gloomy face of Olivia.

- No ... I do not know. I'm so confused.

- Please Liv! - Matt whispered, pulling - against the chest. - I love you so

much! I need you so much!

- Really? - She murmured, the aconchegand up in his arms

strong and muscular.

- Truth. I never thought anybody after that afternoon that saved my dog.

Matt held her tight in his arms and all the time covered his face with kisses.

Olivia could hardly speak.

- I know, but ... is that I am. .. I'm scared, Matt - Olivia queix or up, weakly.

Page 55: Betrayed by Destination

- Fear? Fear of what? What did she tell you? Come on, Liv, need to know.

- I can not tell, Matt.

- Can not or will not? - Matt asked, his voice rough. Suddenly he turned

back, sorry. - Sorry, Liv. I should not have spoken to you like that. Do you see

what she did to us? We are here discussing on the eve of my departure.

Olivia did not hold back anymore, wrapped his arms around Matt's neck and

pull uo for you, offering - her sexy lips.

After a few moments, he tried to will it Aw, but when Olivia opened her

shirt buttons and introduced his hand, stroking his bare chest, stopped reacting. He

pressed his lips to hers with a passion that took her breath away. The banks of the

sports car were not very spacious and the long legs of Matt fought hard to find a

suitable position. Finally he managed to arrange r is so that you have almost the

entire body over his Olivia.

Although he was afraid of what was to happen, she wanted to be intensely

with Matt. Her breasts brushed against his chest suddenly felt the manly hands

underneath the knitted wool that direct wore over her bra. Quietly, giving - you

time to back off if he wanted to, he opened the latch.

- No, no, Matt! - Olivia groaned, trying distancing it, ma s sentind the up

faint. Their protests were just hoarse groans.

- Please Liv! I love you so much! What I want most is to be with you. Do

not deny me this!

As he spoke, he stroked the hard breasts of desire. The strength of the

instincts was so great that Olivia u forget it all and everyone. He returned his kiss

as he had never done so. He put his tongue between her lips parted Matt u touch it

the roof of the mouth. He kissed him and then abandoning - his mouth, bowed his

head, passion mad, and held the pink nipples between his teeth, biting - the

Page 56: Betrayed by Destination

delicately. Olivia tilt or even more in the bank and offers u her breasts keeping his

head caught between hands and begging - him I did not stop to kiss them.

- Please, Matt! Please!

Matt was breathing hard and his hands seemed crazed. They slid the delicate

waist Olivia, walked on its concave belly and caressed with passion their sculptural

thighs and her swollen breasts. Olivia moaned with pleasure. He knew he could

later regret, but at that moment what he wanted most was to have the whole body

of Matt glued to yours, feel force of his masculinity and consummate the pleasure

he gave her. When Matt touched the inside of her thighs, Olivia could not help


- Oh, Matt, I want you so much!

- Enough, Liv. We can not continue. Not right.

- Why not?

- Not here in this car, Liv. You do not deserve it. Oh God! What was I


- Sorry - Olivia whispered, ajeitand the up as best he could, trying to master

the desire that consumed her.

- I is that I apologize, did not know myself.

- But I encouraged - Olivia recrimin or up, embarrassed.

- Of course, you want me as much as I wish, but I had an obligation to have

stopped before - Matt spoke, the endireitand on the bench and smoothing her

tousled hair. - It's so young still, Liv!

- But I want you, Matt!

- I love you too much, and you too desire!

- But ... why ... why stop?

Page 57: Betrayed by Destination

- Because I love you, Liv, and do not want it that way. We can wait until

marriage. By then I prove to everyone that I love you very much and want her for

my wife, not as a hobby!

They did not wait until marriage. So Matt went back to university she gave

up studying and got a job. It was a scandal in the family, but Olivia stood firm to

the end. The desire to be independent gave him strength to face the disapproval of


The job was in Winchester and she worked only until five o'clock. I liked

what he was doing and felt - happily playing with the kids in daycare. Upon

leaving, he took the train to London and found - with Matt, who was esper will it at

Waterloo Station.

Strolled through the city in hand, they dined in a delightful restaurant by the

Thames and then Matt took her back to the station. I came home at ten o'clock at

night and the next day had to be at work at nine in the morning.

One day, Matt realized their dark circles.

- I'll start it will drive lev. It is very dejected - said,


- But then you will you get tired of going back and forth every day from

Lower Mychett. Despite being close, it's very tiring.

- No matter, do not want to see those dark circles around these his beautiful

blue eyes - he said, kissing her eyelids fondly.

- I'm just a little tired, it happens.

- Oh, Liv! You are the most important thing in my life! No, I get away with


- It will not happen - Olivia reassure uo, flattered by his concern.

Page 58: Betrayed by Destination

The atmosphere in the house had been tense after his decision to work at

Winchester and tenser still when they discovered it was coming late every night

and accompanied by Matt.

One afternoon, when getting off the train at Waterloo, did not see Matt. It

was the first time he was not going will fetch it, he thought, worried. He wanted to

call the boarding house where he lived, but had forgotten the agenda which had

noted the number.

"Maybe in Rycroft," he said hopeful, but soon gave up the idea. Did not know how

his parents would react to seeing -. It call there looking for Matt

suddenly she felt someone touching his arm. Or come up startled and gave a

strange boy, staring - the dazzled.

- Do not touch me! Go away! - Olivia said, looking with eyes someone who

could socorre- it. - If you do not leave immediately, I'll scream.

- Easy, easy - the boy asked, startled by her air and action!

- I'm friends with Matt Ryan. You're Olivia, Liv, is not it? He said to look for the

most beautiful girl of the season - joked.

- It was easy.

- You know Matthew? - Olivia asked suspiciously.

- I am his colleague and lived in the same pension. My Mac Connolly name.

I think he did not tell me, do you?

- Nã ... no. Yes, yes, he said. Now I remember. But what are you doing here?

Has something happened to Matt? - The lívia was beginning to panic.

- More or less. He sprained his ankle and must remain at rest for a few days.

It is using plaster, but it will get well soon.

Suddenly she felt alone and helpless. How would bear fi car without seeing

Matt until he got well again? He would not be able to guide and she would have to

Page 59: Betrayed by Destination

return home alone. He was so accustomed to his company that could not even think

of staying without seeing - so, even for a short time.

- How ... how was this happening? - He asked, weakly?

- Playing rugby.

- Oh, my God! You're hurting a lot?

- A little, but it's taking painkillers and will soon pass.

Looking - with a smile, Mac invited: - Shall we?

- Where?

- Go visit- it, right? - Mac strange.

- No ... I do not know.

- I have strict orders lev will it to me - the boy played.

- All right, let's - Olivia agreed, apprehensive.

The pension was on a dead end street, next to the university. It was an old

four-story building, so old that the elevator had screen door and lever.

While they were going up to the top floor, where it was Matt's bedroom, they

found a lot of girls and they all asked for it.

Mac looked sheepishly to Olivia and said that his friend was right.

"Matt is very popular among girls," Olivia thought with jealousy, but soon shifted

their attention and Worry or with the excuse that would give the father when he

saw her coming home alone and much later than usual.

As they entered the room, Olivia went to Matt and ATIR or herself into his arms,


- Oh, Matt! Are you okay? - He asked nervously.

- Easy, easy! I'm fine, do not worry - he soothed, hugging - tightly and

putting - to sitting on his knees.

- Brought - safe and sound, friend - Mac joked, already preparing to retire


Page 60: Betrayed by Destination

- Thanks, Mac was a buddy. - Matt thanked, smiling.

- Up anytime, friends - u goodbye to Mac, going out and closing the door

behind her carefully.

- Not I left him - Olivia said softly, his face glued to Matt.

- Sorry, dear, I do not expect that. The doctor said I have and stay a few

weeks without driving. I will not be able lev will it to his house.

- I understand - Olivia whispered, nestling in his arms - the M'll miss.

Matt u caress her hair tenderly and gently kiss u.

- How will we meet? - She asked anxiously.

- In this regard no problem. I do everything slowly but not stopped walking.

I'm worried about you.

- Nonsense, Matt. I train back, as it did before you take me.

- That's what worries me. And if he was here? - He suggested.

- Not here in the room, of course - he corrected soon, seeing the look of

amazement on her face. - Here at the Inn. The third floor is only for girls.

- I know - Olivia responded with malicious air. - All they asked for you.

- They are very friendly but has no like you.

- I'm glad you think so, otherwise he would have to answer to me. - Olivia

laughed and aconcheg or even more to it. - But seriously now, Matt, as would

justify my parents stay living here just because you can not take me home?

- I think they also feel calmer if he had to return alone every night, Liv.

Winchester to London are only twenty minutes and you'll be here at the inn before

six o'clock.

- I do not know, I find it hard my father and grandmother agree with that.

- Let's not do anything wrong, Liv. When you look good, again I will lev it


Page 61: Betrayed by Destination

- I'll try to talk to them tomorrow - Olivia promised. Robert and Harriet

Stoner did not like the idea, but Felicity interceded on behalf of his daughter, using

as main argument security, and eventually got that Robert gave his consent.

- Both are responsible, Bob - she said, persuasive. - They will not do

anything wrong, I'm sure, and I'll feel much calmer with Matt looking Liv.

- And Ryan? - Bob replied. - How will react when they learn?

- There is no reason to get upset, just for a while. Once Matt look good, it

will again bring Liv home.

Olivia had never felt so happy in life. After returning from Winchester, took

advantage to know London. Although Matt can not always accompany her will, he

did not fail to give their walks through beautiful parks and gardens that adorned the


When it came to the board, always came with a twinkle in his eye that made

more passionate Matt yet. It was becoming almost impossible for the two say good

- night and to separate at bedtime.

Matt had more willpower than Olivia. He decided to forbid her to come see -

him in his room. Was he himself who would visit her in her will, so that it can go

as thought necessary. However, Olivia did everything to stop - it to go.

Matt resisted as he could, but there was a night that gave up fighting and


Matt was almost recovered, and one night invited Liv to take a walk.

Euphoric, she put a pair of jeans, a color cotton shirt - from - pink, and as

adornment only the golden thread that Matt won by completing seventeen.

They walked for a long time, very slowly, so it does not force the injured

foot, and then sat in a bar and took ice cream.

Page 62: Betrayed by Destination

The night was beautiful, and there was a romantic mood in the air. When

they returned to the inn, it was very late. Matt accompanied Liv until the door as


- Want to get some? - Olivia invited.

- Not tired?

- No, and you?

- Neither.

Both entered, aware of the intense magic that enveloped them. They stood,

standing, just looking, overflowing with love. Matt took a step toward Liv and take

ua in his arms, kissing - the eagerly.

- Oh, Liv, is not right, I know, but what desire is to be with you, together,

not separate me anymore. I wish you both!

Hands caressed -. His back, neck, sliding her breasts gently and passion

Olivia felt faint u up at the touch so subtle at the same time loaded with so much


- I also want you very much, Matt, much more than I thought to want

someone one day!

The words of Olivia did the passion that both Matt dammed explode


The manly lips sought hers, frantically. There was no reason, just emotion.

Quickly, he was unbuttoning her blouse Olivia, eyes admiring the perfect

body of the beloved woman, hands seeking, touching, trying to discover every

ounce of soft skin.

For a moment she was afraid, but soon give over or to the touch.

Within seconds they lay in bed, still fully dressed Matt and Olivia only in jeans and

bra pants. Between kisses and caresses were undressing, the initial inhibition being

replaced by passion rage.

Page 63: Betrayed by Destination

Olivia knew that penetrated an unknown world, no return, but the desire to prevent

him from thinking clearly. I just wanted to be with Matt, belong to him and make

sure that it belonged to him entirely.

When both found themselves naked on the bed, Olivia pull uo against him

and hug u. It was wonderful to feel his skin brushing hers. Matt stroked by

touching each point that you could enhance your enjoyment. She had never been

able to think that being with the man she loved was so sublime.

There were times when the wave of desire was so strong that she was afraid of

machuca- it. The physical need through his body made her breathless, and Matt

continued stroking - with patience, as if he knew the right time to own - it.

Suddenly Olivia could take no more and pleaded: - Come on, Matt, do not make

me wait, please! Matt gently deit or over her, making - to feel all his manhood. For

Olivia, that moment seemed full of magic. When they finally came together, it felt

like a million stars light up the night. And together, they reached the climax,

wrapped in caresses and declarations of love.

It was as if a whole new world opened up before the dazzled eyes of Olivia.

The pleasure he gave him was so intense that she thought she would faint with

excitement. Both embraced with passion and rolled in bed as if they would not

separate anymore.

- My love, my love! - Matt said, ecstatic.

- Oh, Matt! How wonderful! - Olivia groaned, the sentind in the


- Liv! I love you so, so much! - Matt whispered, kissing - gently his eyelids,

cheeks and then her lips. - You are the most wonderful woman I've ever met in life.

- I love you too much, Matt, more than my own life. Never forget that!

At eighteen, however, his life turned edge - head. That's when her

grandmother had destroyed all hope of being happy.

Page 64: Betrayed by Destination

I never understood why Harriet Stoner had chosen that date to give you the

news that would end all its illusion.

Maybe she did not believe that relationship between granddaughter and Matthew

Ryan could last as long.

Olivia had always known that her grandmother did not like her, but never

suspected of how much would suffer.

Although Harriet have helped Felicity cri will it never felt any affection for

granddaughter, and Olivia could never understand the reason for such rejection.

Where remember what happened the day of his birthday, he experienced a

strange sensation, as if something unhealthy, terrible, between her and her


The day before, Matt had told her that his parents would offer a party Rycroft and

insisted to accept their invitation. It would be a kind of official relationship

between the two, he said enthusiastically. The whole town would know that they

were committed.

At first Olivia not been attracted by the idea, but then decided to accept the

invitation to meet Matt. After all, I could not refuse him what he wanted most, he

thought, minutes before speaking with Lady Lavinia, confirming his trip to the

mansion the next night.

On the morning of what should be one of the happiest of his life, Harriet

Stoner walked into his room saying that much needed to talk to her and suddenly,

before Olivia could understand what he was talking, told him it was sister Matthew

Ryan on his father's.

From that revelation, everything else ceased to matter to Olivia. The shock was so

great that she thought it was crazy. Then, gradually, his survival instinct made

react and a flurry of questions came over his mind.

- Mom would have told me - said desperately.

Page 65: Betrayed by Destination

- She can not. Robert never knew, and if she told you would be endangering

your own wedding - Harriet replied, relentless.

- But ... but she knows how Matt and I love each other - Olivia continued


- Felicity is a weak woman, could not bring himself to tell her.

The pain was so intense that it seemed that his body would be from the

middle. All your feelings seemed paralyzed. For a moment he thought about dying,

only death could assuage the terrible anguish.

- And Matthew Ryan knows? - He asked weakly.

- No, Felicity never told you.

Then Harriet showed him the letters that Matt's father had written to his

mother, Felicity Jennings at the time.

- I can not read, are private - Olivia protested. - Belong to them.

But Harriet forced her to read and stood beside her, pointing out the passages

that revealed the existence of a romance between the two.

How she managed those letters, Olivia did not know, but what mattered was

that they existed and Felicity do not destroyed in the course of all those years.

Suddenly Harriet showed him a letter that mother had written to Matthew

Ryan and Felicity confessed that it was going to have a baby it. There was no

doubt, it was kind - Matt's sister, daughter of the same father. There was the Stoner

drop of blood in his veins. She was also a Ryan.

- But if you knew my mother was pregnant with another man when she

married my father, why not tell him? It was his son! - Olivia shouted, desperate,

looking for his grandmother as if she were the very embodiment of evil.

- Because I did not know. Felicity did not leave the cards on display. I come

to find out later, and by then it was too late.

- This can not be happening to me - Olivia groaned. - Can not be true.

Page 66: Betrayed by Destination

- Your mother and Robert were childhood sweethearts and always loved -

Harriet said. - This Matthew was only an adventure, nothing more.

- But she said in the letter that she loved him, Grandma.

- I was wrong! Felicity was always very insecure - the grandmother said.

- Never spoke to her about it? - Olivia asked, not daring to look up to face front of


- For what? When you were born she already knew she loved Robert.

And out as soon as she arrived at the mansion of Ryan, heartbroken and

destroyed life.

No one except Harriet, suspected the reason for the intense pallor that dominated

her cheeks and the absence of the brilliance that had always been in his eyes.

It was I need to talk to Matt before it was too late. I had to invent an excuse to say

that did not love him, anything. Just could not reveal to you the truth!


The day of the funeral dawned bright and heat promised to be intense.

Olivia could feel the sun beating on his face as he listened to the words of

Reverend during the ceremony in the churchyard. He looked up from the grave and

gave with Ryan to the opposite side.

They were all there, lady Lavinia, Matt and his father. However, when looked at

Matt, his critical sense and objectivity disappeared, and she could only see - with

the heart and the senses.

Helen did not accompany him, and that was not surprising, for she never had

heard of the existence of Harriet Stoner, Olivia concluded without sorrows.

Her gaze landed on Matthew Ryan, father, briefly. He definitely did not inspire

him any sense unless respect for being a father of Matt. Did Felicity still felt

Page 67: Betrayed by Destination

something for him? And he would keep some affection for her after all this time?

"Questions and more questions," he thought sadly.

The Rev. ended his lecture and the only sound you could hear was the father

throwing dirt on the coffin. Olivia felt empty, as if the person being buried had

nothing to do with her.

Suddenly he looked at his mother and saw the look she and Matthew Ryan

exchanged in secret. No one else noticed, just her. There was excitement in that

look. "They still love each other."

It was just one second, and then everything went back to normal. Robert

stood next to Felicity's wheelchair and she stared at her husband, showing affection

and understanding, but the passion remained on the look exchanged with the father

of Matt.

Until that moment Olivia had cultivated the hope that all that his

grandmother had told him one day were not true, it was just her imagination. Now

he was sure, Harriet not lie.

After the funeral, they all went to the farm, where Mrs. Davis waited with a

lunch, as was customary in Lower Mychett. The house was full and Olivia tried to

flee condolence, thinking that did not deserve to receive them. After all, just kept

hurt and resentment against Harriet Stoner, he thought with a sadness that

overshadowed his brilliance of beautiful blue eyes. I was sorry to have decided to

stay after the ceremony. Perry talked to the night before and he had shown irritated

by her decision to prolong for a few days his stay in England.

He tried to justify r is talking about the mother's health problems, but he had

shown understanding. She said she was leaving the agency and that business would

resent that their prolonged absence. Anyway, he had left even more confused than I

already was.

He had found the voice of Perry restore his peace and emotional balance that Matt

Page 68: Betrayed by Destination

had stolen, but outside all useless. Still anxious and indecisive as ever been since

his arrival in Lower Mychett and laid eyes on Matthew Ryan, their eternal love.

At that moment, as if attracted by his dark thoughts, Malt Robert opened the office

door, where Olivia had taken refuge and he entered.

- What you want? - She asked sharply. - Please leave me alone, Matt. I'm not

in the mood to talk now.

Matt was unperturbed. He continued leaning against the doorway, watching -

intently, as if to penetrate his thoughts.

Never met another man as attractive as him, Olivia thought, looking - the

surreptitiously from the corner of the eyes. Still wanted him with the same

intensity of his eighteen years and his whole body still vibrated with the simple

nearness, found desperately.

- People have walked away? - He asked sheepishly with his silence.

He picked up the sherry glass that had brought and turned a drink in parched

lips. "I've made four," he thought. "I hope this is the last day." Assigned to the

wine drops of sweat sprang from his brow when he looked back and felt the

strength of those clear eyes.

- I do not know - Matt replied coolly, removing the glass from her. - But I do

not care whether or not. And also I do not care much about the death of his

grandmother. I felt sorry for her being the mother of his father, but did not like her,

nor she me - he added. - And I think you also had no special sympathy for Harriet.

- No - Olivia agreed, anxious to get away from him. - It's so hot today! - He

said, walking toward the window.

- It is the sherry. I've been watching you since you came back from the

cemetery and saw that already drank more than he should for today. Why, Olivia?

There is sorrow for her death, is it?

Page 69: Betrayed by Destination

- Please, Matt, leave me alone - she begged, disturbed by his proximity,

which had followed her to the window and watched very closely.

- Liv, why do not you tell me the real reason abandoned me? Must both

know the truth!

- You know. You want to get married and I was not sure if she loved him


- I can not believe it - he replied sadly.

The hurt she saw in his eyes was so great that he had to use all his strength to

contain and do not shoot those ones arms. When he supported the body in the stop

of the window and leaned her head back, the encostand up the glass that felt the

need to touch it or torn it irresistible. Although I knew he was going to regret later,

or approx up and u caress her face gently.

Matt reached out and put water on it, pressing - hard.

- Liv! - He spoke hoarsely. - I love you, it is no use running away. I will

never discard the it is useless.

- Please, please, Matt - Olivia begged, pulling out and turning his back on


- I feel you love me, Liv - Matt continued, turning - forward and pulling -

against the chest before she could escape.

Olivia thought he was will it beij, but nothing happened. Matthew just put

his face on the body of her blond hair and hug u tenderly.

She rested her face in his chest and left by that invade your manly scent. The

outside world no longer existed, he thought, everything else lost its importance.

The only thing that mattered was that they were both there together, and she was in

his arms.

- God! How is that good! - Matt said, after a few moments in complete


Page 70: Betrayed by Destination

- It's wonderful - she whispered.

But when he bent his head to get closer to her lips, Olivia put her hands on

his chest and pushed him away gently.

- I think I drank too much, I'm a little dizzy.

- Please Liv! - He insisted, looking for her lips with rage.

- It's not right, Matt. You are married and I am committed.

- I will not let you marry that bastard - he shouted, shaking - her shoulders

tightly. - You are ... you are mine! - Vented.

Matt lifted her chin and force water to accept the kiss. At first she struggled

desperately, but when she felt his tongue into her mouth all the more dark.

The only things that remained were those hands and that body, and those

caresses that made her feel r is the happiest of women. Or Snap to it with

desperation and only when he groaned realized that was hurting him.

- What it was? - Olivia whispered breathlessly.

- Nothing, just need to breathe - he joked, glad to see that she still wanted


- Oh, Matt!

She loved that his humor in moments of passion, made her even more

excited. Rather than r away is, u holds her face in her hands and Deix or to stay in

that position a few moments, looking - in silence, as if to write to each line

memory of that dear face. Once in the distant past, had covered with kisses every

ounce of their faces, and eyes of Matt clearly showed that he also had not forgotten

that day.

- Liv! Liv! - Matt begged, sliding her hands over her breasts. - Say you love

me, please.

Page 71: Betrayed by Destination

- Oh, Matt! - Olivia sighed, trying to catch the reason. His hands made her

crazy. Now he stroked her thighs and she could no longer stand. The lies pulse r is

right there on the office floor carpet was so strong that bent his knees and ...

- Liv! Liv! Where are you? - Felicity screamed.

If his mother had not called, Olivia thought, he would have possessed right

there in that office, the view of anyone who passed through the garden and looked

into the window, and she would have given herself with a passion stronger and

more mature than

that of seventeen.

Olivia was surprised at herself. At that moment I had not felt any revulsion

because they are of the same blood. Allow him to touch her, knowing it was

wrong, morally and legally, not felt remorse after. On the contrary, it felt - if

terribly frustrated when Mrs. Davis opened the office door at the behest

of Felicity Stoner. "Good thing Mom warned me," Olivia thought gratefully

arranging the clothes hastily. Although still carregassem on his face and clothes the

passion brands, the housekeeper found them on either side of Robert Stoner desk.

I was so nervous I was afraid to speak and Matt came to his aid.

- What it was? - He asked icy, staring Mrs. Davis and steel eyes. - Do you

want something?

Olivia observav to admired the speed with which he controlled his feelings.

Seconds ago could hardly breathe and now faced the maid coldly and haughtily.

- It is ... Mrs. Stoner - the housekeeper said. - She's looking for ... Miss.

Olivia. People are saying goodbye.

- Okay - Olivia said shakily. - I'm going.

- Tell Mrs. Stoner Miss. Olivia will in a moment - Matt corrected, the

erguend to the desk where sat when Mrs. Davis opened the door.

Page 72: Betrayed by Destination

- Be right there - Olivia snapped, leaving suddenly terrified at the idea of

continuing alone with him in that office.

- Are you okay? - Felicity asked, when her daughter stopped panting beside

his wheelchair. - It looks so nervous.

- It was nothing, I'm a little tired.

- But why? He discussed with Matt?

Like her mother could speak that way the referind to Matt? Olivia thought,

astonished. It was strange, but it seemed that considered normal for their


- No, Mom, do not discuss. I'm just nervous because of my problems, do not


- Good. - Felicity sighed in relief.

- Mom, why Helen did not come?

- Matt has not told him about Helen? - He surprised his mother.

- You said what?

- Not now, honey. Talk to you later, we have to keep up with neighbors who

are leaving.

- They're still married, are not they? - Olivia insisted.

N that moment she heard Matt's footsteps in the hall.

- Later, Liv later - Felicity whispered, squeezing not in a loving gesture. -

Please help me to go to the visits. Your father is waiting for us.


Olivia sent or on the huge rock that ornamented the garden from his

childhood and watched the dirty fingernails of land. When he left New York a

week ago, they were perfect and never thought he would see them in that state. Felt

- calmer after plucking weeds and fluff up clods hardened by heat and drought. It

Page 73: Betrayed by Destination

was as if it were still useful, but also serve to lessen the suffering of someone, even

this living being were a plant, he thought. It had been three days since Harriet's

funeral and the untimely departure of Matt, who had gone without goodbye. Every

time a car went into the courtyard that surrounded the farmhouse, his heart was

beating wildly, but so far he had not come.

I could not fault- it by disappearing after what had happened in that office.

After all, she had disappointed again and, worse, had given him hope and made

him think that he would deliver his passion.

Felicity Stoner told him after much insistence that Matt and Helen did not live

together. She had moved to the stud farm and has lived there for some time.

Their marriage had not worked for some reason that no one knew, said his

mother. The fact that Matt live alone left Olivia even sadder. She loved him and

wanted to see - happy, you thought, trying to take some of the land that blackened

his slightly long nails.

I had to go. After all, Perry was waiting for her and love her ...

At that moment he heard footsteps behind him and go or up, startled her

parents were resting and Mrs. Davis had gone shopping with Sara recalled, in a

split second.

When he looked up, blinking due to strong sunlight, saw Helen Berrenger, or

Helen Ryan, she corrected herself. The last time I had found out ten years ago, but

it had not changed much.

It was still thin and masculine appearance. Maybe it was to be very high, Olivia

justified, comprehensive, watching - with a critical eye. Helen had always used

riding clothes, and this also contributed to strengthening that his masculine

appearance. His hair had always been long, straight and she still kept them so tied

by a leather strap. After all was an attractive woman, Olivia concluded, walking

toward him.

Page 74: Betrayed by Destination

- Hello - Helen said, stopping and waiting for Olivia came to her. - I Hope

I'm not bothering you.

Does Matt had made love to her ?, Olivia thought suddenly. Had he caressed

one male body the way you always caressed her?

- Not at all - he answered. - I was moving a bit in the garden.

- I was homesick, right? Hardly would find time to gardens in New York -

Helen said, a bit ironic. - New York is very different from Lower Mychett, does

not it?

- Very - Olivia nodded, motioning for her to follow him to the house. - Lets

go in? Would I like to wash your hands.

- Sure, come on.

Helen followed obedient water and Olivia opened the front door with very

careful not to soil the latch.

- I'll tell Mrs. Davis to clean it once you get here - spoke, the dirigind to the

sink that was in the lobby, as was customary in the farm houses. - All right, Helen,

you wanted to see me? - He asked, drying her hands on the linen cloth.

- No ... it's not easy for me to talk about it - Helen confessed, embarrassed. -

I suppose you know that my father died soon after you left.

Olivia blinked, amazed. That was not what expected to hear from Helen

Ryan. Fito water for a few moments and replied evasively:

- I heard something about it, yes.

- Something or whatever? - Helen asked coldly.

- I heard he died in tragic circumstances.

- Tragic circumstances - Helen repeated thoughtfully. - Good definition.

- I'm sorry - Olivia said gently.

- Why should I feel?

Page 75: Betrayed by Destination

- No ... I have no special reason for this, just sorry. Would you like a coffee

or tea? - Olivia offered noticing Helen's nervousness.

- No, thank you. I do not want anything. I just wanted to sit down, can I?

- Of course, sorry, I do not know where was his head - Olivia recrimin or up,

indicating the leather chair where Robert used to sit every night.

- Thank you. Will not you sit too?

It was all very strange. However, Olivia took her to manage and pulled up a

chair, facing to Helen. Her knees were shaking a little and had to cross your legs so

that did not notice her distress.

- The rumors you heard here are not entirely false - Helen continued, folding

his hands in his lap a nervous gesture.

- No?

-. No, he was facing financial problems and I am sure that this was one of

the causes of your ... your accident.

- Are you sure? - Olivia asked, increasingly tense, without understanding

why Helen was telling him everything.

- I have. He would never have fallen over that fence you're not distracted -

she said, as if trying to convince herself.

- I understand - Olivia said sympathetically.

- That whole story that he had committed suicide for me to receive insurance

is lie.

Olivia had heard nothing about it. In fact, they had told him that Helen's

father had been murdered, but she preferred nothing to comment about. Therefore,

limit or to say:

- People talk a lot in Lower Mychett, always known that.

- Believe me?

- It does not matter at all to you, Helen, and has happened so long ago!

Page 76: Betrayed by Destination

- It has, yes, a lot - the girl replied staring Olivia with a bitter look. - That's

why Matt married me he never loved me - confessed. - You had gone and felt sorry

for me.

- It ...

- It's true, you know. There were complications with the insurance money,

they did not want to pay because of debts and he took pity my situation.

- Helen, do not understand why are you telling me all this - Olivia protested.

- Because I want to talk to Matthew for the divorced - Helen snapped. - I

know you're surprised, but it's what we both want.

Surprise was not the word, Olivia thought. Amazed, it would be better.

- I do not love Matthew - continued the other woman. - I am grateful to him

and always will be. I will never forget what he did for me, but I think I have to run

my own life from now on. I'm sure you get it convinces Olivia.

- You want ... I ...

- Do you still love, Olivia.

- Do not like to talk about it now, please.

After all what right did this woman come up to his house to ask him

nonsense like that? It was unbelievable!

- I Do not know why I got mad - Helen admire or up. - You do not want to

hide they were together on the day of the funeral of his grandmother, are you?

- How did you know that? Who told you? - Olivia asked angrily.

- Enid.

- Know Enid Davis?

- Sure, it's the housekeeper of his mother, is not it?

- And you believe a person like her?

- Why? Any kind of prejudice?

Page 77: Betrayed by Destination

- You know not only that it is not the right person to tell you about Matt and


Olivia u rises from his chair and walked to the window. I needed fresh air.

The fate preached it a part, thought distressed. If she and Matt were not children of

the same father, they would have a chance to rebuild their lives together. But

Harriet Stoner had sealed their fate on that fateful day and then nothing else

mattered, not even the fact Helen Ryan want to divorce Matt.

Suddenly it occurred to her that the only person who knew the secret was dead and

now Helen had just remove last hurdle. His mother not opposed to the romance of

the two for ten years and would not object again. Matlhew Ryan never knew you

had a daughter.

"And the eyes of my conscience?" He thought desperate. "How can I escape

from myself?"

- Why do not you ask yourself divorce? - He asked coldly.

- Think not ask? But, as I told you Matthew is very honest man. He thinks I

can not live alone.

- But ... but you do not live together, you live?

- No, but it means nothing in court.

- Court? But ...

- Oh, forget it, Olivia, I thought I would help Matt any more.

Olivia had the impression that Helen was hiding her something.

- Matt do not know that I came here, of course, but I wanted to warn you that

there is no reason that they are not happy. You con hece well, Matt would be

humiliated if he knew that if he talked.

- All right, Helen - Olivia said, even with the strange feeling of being used. -

I will not say anything to anyone.

Page 78: Betrayed by Destination

- Of course, if you asked for a divorce, he would agree at the time, I'm sure. -

Helen continued, in an excessively soft voice.

After Helen left, Olivia went into the kitchen and poured some orange juice

into a glass. I felt - tense and anxious. He returned to the living room and sit or on

the couch, trying to relax. An hour later Felicity entered.

- Did anybody come here? I heard voices there in my room. It was the Enid?

-. There was Helen - Olivia said quietly.

- Helen? What is she doing here? - Felicity admire or up.

- I wanted to see me. - So we are trying to change the subject, spoke - rested

enough, Mom?

- Olivia!

- What is it, Mom? - She asked, pretending not to understand the warning

tone in her mother's voice.

- What she said? - Felicity insisted in such a commanding tone that made

Olivia look up, startled, to the mother.

- All right, all right - agreed. - She came here to talk to me about the gossip

that Enid told him.

- Enid? What did she say?

- He said he found Matt with me in Dad's office, you remember, the day of

the funeral.

- And what Helen talked about it?

- She wants me to ask Matt to divorce her - Olivia replied. - Do you know

why they got married?

- Well, I know why she married him - Felicity said quietly. - I do not know

why he married Helen. It is clear that Matthew was hurt with you, it may have


- Me? - Olivia revolt or up.

Page 79: Betrayed by Destination

Suddenly felt an urge to talk to the mother about the past.

- With you, yes - Felicity continued. - He loved her, Liv! And how! He could

not bear that his cruel doubt.

- But ... you ... you never thought it was not right to be together? - Olivia

asked, looking - the front.

- Why? Because of some differences between you? Of course not. I

understand that Lady Lavinia would have preferred someone with blue blood to

marry her son, but Matt's father always liked you, Liv, you know.

- Well ... it is nor ... Normal, right? - Olivia stammered, afraid of words.

- Normal? Oh, you mean he's crazy for a pretty face, right? Well, I suppose


- No, what I meant is that it is normal to like me because I'm your daughter,


- So you knew this ancient history? - Felicity replied calmly. - Yes, we were


Then she admitted that they had had an affair, Olivia thought, desperate.

There was no longer any doubt. It was all clear.

- I'll talk to Enid - her mother promised, heading for the door. - Helen should

not believe gossip. After all, she knows you long ago. I hope you have not been

hurt, dear, these things happen. Helen must be very nervous, she knows that her

marriage to Matt's days are numbered.

And Felicity waved a hand at her daughter and left the room, leaving behind

a wave of jasmine scent that had always been his trademark.


Page 80: Betrayed by Destination

That night Olivia called Agnes Reina and reassured about the agency.

Everything was going well.

- Only Perry does not give peace - Agnes said. - You asked me a hundred

times when you come back. Why not talk to him, Olivia?

- I have spoken - Olivia replied. - In any case, I intend not get much here.

- Good! You want me to tell him or yourself say? - Agnes asked, laughing.

- You can tell, Agnes. Say I should get back within a week. After I inform

you the day and the exact hour, okay?

- All right, take the time you have left there and get plenty of rest - wished

Agnes. - A kiss and up the back.

- Another kiss for you.

When he hung up, Olivia sent or to the side of the telephone table and Deix

or to stand there thinking. His life in New York seemed so far away that came to

give you the impression that it was unreal. I felt no desire to go back there. I had

thought even in the event of starting a similar business here in England, in order to

be able to divide his time between the two countries, but the risks would be huge ...

The next morning lady Lavinia called her.

- Is Lady Lavinia - Robert spoke with the phone in hand. - Want to talk to


- Me? - Olivia surprised.

- Be careful who will talk, girl. I do not want to hurt the Ryan again - Robert


Olivia was about to answer, but gave up and went to answer the phone with a sigh

that expressed all their revolt by his father's words.

- I hope you're free tonight - Ma tt mother said. - I would like to come to

dinner with us.

- Well ... I ...

Page 81: Betrayed by Destination

- I think you owe us this satisfaction, Olivia. After all, we like to think we

keep old hurts, does not it? - Said Lady Lavinia, cutting off any possibility of


- I think you're right ... - she agreed, her voice trembling. He spent the rest of

the day trying to figure out why Matt's mom would have invited to visit Rycroft

that night and failed to reach any plausible conclusion. And if Harriet was wrong

and the father of Matt knew that she was his daughter ?, thought, distressed. And if

he spoke to her about it? How would enfrenta- it alone?

Millions of doubts tormented her, her head hurt and finally decided that

Olivia would not go to dinner.

However, the idea of not seeing Matt it was even more painful. After all, if

his father knew something would have been responsible enough to stop their

relationship, he said.

In the afternoon he took a long, relaxing bath and lay a little to rest. When

we raised it was time to dress. We chose a sporting set, discreet and elegant,

brushed her hair carefully and let u s loose over her shoulders. And he made a very

light makeup, just to hide the face pale and dark circles that accompanied some


Well, he had to go, there was no other way. After all, the last thing he wanted was

for the Ryan thought he was afraid of them ...

Examined her appearance in the vanity mirror and, after

taking another tidy hair, she concluded that he was fine.

He went downstairs sentind up the safest and went to the office.

- Matt told what is coming will it fetch - Robert announced, so

she opened the door.

- But you said it was not necessary, right?

Page 82: Betrayed by Destination

- I found it very good it come, do not like to see - her driving around alone

and late at night -. The father said

Matt soon arrived and Olivia could not help but notice how he was beautiful and


He wore dark trousers and a wine shirt, open at the neck.

- Shall we? - He said shortly after greeting the father of Olivia.

- Already?

- You know how Mom likes punctuality. It's time - he insisted.

- So let's go. Take good - night to Mom for me, Dad - Olivia asked, kissing

Robert on his face.

- Good evening, sir. Stoner - Matt u fired up, shaking hands with Robert.

- Good evening, enjoy - if not come back too late - he recommended,

following -. To the door of the house

Outside, Matthew opened the Mercedes door and only drove his place after Olivia

entered. . Put the belt, found her, waved to Robert and started the engine

"The die is cast," Olivia thought, feeling a shiver down - her spine.

Fifteen minutes later, Matthew was parking in the courtyard with Rycroft.

Both had been silent on the way and Olivia felt - a little insecure to face Ryan. I

needed someone to give him support, a friend to help her regain the lost security

ten years ago.

- Matt - called when they were down.

- What?

- You ... you know why your mother invited me?

- Why? Are you afraid? - He replied coldly.

- I am, I am. Why? You think I'm never afraid?

Page 83: Betrayed by Destination

- What comes from you does not surprise me. This was one of the things I

learned after what happened, but to reassure - I can assure you that it will not face

a firing squad.

- It is a great comfort - Olivia replied.

Something in her voice made him look a little more attention.

- No one will do anything to will her magician, Liv. Least of all me.

- Matt, as ... as that day ...

- Forget it, Liv. I've forgotten - Matt said, bitterly. The dining sentind the

idea is like that caused chills in Olivia. He got out on shaky legs and cold hands.

The only thing that cheered a bit was that would review the house that had always

loved. She was beautiful, imposing and cozy at the same time. Lady Lavinia had

given to the decor extremely cute and nice intimate touch.

Mrs.. Platt, housekeeper of Ryan, was waiting for them at the door, with

cheerful air. He smiled happily when Olivia remembered his name.

- Good to see - her again, Miss. Stoner - she said.

- Thank you, Anne.

- My parents are in the library? - Matt asked, handing her his leather jacket.

- They are. They are waiting for you.

- Thank you. Come on, Liv?

Watching - the talk to Anne, Olivia remind or that one day he also

demonstrated for her the same affection that his eyes expressed by the woman who

had raised him.

Anne was with Ryan since Matt was born and did not hide the adoration he

felt for him.

Then they walked down the long corridor leading to the library, Olivia fell in

love with the pictures hanging on the walls. They were all famous artists and

together they formed a collection of the best known in England. There were oil

Page 84: Betrayed by Destination

portraits of almost all the family ancestors, and some of the former owners of

Rycroft. However, the property was there so many generations in the hands of the

Ryan family predominated.

Matthew stood before the heavy solid wood door of the library and waited

for her to arrive.

- Do not do this frightened, try to calm down - he spoke in a clumsy attempt

to support you.

- I can not disguise - Olivia confessed. - I'm really nervous.

As they entered, the father of Matthew Levant or up and come get - them

with a welcoming smile.

- Hello, Olivia. How are you?

- Well, thanks, and you? - She replied shyly. Lady Lavinia came shortly after

her husband and Olivia tried to show

more at ease.

- Hello, Olivia. It sounds a little tired. It is also no wonder, her grandmother

and everything else ... - Matt's mother said, understanding.

- Hello, lady Lavinia. I walk a little tired myself, but it passes. I hope not TE

them waiting.

- Would you care for something? - Matt offered.

- A sherry.

Olivia felt u was grateful to Matt that even refusing to offer you support in

the open, was helping her face that night that promised to be long and difficult.

- Matt told us that now is a businesswoman - Mr. Ryan commented.

- Manage a small agency, just nothing too big.

- Is it modesty, Dad - Matt interfered, delivering Olivia sherry glass. - The

agency is one of the best-known New York. I am confident informants - joked in

an attempt to make it less charged environment.

Page 85: Betrayed by Destination

Looking for the father of Matthew, Olivia or admire is how he looked older.

To come very quickly in the funeral ceremony of his grandmother and had not had

time to pay attention to her features and aged. However, he had not lost that happy

and playful air that had always been one of its striking features.

Recalling the past, remember - now how much he had been his friend and

suddenly he felt a surge of tenderness take care of your heart.

"My God," he thought, "does that sympathy I feel for and is due to the fact

that your daughter?" But then another thought a little more bitter changed her

mind. "So gentleman, and yet, did not know how to treat my mother. Comport or

himself as an ordinary man who flees responsibilities."

- A nanny agency, it seems to me - Lady Lavinia said, interrupting his

gloomy reflections.

- From specialized nannies - Olivia added.

- But you did a specialization course? - Wondered Matt's mother.

- No, but the girls who work there are required to do.

- I think Olivia did very well - Mr. Ryan interrupted gentle as ever. - I

admire women who do succeed as entrepreneurs. I would have been a good

entrepreneur - successful - confessed, smiling.

- I can not think of you running a nanny agency - Matt said, laughing.

The mood was much lighter, and the four chatted happily on general issues

until Mrs. Platt would it callings to serve dinner. The food was delicious as always,

and Mrs. The Platt served with perfection. " Lady Lavinia is an excellent

housewife, "Olivia thought with admiration. "I always took care of everything so

well! I would like to be like her one day."

After dinner went to the living room where Anne served him coffee. Soon

after Matt spent the glasses of brand and all accepted, satisfied, although Olivia felt

a little worried about being mixing various kinds of drink. Started by sherry,

Page 86: Betrayed by Destination

passed by delicious wine served with the meal ended and now the brandy offered

by Matt.

A slight sense of panic washed over her when Lady Lavinia rose from his

chair and came to r-sits next to you in the green velvet sofa - clear.

- So - she said with a slightly excessive softness - decided to come back!

- Only ... only for the funeral - Olivia replied, praying that Matt began to

play the piano just waiting for him. - I will return to New York within a few days.

- Will it? You must like to live in the United States, no?

- Well, that's where I have my house, now. Incidentally, I must thank you.

He was very gracious inviting me to dinner here tonight.

- I made a point, dear, especially after what happened, but, as I told you on

the phone, I'd rather not encourage gossip. Since there were other in recent years.

- Oh, mother! - Matt exclaimed, interrupting the light and romantic music

strummed the piano.

- It's true - Lady Lavinia continued, heedless of irritation son - especially

after Olivia fled in haste, making the whole town thought she was pregnant and

that you had refused to marry her. Not to mention Helen, who showed self-serving

and ...

- I do not think Olivia wants to hear that kind of talk - Mr. Ryan interrupted

with authority.

- And why not? I was pregnant, Olivia? - Lady Lavinia asked, looking - the


Olivia, the sentind be paralyzed without any possibility of reaction sought

Matt's eyes, desperate for their support but could not face that bitter look. He

looked away quickly and said, stumbling over the words:

- Never ... never ... there never was a baby. It was just talk, nothing more.

Page 87: Betrayed by Destination

- So that's what Matt told us so? You refused to marry him for not having

sure to love - it?

- Fo ... it was - Olivia stammered, red with shame and humiliation.

- I find that hard to believe, Olivia - Lady Lavinia persisted, staring - a.

- Why? - Matt asked, very angry. - You were never in favor of our union!

Maybe Olivia noticed their dissatisfaction.

- Oh no! I will never let this put blame on my shoulders, Matt. I may not

have approved your relationship but never stop they met, not once. My God, do not

think you've suffered enough?

- I think I talk too much about the past - Mr. Ryan said, gravely. - Vinnie, I

am sure that Olivia did not come here to talk about things that happened ten years

ago. - he scolds water.

Olivia took a sip of brandy holding in his trembling hand in an attempt to

calm down. There was a sudden silence after the disapproving words of Mr. Ryan.

"I should never have come here. I was crazy to accept the invitation," sorry u up


- I think ... I think it's time - said shyly. - Santa is worried when I'm late.

- Anytime, I am at your disposal - Matt offers gentle u.

Goodbye - it civilly, and the couple Ryan accompanied them to the door.

- It was good to see - her again - Matt's dad said with sincerity. - He was

longing, Olivia.

- Come back soon - Lady Lavinia said, in a tone that made Olivia to make

sure that this was not his will.

- I will do my best. Good evening and thank you.

- Come on, Liv - Matt hasten water, helping - aa her coat. Although it was

not too cold, the night air was always fresh at this time of year. Olivia felt - if dizzy

due to drinking alcohol and unpleasant events. Apoi or up in Matt's arm and only

Page 88: Betrayed by Destination

relaxed when he felt safe inside the car. After all it was not every day that he dined

with people like Ryan, he thought, relieved.

Matt looked and felt a stab in the heart. Was beside the man she loved more

than life itself and the fate denied him the power of happiness to tell you that.


- Are you okay? - Matt asked, worried.

- I am. Until ... that ... that was a pleasant evening.

- Really? Just as well - he replied, smiling.

- And did not you? Dinner was delicious - she praised. - A mousse of salmon


- I was not talking about food, Liv.

- No? - She asked, feigning astonishment.

- No. If he knew my mother was going to play that unpleasant business, I

swear I would not have taken there..

- But ... but ... you never believed in that, right?

- What you were pregnant? No.

- And why not? - She insisted, amazed at her own courage.

- Why would run away from me, if you were pregnant? - Matt surprised. -

For if what I wanted was to marry you!

- But ... but I did not want to marry.

Matt hit the brakes hard, parked the car on the roadside, whether or-come for

her, angry, and asked hoarsely:

- Why are you telling me this now, Liv? You were pregnant? Is that what

you mean? Thought I would req will her to get married or something?

Page 89: Betrayed by Destination

- No - Olivia replied, sorry for having initiated this

silly argument so late at night.

- So why are you teasing me?

- I'm not causing anyone - she said, offended. - I wonder what you think,

that's all. Sorry, we will not talk about it. Nothing else matters now.

- Of course it matters. If I knew I was pregnant I would have done

everything to bring her back. I thought there was another man involved in the

story, was the only reasonable thing that gave me pe her head.

- Oh, Matt!

- There was another man, Liv? - He asked, insecure and bitter, stroking the

face of the woman he loves with his fingertips.

Olivia felt a compelling urge to sit down on the bench and puxa- him by

him, the entregand up fully to that insane desire that had taken care of his body, but

he fought with all his might and reacted.

- No, there has never been - confessed firmly.

His breath, fragrant with wine served at dinner, penetrates into his nostrils

and made her even more dazed than he already was. He realized he had to do

something urgent, otherwise no answer for their actions.

- Helen came to see me yesterday - said suddenly.

- It was? I did not know who had come statement after - Matt replied, taking

a distant air.

- Do not even think she learned of the death of my grandmother and was

give me condolences.

- I'm not a child, Olivia - it Irrit or up. - Please tell the truth. No more lies!

Helen only cares c om horses! And do anything, anything at all, for them, only for

them - shouted angrily.

Page 90: Betrayed by Destination

Olivia swallowed. "I never should have touched on this issue," he thought,


- Will you tell me or want me to tell? - Matt insisted, staring in front of him.

- Do not ... do not know what you mean. I told you why she came. It was

kind of ...

- Gentil! As if I did not know! - Matt said. - Helen knows how to be

charming when he wants something.

- When you want something? - Olivia surprised.

- Someone must have talked about us that day in the office. It had to be the

governess of his house, his mother would not speak in the, I'm sure.

- Matt, what do you mean?

- Do not pretend you do not know, Liv. I'm talking about us, so bo fact that

when I touch all the stops over there.

- It ...

- Yes - he said, holding her face to the front of it.

- That's why she sought, because he knows how I feel about you.

Olivia began to shake.

- You ... you mean she's ... with ... jealous?

-. No. I mean she knows that you are the only person who can convince me

to give her a divorce. That's why it was you visit it, not use lying because I'm

reading the truth in his eyes.

- It's too dark to read in my eyes.

- But I can feel when you're telling a truth or a lie, Liv. I feel on your skin, in

your voice, in your body.

- Okay, it's true - she agreed quietly. - But she asked me not to tell him


- I'm sure it does. I know Helen.

Page 91: Betrayed by Destination

- And I betrayed - Olivia spoke, sorry. - She just wanted ...

- Lie! She only cares about her horses, and now they are at risk.

- I do not think ...

- Liv, she wants me to give her a divorce, do not you?

- No - Olivia replied, confused.

- It's the only way to save her stud - Matt explained.

- But why?

- Because she needs money, Liv, a lot of money, and I can not give more

than I have given. Not without selling the farm.

- But she said ...

- What did she say?

- That ... that ... she has already filed for divorce.

- And you believe me if I said no?

- I do not know who to believe, Matt.

- When Helen's father died, the stud farm was in trouble. They were full of

debts, and just was not sold through the insurance she received for the death of


- She told me she did not receive the money - Olivia said, surprised.

- Received, yes, but much later. - Matt took a deep breath, trying to calm

down, and asked: - What else did she tell you?

- He told you married her because pitied the situation he was in.

- Very elegant, really. In fact, I did not care about anything after you left,

and my father and Conrad had been best friends all their lives.

- So you ... you married.

- It was. And Helen got the money.

- So it worked ... worked.

Page 92: Betrayed by Destination

- No, he did not yield - Matt said, harshly - because at that time I did not

know my father was lending money to Conrad long ago.

- And that means ...

- What we are broken - Matt concluded ironic.

- But why did not sell the horse farm? - Olivia asked astonished.

- You know my father, he took pity on Helen. He felt when Conrad died and

felt he had an obligation to avoid daughter suffer more than had already suffered.

- But I had already done so much for her!

- I know, but he's stubborn, you know.

- And as his father has done to Helen save horse farm?

- Has sold land belonging to Rycroft - Matt revealed - not the farms

themselves, of course.

"Not yet," Olivia thought, because if Mr. Ryan insisted maintain stud giving

large losses, certainly soon have to dispose of his most valuable land. And soon

come to sell the farm that his father ran, he was sure.

- Do not worry - Matt said, realizing - you worry. - He would not sell his

father's farm. Also, I'm getting convinces him that it is absurd to continue to help

Helen in this way. His back was very convenient for her.

- I still can not understand - Olivia confessed.

- Liv, she would only give me a divorce in exchange for money, understand


- But you could divorce her the time he wanted. You do not live together!

- And who can prove it? So I ask the divorce she returns Rycroft

immediately and dad will Bailout will it, I'm sure.

- So you could get out of Rycroft.

Page 93: Betrayed by Destination

- And leave my father at the hands of Helen? No, ne way huma n. I will

never give her a divorce, and she knows it, I have to admit that his return has

revived his hopes.

- Why?

- Why do you think we are talking here at this hour? Because we do not want

the night to end.

- Yes ... it's true - Olivia nodded quietly.

- And that's what makes it so complicated.

- Matt, I think ... I think you're mistaken.

- You think? You think if I touched her now have the courage to react?

Remember - if the office?

- But that day was ... was different.

- Why?

- I had drunk more than he should.

- And drank tonight too - he reminded, the virand to her.

- Oh, Matt, stop it! - Olivia begged nervously. - It is useless and exhausting.

I came because my mother asked me, it was not because of you.

- I would have gone back if I had asked you? - He whispered, stroking her

hair gently.

- No! Once and for all, no!

- Want me to prove you're lying? !

Suddenly she felt scared. I did not know how long he could resist.

- I ... I ... I will marry Perry. Please, Matt, takes a breath - asked, as with his

hand on the doorknob, ready to open - it.

- Calm! - Matt said, jumping off the bench to stop - it. - I'll lower your glass,

it's dangerous out of the car at that time. Come on, your father must be worried.

Page 94: Betrayed by Destination

"He's not my father," Olivia thought bitterly, mad with desire to tell the

truth, however hard it was.

When they reached the farm of Stoner, however, already was calmer and

able to take leave of him politely.

Matt came down and opened the door for her.

Olivia then invite u to enter, but Matthew refused, saying it was too late. They

stood for a moment, looking at each other with such intensity that Olivia felt it

would not be possible to enter and allowed him there alone.

When his lips touched hers, she was ready to receive them.

The passion involved as the always did, and she did not care about anything else.

- Please Liv - Matt whispered, desperate - do not leave now.

- I have to go, Matt, please, do not make things more difficult than they

already are - she pleaded, the agarrand to him furiously.

When Robert opened the door, barely had time to split up hastily.

- Hello, Bob - Matt greeted, struggling to control his wheezing.

- Hello - Robert replied, somewhat strange. - You have to visit you, Liv.

Olivia looked up, confused, still trying to straighten her clothes in disarray,

and gave to Perry behind his father.

- Honey! - Perry said, the atirand to her. - I miss!

There was no way to stop him to take her in his arms and kissed her there in

front of everyone. Olivia had never felt so bad with his caresses. His body in love

with Matt violently rejected the caresses of Perry.

Just then Matt took leave u with coldness and returned to the car. She followed him

with her eyes, desperate to follow - it but having to endure Perry's arm around his

shoulders, trembling with cold and passion for the man she had just allow to leave


Page 95: Betrayed by Destination


Two days later, Olivia was sitting in Harriet's bed, watching Felicity, who

fumbled in stored grandmother. Although there were not like the idea of helping

the mother to separate Harriet's belongings, it was the only way he had found to

see Perry free for some time.

He did not distanced her even a second in the last two days. Only accepted

Staying away overnight and still protesting. Already promised her that he would

return to him later in the week, but no longer bear to their harassment. Madness out

of him will come Found it, he thought sadly. Perry had spoiled his last moments

with Matt, who never returned after that fateful night. Perhaps it was good that

Perry was there, consol or is it because, when it came to Matt, lost all their ability

to control.

- I'm thinking of sending all these clothes to a nursing home - her mother

said. - I think that would be the will of his grandmother, is not it?

- What? - Olivia asked distractedly. - Oh, I think ... I think so - automatically

agreed, seeing the clothes strewn on the couch.

- What is it, Olivia? I am worried about you. I thought it was going to be

happy with the visit of Mr. Randall, but was not, is not it? - Felicity asked,

showing real concern with the state of her daughter.

Olivia was pale and had dark circles increasing around the beautiful blue


- His name is Perry Mom.

Page 96: Betrayed by Destination

- I prefer to call him sir. Randall - his mother said. - We hardly know, even

though he is his friend, Liv. If you really marry him, then there will become part of

the family.

- Do not like it, do not you? - Olivia asked, with a dismal sigh.

- I did not say that. Barely know him.

- But not like him.

- Not quite, but we are not very familiar with the hang of it. That the way

you eat yogurt for breakfast instead of milk and toast with marmalade - Felicity

complained angrily.

Olivia could not help but laugh.

- There's nothing wrong with the fact that he does not like to take milk or

eating toast with marmalade - joked. - It's his way, attaches great importance to

your diet.

- Enid told me that he asked her to swap the scarf is your bed daily. He's

always like or think that we are not sufficiently hygienic?

- Oh, Mom! Are you mad for no reason. Of course not think so.

- Will you marry him, Liv?

- Do not ... do not know.

- All right, get married, then I will force him to like - Felicit said, taking the

guard - a box full of clothes stored. I am now more worried about Sara, but you, of

course. Are the child is taking too long to be born.

- And you can not stand the curiosity to know your grandson or

granddaughter, is not it? - Olivia said, laughing.

- Is not that, is that I have Sara's worth carrying that weight all this time.

Thankfully, all my children were born seven or eight months - Felicity said, putting

the box on his knees.

- Are you sure? - Olivia asked, her heart pounding.

Page 97: Betrayed by Destination

- So I would not have! You was the most untimely of all, when I was born

and his evil father had completed seven months of marriage.

- But this ... this is not common, is it?

- No, but it happens to some women. The doctor told me it did not matter at


Olivia felt - was confused. Like her mother could speak so coldly about that

matter ?, he thought, admired. According to what Harriet told her, Felicity was two

months pregnant when she married Robert.

The box was open and unintentionally eyes Olivia put that pile saved. There

was everything there, aged photos by time, booklets pension, old recipes and even

a deck of cards.

- My God! - Felicity exclaimed suddenly.

Olivia noticed in her tone a strange tremor that alarmed her.

- What it was? - He asked, startled by the expression of anger he had seen in

his mother's face.

- This! - She said, holding the bundle of letters in his trembling hand. -

These are the letters that Matthew Ryan wrote me years ago. Her grandmother

must TE hidden here with her, God knows why.

- You ... you did not save those letters? - Olivia asked, pale, trying to be as

natural as possible.

- Do I kept -. The for some time after I married your father and I do not

know the reason. I think that reminded me of my youth, purely sentimental value.

- But he was so young when she married - Olivia surprised.

- Twenty-four. For the time, it was already old - Felicity joked, with a sad

smile. - Especially in a city like Lower Mychett. Your father and I have known

each other since school days.

- And why wait so long?

Page 98: Betrayed by Destination

- I think ... that because of Matthew - Felicity said with calm voice, opening

one of the letters to the still shaky hand. - Heard the gossip, I know, but I can not

deny that Matthew and I loved each other, as bad as it may seem.

- Worse? Why Mom?

- Because he was married and I was a girl. That was terrible at the time,

nobody spoke about divorce and I was very insecure.

"A girl," Olivia thought.

- I was nineteen - Felicity spoke, as if guessing his thoughts - and Matthew


A cold sweat covered his forehead Olivia, who was breathing heavily as if

the air was missing you at any time. I needed to know and had to be at that

moment, he thought desperately.

- And ... and ... what happened?

- Want to know?

- I - Olivia whispered, almost too weak to speak.

- Matthew not divorced, you know, what was best under the circumstances.

- What circumstances? - Olivia insisted.

- Lavinia discovered she was pregnant. After several years she has chosen

the right time to show that even slept with Matthew - Felicity recalled sadly. -

What's worse is that I was pregnant too.

Olivia did not sound came after these mother of the word. She sat on the

edge of Harriet bed, looking at her mother with her beautiful blue eyes and hoping

that his fate was decided for the second time in his life.

- I know it must be shocked, Liv. I imagine how you must feel hearing me

talk like that about the past - Felicit y recognized, misinterpreting the stunned

silence of her daughter. - But it's mature enough to understand everything that

Page 99: Betrayed by Destination

happened. In addition, Matthew was like the son, a very attractive man - confessed,

with a nostalgic gleam in clear, soft eyes like Olivia.

- And ... and what did you do?

- I did not have to do anything. I had an abortion three months of pregnancy.

I think that if I had not had that abortion, I would have had a child and then

allowed someone to adopt. It was what the girls used to do at the time.

- And ... and mr. Ryan?

- Oh, he never knew anything! I even wrote him a letter, but I did not dare to

send - Felicity said with sad voice. - I Wanted much he knew, Matthew always

wanted very much to have a child, but Lavinia could not have. Then, for one of

those ironies of fate, she and I had aborted.

- So you ... you have not talked to anyone about it?

- Only with his father. I told you all before we got married I was not a virgin,

you know. He loved me enough to accept this fact, which at the time was terribly

important, as you can imagine. Her grandmother would never have forgiven me if I

had discovered that I had been pregnant - Felicity said. - Lucky that these letters

are from Matt to me and he never heard anything.

"Not all," Olivia thought, increasingly convinced that his mother could never

be aware of what Harriet Stone planned to avenge the daughter.

- You ... want me to burn them? - Offered shyly.

- You're trembling, Liv. Are you cold?

- A little - Olivia murmured.

- I suppose you thought it strange I support her relationship with Matt, right?

But I have not hurt his father. Matthew has always loved me, I'm sure, and we

would have been very happy if our children had married. But fate did not like -

Felicity lamented.

Page 100: Betrayed by Destination

- You want me to burn the letters, Mom? I think ... I think Dad would not

like to know that they are still here - Olivia said, with tears in his eyes.

- You're right, burn - the daughter. This will be our secret. - "Our secret,"

Olivia thought later, lying in bed, eyes fixed on the ceiling and remembering word

for word everything that Felicity had told her that blessed moment. He believed a

lie for ten years, or a misunderstood fact. If only you had trusted more in his

mother! I should have spoken to her so her grandmother showed her those letters,

but it was such a child yet! So naive. Both she and her mother had suffered a lot in

youth and both had had a Matthew Ryan in their lives. Felt - was more united

Felicity now, almost like sisters. For she had an affinity that never felt for Sara.

She and her sister had always been so far!

"What now?" He thought in anguish. Now that Matt could love freely

without any guilt complex, now there was Helen, and she would not grant him a

divorce unless he gave him money in return, and there was no money. Perhaps the

price of your happiness was the suffering of his family, Olivia remembered,

terrified. Maybe old Matthew decided to sell the farms to help Helen.

When morning came, Olivia had come to the sad conclusion that hardly she

and Matt could be happy together. Fate continued plotting against them. Not have

the strength to rejected him now that he knew did not have the same father, and if

encouraged, he would do anything to divorce Helen. I had to go to Lower Mychett

decided in anguish, before he made his family suffer again.

Chapter XIV

The phone rang and Agnes Reina answered.

- Is Perry - she said, pressing the button that isolated his voice. - You'll


Page 101: Betrayed by Destination

- No - Olivia said with a sigh.

Then he thought a moment and looked back.

- Okay, okay, you can not keep telling you I'm meeting for the rest of my

life, but I would much he knew! - He commented sadly.

- Whatever you say - Agnes said, running - his handset. Agnes and Olivia

had known more than eight years. Were more than friends, almost brothers. Agnes

was an attractive woman in their thirties, tall, thin and dark. His Asian descent was

only noticed because of the extremely subtle almond dark eyes.

Seven years ago divided the administration of the agency, and was the only

person besides the very family that Olivia knew why she had come to the United

States ten years ago.

- Why does not say that someone found? - Agnes suggested.

- He would know I was lying.

- But it's not lie - Agnes replied, looking at her. You know there are so many

men interested in you. Gle n Forrester for example.

- This further complicate things - Olivia countered. - Enough of it.

- It's up to you. Before I forget, reminded to call Gillian Stevens? I

interviewed while I was away and I was impressed with their skills.

- No, I forgot to call. I'll do it later. Let me talk to Perry.

- Okay, then take the call.

The friend hung up, and Olivia could hear Perry's wheezing across the line,

showing impatience.

- Hello, Perry? All right?

- Not while sending Agnes say you're in a meeting - he replied wryly.

- Sorry, Perry. I walk a little nervous.

- We realized that we have not seen in more since returning from England?

- Is ... is that I have been too busy.

Page 102: Betrayed by Destination

- It seems every time I turn to her apartment meets the answering machine -

he complained. - Must be walking a lot.

Olivia u felt guilty, but could not even contemplate such talk to him outside

of work hours. Agnes out of idea to let the answering machine connected so set

foot at home, and had worked.

- Let's have dinner tonight? - Perry invited. - I think you owe me an


- Okay - she agreed, discouraged - I'll have dinner with you. Call me at

seven-thirty to confirm, can not be late here and I need some time to shower, you


- Okay - Perry said, surprised at the ease with which she had accepted the

invitation. - I'll call at seven-thirty, then. Until the evening.

Olivia hung with air sad and before Agnes could say anything, he tried to

justify r is:

- I should have done it before. I need to tell you that I will not go out with


- Really? - Agnes raised an eyebrow, unconvinced of her friend's intentions.

The truth was that he felt weak and insecure, Olivia thought, returning to

examine the papers he had on the table. For the first time in my life I was afraid of

being alone and, especially, to stay alone for the rest of your life. Perry had been

good to her, and owed him an explanation. I had to tell her that he would never

marry, however difficult that was.

Olivia opened the door just as the bell rang. She was so beautiful that Perry

stood there for a moment, just looking at her.

- How is beautiful! - He exclaimed, air rapt.

- You do not know me? - Olivia teased, flattered with the sincere admiration

that he noticed in his eyes.

Page 103: Betrayed by Destination

- I know, but today is particularly beautiful.

- Thank you, we come in?

- I'm glad you asked me. I thought I was going to leave me out there.

Watching Perry, Olivia could not understand how po day find that was

interested in him. He and Matt were so different thought, surprised to not be

noticed it before.

While Matt was tall, strong and athletic, Perry was of medium stature and although

it was higher than it had narrow shoulders and was excessively thin. Dyed hair

already thinning, forehead skin tone showed an aged, perhaps by excessive

conditioning, Olivia concluded, feeling a little sorry.

- Perry, I would ... like to tell you something before we left - spoke


- Pour me a drink at least before cutting my head - he said, trying to make

things easier.

- I do not know what you mean - she said, red with embarrassment.

- I'm not silly, Olivia. Do not you think I realized I was avoiding me since

returning from England? I suspected that there was someone ma. Why did not you

tell me the truth?

- Oh, Perry - Olivia told, boring, offering - his favorite drink. - I will miss


- Will it? - He doubted, wetting his lips to glass edge. - Why does it have to

be like this, Olivia?

- Like what? - She frowned.

- Just as dramatic. We could remain friends.

- Could you?

- Why not? May tire of your new companion someone m day and I like to be


Page 104: Betrayed by Destination

- You're wrong, Perry. I will not be with anyone.

- Not being sincere - he scolded angrily.

- I am, believe me.

- But then ... then why?

- It's a long story. - Olivia sighed dejectedly. - Is there anyone in England,

but he is married and will never divorce.

- The man you ran when you came here?

- It is - she replied sincerely.

There was a long silence between them. Perry sipped her drink and she

watched. Until he reacted better than anticipated, he thought, amazed.

- I think you're one of the best men I ever met - said, giving - a kiss on the


Then he looked away to the lobby and realized he had left the door of the

apartment open. There was a man standing there watching - a, and this man was

Matthew Ryan.

I was wrong, it was someone very like him, she thought, in a split second as she

walked away from Perry. Matt could not be there, it was not possible, not here in

his apartment in New York.

I felt the sweat break out on the icy forehead and her whole body trembled.

For a moment thought I would lose consciousness and Snatches or to the edge of

the couch.

- What is it, Olivia? It seems you've seen a ghost!

- It was not a ghost, it is even worse - Matt said, coming into the room.

Olivia closed her eyes and passed out.

When he woke felt - completely dizzy. The head was spinning and his body

ached as if he had suffered an accident. Remember - if vaguely all that had

happened and the feeling I had was that I was waking up from a nightmare.

Page 105: Betrayed by Destination

He saw a shadow near the window curtain and tried to fix his eyes on her,

but his eyes also hurt and soon gave up and left the room to wander aimlessly. I

knew he was in his bed, but did not realize how out stop there. Does this man was


- Pe ... Perry? - She whispered, frightened by the weakness of his own voice.

- He's gone - said the shadow, the aproximand out of bed.

"It was really Matt," she thought, stunned.

I was the leather jacket he wore when seen on the apartment door and gray

trousers. The cream silk shirt that completed the set was open at the neck, as usual.

"He hates tie," Olivia concluded admired how she could think of as insignificant

details in a moment like that.

Matt looked tired, and her voice had a metallic tone that


- You left? - He asked in surprise.

- It was. It is better? - He asked, looking - the top one. - It's the first time I

make a woman swoon - joked.

Olivia realized he was trying to make things easier.

- Where ... where did he go?

Suddenly felt fear. I did not know what had happened between the two after

he had lost control of the situation. "Oh, God!" He thought in anguish, "hopefully

nothing has happened."

- For home, I guess. Or dinner, do not know. They were going out to dinner

together, were not you? Incidentally, I must apologize for disturbing you, but I

needed to talk to you.

- Is it? And ... and how did you convinced him to leave? - He asked,


Page 106: Betrayed by Destination

- Well, I did not shot the window below, if that's what is afraid - Matt replied

angrily. - Well I felt like, but I restrained myself - confessed. - Until the old Perry

is not bad got us better understand in ten minutes than you and me in ten years.

Olivia tried to get up but still felt a bit dizzy.

- Are you feeling okay? - He asked, looking - the worriedly.

Did he carried her in his arms to the bed ?, asked - if Olivia sighed with

desire. Of course it could not have been Perry.

- I'm fine - answered. - I do not know what happened to me.

I never fainted before.

- I think the shock of seeing me was well above its forces - Matt joked -

especially at that time. In fact, what they were doing?

- Matt, you do not have the right to ...

- I have all rights to you, and you know it.

- Matt, so here is not Lower Mychett, is New York - Olivia said in a calm


- I know - he snapped.

Suddenly Matt leaned down and push water back gently. She tried to react,

but he - is still very weak. She lay on the pillows, looking at him with eyes shining

with excitement there.

- No need to tell me where I am - Matt whispered, kissing - with passion.

His lips seemed more demanding than usual, he thought, almost fainting

again. The need to feel - you touch her body was so great that she wrapped around

the neck and pull uo to near him.

The touch of his hands made her electrified. It was as if he had the power to

excite every nerve bundle from your body. Unbuttoned silk shirt that Matt used

and caress uo rapt, the deliciand with the heat of bare skin.

- You want me, Olivia - he whispered breathlessly.

Page 107: Betrayed by Destination

- And you want me - she said, kissing - with despair.

- I wanted to kill that man when I saw her next to him - Matt confessed, stroking -

her thighs beneath the dress. - I wanted to kill you both!

She felt his lips exploring her breasts and moaned with pleasure.

- Oh, Matt! - He whispered. - I was not kissing Perry. Well, it's not like

thinking, was telling him that I love another man.

- Really? - He asked the afastand a little. - Contact - me about it.

- Not now, Matt - Olivia sighed.

- Now. I want to know who is this man already.

- You know - she murmured, trying puxa- it against the chest again.

- I know it?

- Sure you do, is you.

Matt sent or a jump in the bed.

- What it was? - She asked, startled. - I thought I'd like to hear that.

- And that left me a second time? Let's Olivia, I want the truth - he asked,


Olivia stands if u and sent up or facing him. His tousled hair gave - you have

a lovely appearance, and the eyes of Matthew shone with tenderness.

- Do you know why. He's still married, Matt.

- It's the only reason?

- What else? - She disguised. - I always knew that I loved him, I never

managed to hide you this - confessed fondly.

- Not even? And that left me in England ten years ago, when I was not

married? - He asked, raising - her chin so that Olivia face him.

- I had my reasons - said, weakly.

- What reasons?

Page 108: Betrayed by Destination

- It's a long story, and I'm not the only one involved. They have others who

do not want to hurt.

- What if I want to know? - He insisted.

- Why? It will not change anything in what we feel for each other, and you're

married now, right?

Suddenly he felt an absurd hope that soon ended when he remained silent.

- It's too late now, Matt. I think our time has passed.

- Maybe not - Matt said softly.

- What do you mean by that? - Olivia asked, flashing with emotion eyes.

- I said I can not be too late for us, Olivia - he repeated, slow voice.


- But what about Helen? And the horse farm? - Olivia asked, distressed.

A storm of questions are crossed in her mind, she barely breathe day anxiety.

- The stud is over - Matt revealed contrite. - The stables caught fire fifteen

days ago. It was hell, died several ca intervals.

There was sadness in his eyes now, Olivia thought, penalized, staring - with


- And how did it happen?

- I had nothing to do with it, if it's what you're thinking.

- I did not mean it, of course. And Helen, how are you?

- All right.

Olivia felt u was relieved. "I would not want to be happy at the expense of

someone's luck," he thought.

- But how did the fire start?

Page 109: Betrayed by Destination

- It was purposeful - Matt replied.

- But ... but who ...

- The police think it was Helen herself.

- But they are wrong, are not they?

- I think not.

- Why would she do that?

- To receive the insurance money, of course. Helen was always desperate for

horses that became even a bit irrational. He did not realize that the police would be

suspicious of two accidents so close together.

- But what about the horses? - Olivia surprised.

- He thought it would give them time to salvation, but fate was against her -

Matt said. - Old Ben Taylor, who took care of the stables, had bought a can of an

explosive material that would use the next day and forgot to will it in a safe place

guard. Let u there.

- My God!

- It was terrible! The whole place exploded.

Olivia did not know what to say.

- I'm sorry, Matt.

- I also feel for Helen, though I can not say that I am not happy with the end

of that damn horse farm.

- Helen is not bound, are you?

- No.

For the first time since Helen had begun to talk, Olivia noticed a twinkle in

light eyes.

- My father spoke to a lawyer friend and he got Helen hoped the trial. She

left town said he could not live there after what happened.

- And the horses that remain?

Page 110: Betrayed by Destination

- They had to be sold to pay the mortgage.

- And your father?

- He did well, thank God. It was only with the debt Rycroft.

- So you ... I mean ...

- What'm divorced.

- Oh, Matt!

Olivia could hardly believe her ears. Atir or herself into his arms and buried

his face in his shoulder, laughing and crying at the same time.

It took a while until he realized he was not returning his passionate embrace.

- Matt? What it was? What's going on? - He asked a cold feeling in the pit

of his stomach. - Why are you treating me like this? You do not love me anymore?

- Do not say that - he shouted suddenly losing that air automaton that

afflicted both a few minutes ago. - While not tell me why you left me the first time

I will not have peace, no matter what your mother says.

- What did my mother say? - She asked, without voice.

- It does not matter.

- Please, it's important to me.

- Just as it is important for me to know why you left me - Matt screamed


- I know this is important to you, dear - Olivia recognized softly, softly

kissing his lips. - I'll tell you everything later, but right now, please tell me what

my mother said - asked. - I need to know.

- All right - he agreed, hugging - to against you. - She told me to come after

you because he knew he still cared about me and asked me to tell you that there

was reminded of another letter that was with those she showed him. It makes sense

to you? - Matt asked.

- She said that?

Page 111: Betrayed by Destination

- What do you mean this code? - He insisted, caressing her neck so delicate

with the back of his hand.

The one letter different from the others was that Felicity had written to Matthew,

and that meant that ... she had always known what I read, Olivia concluded,

shaking .

- Liv - Matt whispered next to her ear.

- Okay, okay - Olivia agreed finally espirou background and began speaking

slowly and calmly. - My mother knew his father many years ago, before I was


Matt did not seem surprised, Olivia thought, frightened.

- You know that? - He asked, puzzled by his attitude.

- I thought everyone knew this ancient history. What has to do with us?

There would be reason to disrupt our history.

- Well, no, actually ...

- Christ! - He exclaimed suddenly. - There must be something behind it.

- And it has. My grandmother showed me some letters written by Ryan for

my mother. Wow! And as she could?

Not sure. I think she got when my mother would jog will it s off and kept. But even

so ... Sshh! Has more - Olivia whispered, putting the indicator on his lips. - There

was ... there was another letter along with these, my mother had written to his

father, but did not dare say. It was to tell you that ... I was pregnant, and my

grandmother told me that this child was ... was me.

- I mean ... you mean you ... you thought ...

- That you were my brother. Do you understand now why I leave him? - She

asked softly.

- My God!

Matthew continued will it steadily Eye, as if quise iff join your soul.

Page 112: Betrayed by Destination

- Even understood, dear? - Olivia insisted, running his fingers through his


- I do not know how he could imagine that ... My mother told me that all this

happened when his mother was a girl yet.

Then, stroking - her hair with immense affection, she murmured.

- How you must have suffered, my love ...

He laid her on the pillows and putting his hand under her sheer blouse,

unbuttoned her bra carefully.

Olivia felt u to faint. For the first time in ten years could enjoy this overwhelming

passion without any complex or distress.

- I think it will be the first to enter the Stoner family Ryan, officially I mean

- Matt whispered, kissing her eyes.

- What do you mean by that?

- According to my mother, your grandmother left to sympathize with Ryan

when my grandfather cas or with other than her.

- Never heard of this story - Olivia replied, kissing Matt's neck.

- Help me take off his shirt - he asked. - I think I have too many clothes.

Olivia helped him with trembling hands, but I could not stop thinking about

what he had just told him.

- How is it that no one ever knew it at home? - he asked suspiciously.

- We will never know. And you, when he discovered that we were not

brothers is?

Olivia u caress his chest fondly.

- It was my mother who told me - he said, kissing every centimeter of that

worshiped chest. - Indirectly, of course. I have never talked openly with her about

it, I was always afraid to get sick, you know, her heart.

- Oh, Liv, must have been hard for you!

Page 113: Betrayed by Destination

- Very ...

- But he left me there alone after learning that I was not your brother, why?

- I did not want to have to sell the farm - she whispered.

- How I love you, Liv!

- And I you! Remember the last time you helped him get undressed? - She

asked, laughing.

- No, I prefer to remind me now, and quickly - Matt said, pressing his body

over hers.

Hours later, Olivia woke, espreguiçand the languidly. Suddenly scare or up,

Matt was not at his side. Levant or up and went to the room.

- What are you doing here, love? - He asked, surprised.

- I was thirsty and came to drink water. On the way back it made me want to

stick around, thinking how lucky to have you - he said, hugging - a.

- Let's lie? - She asked softly.

- Come on, provided it is not sleeping - Matt joked, looking - in his arms.

Best of all was knowing that they would return together to England, Olivia

thought, snuggled in his arms. Agnes would be taking account of the agency in

New York and she would open another in London, but that was for later. For now,

the only thing that mattered was Matt.

One day talk frankly with his mother and tell her the whole truth. Felicity

Stoner was one of the strongest women I've ever met, she thought happily.

Matt u lie on the bed gently and she looked at her naked body tenderly. It

was good to look at it and know it was her.

- Like to look at you, right? - Olivia teased, pulling - the to his side.

- And you like - he snapped, trapping - to between muscular legs.

Olivia encost or to it with passion.

Page 114: Betrayed by Destination

- Do not tell me how you got here - spoke softly. - There was no one at the


- I had, but I told the attendant that it was his brother and he wanted to

surprise you. A coincidence of fate - he joked, smiling. - I think the man found me

like you.

- Good, I had not risen we would not be here now, dear. But I will tell him

the truth tomorrow. I do not want anyone to think I'm his sister - Olivia said,

putting her lips to his, willing to forget all the past suffering once and for all.


The afternoon was already coming to an end. Tired of runs - runs that week,

Olivia could not wait for Matt to move the agency will peg it.

For a moment, she rested the pen he was using to make the monthly

financial statements of the Agency on the table and thought the idea of setting up a

branch in London had been a success.

Agnes was still taking care of headquarters in New York, and once every

two months they were to catch up and update accounting methods used by the


That day was particularly exhausting, he conjectured Olivia. He had to meet

several new customers, finding out their needs and seek solutions.

A long sigh broke from his chest. Although tired, I was happy as ever been

in his life.

Recost or to his chair and turning ua facing the large glass window that overlooked

the Eiffel Tower.

The thought of how her life had changed in recent months came - to mind.

Page 115: Betrayed by Destination

Now married to the man who had been his first and only love and who had

been forced to separate, by a circumstance of fate, felt - was reborn.

He managed to combine his professional life to emotional, and Olivia was

sure lived in a paradise.

A light knock on the door made her r back up.

- I took a lot? - Matt asked.

Olivia smiled and Levant or up, going to her husband's meeting.

- No, it did not take, but I was dying to meet. -. Atir or herself into his arms

and felt the warm and sensual lips engage your mouth

Olivia or given over to the pleasure of being caressed by the man she loved, and

Deix or to stick to it, as if the world no longer existed as if that moment was

eternal. Matt ua pull away a bit and said:

- I have an invitation to you ... - And a mischievous smile danced on his lips.

Olivia smiled and encost or is again strong, muscular chest.

- And what should the invitation?

- A nothing special ... I just wanted to be with you here in London, as in all

these months we could not stay in town to ride. - In u it a gentle kiss on the

forehead and said: - I wanted to relive the old days ...

- Oh my love! What I want most is to be alone with you, you know that,


- Not regretted having left her hectic life in New York to live with me?

- No, and you know it. I not pulled away from you in the past for not loving -

it ...

Matt interrupted, shutting - with a kiss.

- Enough, let's forget the past. From now on only the present and the future

count. - Smiling, he hurried: - Well, let's go, do not want to lose another minute of

the beautiful night it's doing outside.

Page 116: Betrayed by Destination

Olivia u him a light kiss on the lips, Aw or up, grabbed her purse and both


The restaurant is small and cozy, kept memories of the time when both were

young, passionate and saw no barriers to love materialize.

Much time had passed, many events overshadowed the brightness of that

young love, but love survived, strong, mature, knowing that it would be eternal,

strong and wonderful.

Olivia looked at her husband and said,

- I know why they decided to do a different program today?

- Well ... Actually, I was dying to stay here, no commitment, just enjoying

your company, with time to love without being interrupted by anyone ...

The hands of Matt played the Olivia with love and in his eyes was stamped

all love dammed for years.

- I love you too, Olivia.

- I love you, Matt, more than my own life ... - Matt Bow or up and u him a

kiss on the lips.

- I always dreamed of being well with you, in full communion, knowing that

the future only booking me joy. It took long, long, but worth it. I know that now

we will be happy forever.

Olivia, thrilled with her husband's words, knew that this would be the perfect

time to reveal - her the secret she carried with her from the day before.

Then, shaking - his hands fondly spoke:

- Matt, I have something to tell you ...

The torn her husband's face was serious or-at the words of Olivia.

- Tell, my love ...

She smiled at him expectantly.

Page 117: Betrayed by Destination

- Oh, you do not need to do this look so serious. After all, from what I know,

I will perform one of the greatest desires of your life ... and it will not take long.

Surprise and joy mingled in Matt's face.

- Do not ... Tell me I'm not dreaming ...

- No, you're not dreaming, sr. Matthew Ryan. Soon to be daddy!

Containing no joy, Matt Levant or up and pulled his wife into his arms and

spinning out the small restaurant, under the astonished looks of those present, who

could not even imagine the long road that Matt and Olivia had to go to fulfill a

dream love ...