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Berno's Student Life!

Mar 09, 2016



Student Life pictures and captions

  • Berno Lyonss Student Life

  • Experimenting a liver lab in Astronomy, Gaby Simon (12) was asked by Mr. Willey to toss the fire in the jar of liver. It took several times because she was scared and the flame kept going out. I didnt know if the liver would explode or Id catch my hand on fire, I was scared. Simon said.

  • Look ma no hands! Senior Crystal Johnson drives into the parking lot of the school for second period, in her Chrysler Lebaron, her grandmother had given her for her sweet sixteen. Getting a car for your birthday has got to be every girls dream! said Crystal Johnson.

  • And they thought Texas would never have snow like this! Many schools around the area were out of school for a week caused by the worst winter weather storm Texas has ever had. Berno Lyons (12) scooped up snow to make snow ice cream with her family. It was freezing cold, but that didnt stop me from getting snow ice cream! Berno said.

  • Getting ready to blow the whistle for her P.E. athletes to start running, Coach Rogers has several workouts to keep them active. Coach Rogers has been the head coach for varsity girls basketball at Haltom High School for years. Im dedicated to get my girls to be successful on the court so we can get that W on the board Rogers said.

  • Put me down! Berno Lyons (12) holds her dog Layla while playing on the ground. Its a normal routine her and I have after I get home from work, we lay on the ground playing with her tennis ball and I hold her up high while she fights to get down! Berno said.

  • Im open! Im open! Aaron Jones (9) running deep for the catch for a touchdown. He is enjoying his first year at Haltom and being able to be 1st string on freshman A team. Varsity coaches had told me that I will have to gain 40 pounds of muscle to be able to be on varsity for my sophomore or junior year. It will be tough, but I know I can do it! Jones said.

  • Snap, Snap! While walking down 6th street in Austin, Texas Daniel Curl (11) sees a huge painted flower on a building wall and wants to take a picture with it. I loved visiting Austin, everything is so weird here and the atmosphere is extreme. I had a blast! Curl said.

  • BOOM! Getting all the materials ready for a chemical lab in Astronomy, Melvin Fictoria (12) messes around acting like the chemicals were blowing up in his face! Astronomy is a fun class, everyone is cool with each other, Mr. Willey is really funny and we learn some real cool stuff! Melvin said.

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